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Calvin didn’t know if he was joking or not. He didn’t want anyone to joke around with him. He really wanted to know his identity. 

“A soldier? Sir, I think you’re wrong,” Calvin replied as the man shook his head. 

“No I’m not,” the man said with assurance when the door suddenly opened. A man emerged from the doorway and he had a white coat on. He had dark brown hair with a set of brown eyes. There were also some apparent freckles decorated on his face. Attached to his coat was a badge that bore the name Dr. Joshua Hopper. 

So that’s his name. Calvin looked at Dr. Joshua Hopper for a few seconds before breaking his glance. Dr. Hopper sat down next to the man with whom Calvin was talking to.

“Hello, how are you?” Dr. Hopper asked. Calvin looked at him and saw a smile on the doctor’s face. 

Calvin didn’t know how to respond. He had a word he wanted to use but he couldn’t pinpoint it.

“Fine,” Calvin replied as Dr. Joshua Hopper nodded

“I see, well my name is Dr. Joshua Hopper as you can see on my name tag. Also, um. . .Blake, it would be nice if we took you to a separate room—” 

“Blake?” Calvin interposed. 

“Yes, that is your name.” 

“Oh.” So that’s my name. 

“Anyways, we will escort you to a separate room, and you will undergo a test. Is that fine with you?”

“Oh yes, it’s fine,” Calvin replied as Dr. Hopper nodded cheerfully. 

“Splendid. Well then, let’s go,” he said, getting up from the swivel chair. 


Calvin swung out of the bed and stood up, stretching for a little while. The man who had talked to Calvin before shot up from his seat and left the room. He never told me his name if I remember. 

Calvin shrugged his shoulders as he followed Dr. Hopper along the corridor where there were doors on each side. Dr. Hopper kept walking until he stopped at a door. This door had a gold plate beside it having the name, Dr. Vogue bored on it.

Dr. Hopper knocked on the door before opening it. In the room was a man who also had a white coat on. He had white skin with bushy eyebrows and also had a name tag on his right breast like Dr. Hopper. 

“This is Dr. Vogue,” Dr. Hopper said, gesturing to him. Dr. Vogue took the initiative to shake hands with Calvin who awkwardly accepted. 

“Okay, I’ll leave you two alone,” Dr. Hopper said as Calvin nodded. When Dr. Hopper left the room, Dr. Vogue was busy typing something on his computer.

“Hello Blake, how is your day?” Dr. Vogue asked as Calvin nodded. 

“Pretty nice,” Calvin said as Dr. Vogue motioned Calvin to sit on the bed. Calvin heaved himself up on the bed before Dr. Vogue took out a tongue depressor. 

“Okay, Blake, I’m going to check your ears, eyes, and mouth. Afterward, you will take the vision test, is that clear?” Dr. Vogue explained as Calvin nodded. “Okay then, open your mouth if you mind?” 

Calvin opened his mouth wide before Dr. Vogue could put the tongue depressor in his mouth. 

“Put your tongue down please,” Dr. Vogue ordered as Calvin obeyed. “Okay, your tonsils are perfectly fine.” 

Dr. Vogue took out the depressor and threw it in the trash can.

“Okay, now I am going to check your ears,” Dr. Vogue said as he grabbed an ear penlight from the back. He positioned the flashlight into Calvin’s ear and turned it on. He took about two seconds before moving on to the other ear. 

“Your ears seem good, a bit of wax in them though,” he said as Calvin nodded. Dr. Vogue then checked Calvin’s eyes. 

“Okay Blake, your mouth, ears, and eyes are good. Now we are going to do the vision test,” Dr. Vogue said as he gestured to Calvin the yellow tile he was pointing at. When Calvin stepped on the yellow tile, he faced the wall opposite from him. This wall had a chart taped on, with large letters on the top smoothly descending to tiny letters on the bottom. 

“Okay, Blake. Now you are going to cover one eye and leave the other uncovered. Then I will point to a letter and you will tell me which letter I am pointing at, understand?” Dr. Vogue explained as Calvin nodded. 

“Yes,” Calvin replied as Dr. Vogue grabbed a pointer stick. 

“Okay then, let’s begin,” Dr. Vogue said.”Cover your left eye please.” 

Calvin moved his hand towards his left eye and covered it, leaving his right eye open. Once Dr. Vogue saw Calvin obey his instructions, he pointed to a letter on the chart with his stick. 

“What’s this letter?” 


“Ok, how about this letter?” 


Another letter. 


Another. . .


Another one. 


Last one. 


“Great, you did excellent. Now cover your right eye this time.” 

Calvin did so as Dr. Vogue began pointing to a new letter. 


“Okay, this one.” 


Another one. 


Then another and another. 



Finally the last one. 


“Nicely done, Blake,” Dr. Vogue said as he typed something on his computer. “Now that we are done with the vision test, it's now time for the fitness test.” 

“Fitness test? Where?” 

“At the gym.” 

“This building has a gym?” Calvin asked, surprised. 

“Yes, it does. It’s just far away,” Dr. Vogue said when suddenly, the door opened. A tall man emerged from the doorway. He had a gray sweatshirt on with black Nike shorts and gray Adidas. Around his neck was a whistle. 

“Good morning, Michael,” the man said as Calvin raised his eyebrows. 

“Your name is Michael?” Calvin queried Dr. Vogue, who nodded. 

“Yes, it is,” he replied as he stepped beside the man. 

“This is Mr. Johnston, Blake. He will be your gym teacher for a while and he will physically train you to become a soldier,” Dr. Vogue explained as Calvin’s face turned grave. 

Soldier? Are you serious?

“Soldier? But. . .” Calvin trailed off as Dr. Vogue began placing his hands on his shoulders. 

“Blake, don’t worry. Being a soldier is not that scary okay? You will train a lot, yes, but you are doing to serve man,” Dr. Vogue assured him as Calvin sighed. 

“Ok then,” Calvin said rather quietly as Mr. Johnston slapped Calvin’s back with his huge hands. 

“Let’s get ready then, soldier,” he said with conviction as Calvin looked at him. 

Oh god. . .

April 13, 2022 05:18

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Graham Kinross
09:17 Jul 13, 2022

There needs to be more of this. Keep it going please.


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Hello, Calm Shark. I have a question: ------------------- Do you read the prologue of a book? A Yes, every time B No, never C Sometimes/It depends Note: I am copy-and-pasting this to multiple people. ------------------- Also, do you have any name/nickname you would like me to call you by?


Calm Shark
19:58 Apr 17, 2022

For your first question, it's C and you can call me Calm Shark, Calm, or Shark. It doesn't matter. :)


Okay, thank you! Happy Easter!


Calm Shark
20:09 Apr 17, 2022

You're welcome!


Hey, another question - why shark? Do you like them?


Calm Shark
22:27 Apr 17, 2022

No, I don't. I like the name because it's nice.


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Delia Tomkus
11:46 Apr 13, 2022

I love where this is going, but one note- 'it is time for you to get fit now' seems like it could be worded a little better. I do love the plot though, I'll definitely be your first like!


Calm Shark
14:00 Apr 13, 2022

Thanks, Delia! Love to know you are loving this series.


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