Contemporary Drama Fiction

The driver drove carefully through the country lane, single-laned roads all the way, and a very scenic view on both sides of the road, clumps of trees change to fields of green, not alot of traffic for that part of the morning, eventhough Don the local taxi, kept on trying to engage in conversation, but received no response from the stranger, so instead, Don just kept on driving and every now and then he would give his usual report of the area, Don did try to questioned the stranger on many more occaisions, but with no response. It was a long and timeless journey for both, Don's radio wasn't working but he knew the area like the back of his hand, and still he would try again to provoke the stranger but to no avail.

The vehicle drove silently along the way, the passenger window was slightly opened, the breeze as refereshing as the day it was made. The stranger in the back was none other than a well known lawyer from the city about to seek a business event. It was all arrange by the company secretary. Jack Bowman, didn't really want to have anything to do with the event, until his superiors' gave him the ultimatum. His only luggage was an overnight bag with a view essentials for a couple of days. He tall slim gait made him a target for single women, and always carried a serious look about him, as if ready to explode. He realised that he was being provoked by the driver, so instead he would look out of the window while the car drove at a steady pace.

Jack Bowman had a smile on this face, as he looked out of the window at the view of scenery, he glanced at the driver without saying anything, and then at his watch.

Meanwhile, at the small town of Memosa, the village was in full preparation for their visitor, and even though this town show no secrets, everybody in each others affairs, from the butcher to the Convenience store owner, the pub owner of The Golden Harp, to the Bistro, and the local cafe, Twilight Cafe. Everyone knew what was about to take place, the local sherrif was responsible for the cleaners, who were delayed because they hadn't quite finished their chores at the B&B Pub, The Golden Harp.

"What is going on with you guys, I thought you should have finished by now?" Sherriff Mann addressed the two cleaners, Charlie and Chad.

Charlie responded,

"Well, we were waiting for instructions."

"That is the first, I've never known you to follow instructions...anyway, it is time to get a move on, our visitor should be arriving soon."

"Do you have any idea who this visitor is or what they look like...are we looking for a female person?" questioned Chad.

"I don't know...it could be anyone, let''s get going, time is precious."

A few minutes away the local cafe deciced to amend some of their menus, the owner, Lucy Bernhardt, moved from Germany to the now, quiet town of Mimosa and has now resided for almost ten years, and the locals are now content with cafe.

The Convenience store has had an improvement, owners Eileen and Derek Murphy as busy polishing the fruits, they seem certain that no sooner the visitor arrives, they are sure they would be presented to them.

The butcher, Arthur Seagull and his sons, Steve and Merrill, refereshed and reprinted the labels of their prime stock, with a sign on the door, 'ONLY THE BEST WILL DO.'

Along the bay, fishermen arrive to present the best of their catch as Sherrif Mann inspects all,

"It's all good, now, has anyone seen Mrs Fish?"

Mrs Fish was the local writer, journalist and speaker of the town, she operated everything in her cottage. Sherrif Mann raced to his office to find out what may have become of her.

The town of Mimosa was all set for the visitor to their town but the only trouble was, it was clear who to look out for, and the Don the taxi driver was nearing the town, he felt so assured that he had the visitor in his cab, it was only a few more miles to go, as he looked back at Jack Bowman, and smiled. Don turn back round and muttered to himself, but louder for Jack to hear,

"Not long now, I guess you must be really excited, eh!"

"What makes you say that?"

Don was a bit surprised to get a response from his passenger,

"Oh, nothing really, I was just assuming that you are coming back home...is that it, am I right?"

"No, not really."

The taxi cab was silent for the rest of the journey until it reached the town of Mimosa, now Don had his doubt on the visitor in his cab, so the first thing he did was to drive straight to the B&B, The Golden Harp, that would buy him more time to contact the sherrif. The taxi stopped outside the B&B, Jack did not get out, Don made his way out of the taxi cab,

"There you are, the B&B is right over there, and a good place you'll love it."

"And what makes you think I need a B&B?"

"You're not staying at the B&B?"


Don got back into the cab and before he started the engine, he turned around at his passenger rather perplexed,

"Where can I take you sir?"

"I'll be stopping at the top of the hill."

"But, that's Ma Hubbard's place, nobody goes there."

"Well, I'm afraid that is my destination, I did say before I got into your cab."

"O k, no problem."

Don, started the engine and began to drive up the hill, it was only a ten minute drive, and felt very put out, but still felt that he is the visitor.

Meanwhile, the sherrif located the whereabouts of Mrs Fish, who was in preparation of dinner, Sherrif Mann began to try and get more information, for Mrs Fish knew everything,

"So, when are we going to get to meet this person?"

"You know I cannot disclose that kind of information, look, I am in the same boat as yourself."

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