Fiction American High School

The lush green field was dark. The only sound was that of the leaves of the corn plants rustling in the wind. This field was in the remote part of the village. After sunset, no footfall was ever recorded there.

Two silhouettes approached cautiously near the field opening. One of them was eager to reach the corner of that field.

'Wait here. He will appear right here from nowhere,' said that figure in a hurry.

'Are you sure?' asked the other figure.

'Yes. It is time. You were not ready to believe it. Now watch that with that your eyes.'

They both waited for some time.

A man in a cape approached that field from the above. 

He somehow sensed that someone was waiting for him on that field. Using his X-ray vision, he saw two mans hiding behind the trees near the opening of the field. 

He stopped midair and decided to land somewhere else for now. He went to another landing spot which he was confident that no human creature would come nearby. 

‘More than an hour passed and it is already 3 am. When will your so-called Superman arrive?’

‘Wait for some time. He might be late.’ said the other. He saw Superman land on that spot for two consecutive days. On the third day, he brought his best friend Sam. 

‘Sam, believe me. I saw him not once but twice on this same spot.’

‘So, are you saying that he will appear any minute now?’

‘Yes, Sam.’

‘Keep waiting, Tom. I am going,’ saying that Tom began walking towards his home. 

‘Wait, Tom.’

Sam ran towards Tom and caught his hand. 

‘Are you sure that you want to miss the chance to see Superman?’

Tom kept walking and said,’ Say hello to him.’

Sam gave up convincing Tom about the Superman and accompanied Tom.

After all, they were the best friends in school. 

They went to their home and slept for only four hours to get ready for school. 

Tom was not interested in any of the Superman things, but Sam could not focus on the studies. Sam decided that he will go alone and record everything on camera. Then he will show it to Tom to prove the point. After school, Tom and Sam met to play on the ground, but no one talked about Superman. They parted and, Sam was waiting for night to come. He rushed to the previous spot and placed the camera at an angle to capture the entire landing sequence of Superman. Superman arrived, but he searched for any human in the vicinity. His X-ray vision caught one figure. Superman knew Sam from the previous two encounters. He wanted a sidekick in the city, and Sam was perfect for that. Sam saw Superman and caught the entire sequence on camera. Sam would prove his point by this video clip. The next day he hurried to the school and went straight away to Tom. 

‘See this.’

There was nothing in the video except the dark cornfield. Sam was surprised. He was about to crush the videotape but decided to see it one more time. 

There he was, the Superman landing on the field. As soon as Sam came out of the toilet booth that he was in checking the videotape, Superman appeared from nowhere in front of him. 

Superman observed him from head to toe and then he said,’Don't show it to anyone.’

Words were finding it hard to come out from the mouth of Sam. 

‘Take your time.’

‘But why not?’

‘Because I want some help from you. Afterwards, show that to Tom.’

Sam was surprised to know that Superman knew them. After all, he was Superman.

‘What help do you want?’

‘There is a drug problem in your school. I want you to help me with that.’

‘Okay, what can I help you with.’

Superman explained to Sam all about his plan to catch the drug peddler. 

Sam exited the washroom, and after that Superman changed into the uniform of a janitor. Best way to blend in school to nab the drug peddlers.

The sidekick Sam did his job, and so did Superman. The school was somewhat surprised that Sam knew all about the drugs and the whereabouts of their existence and exchange. Superman somehow eliminated the drug mafia that supplied the drugs to this area of the nation. However, the bust did not go by the plan. Before they can nab the drug mafia, a large consignment of 1ton of coke went missing from the villa of that drug mafia. Superman started his search and located that near a countryside school. 

He started searching for those missing coke but failed to do so. However, the DEA undercover agents marked the coke with an indicator before the raid to present it as proof in court. That indicator would turn the colour of the tongue to black when anyone consumes that coke. Based on that intel, Superman narrowed down the area but failed to locate the exact location of that missing consignment. He received intel that someone was trading drugs from the school. So, Superman decided to play it low and finish the entire network of drug peddling rampant in the school. 

Slowly but steadily, Sam, with the help of Superman, infiltrated the network and made it possible to take down the entire network of drug peddling. 

They caught the drug peddlers, and Sam was declared a hero of the school for successfully eliminating the drug peddling network from the school and nearby area.

The Superman and his sidekick seized the consignment of coke that weighed about 1 ton. Albeit it was less than 1 ton by a kilo or two. 

Less missing as expected by Superman. They recovered the drug from one of the students home. 

‘Now you can show this to your friend,’ said Superman to Sam.

‘Nevermind. I do not need to do that.’


‘Because he is already inside the toilet booth beside you.’

Superman knew that, but he acted as surprised to see Tom. 

After the causal exchange, Superman flew away to the next mission.

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