Coming of Age Fantasy Fiction

WRITER'S NOTE: This is a retrospective of Gerlard when he gets his first trial in order to become the next Dark Wizard after Noa Vens. This short story will also be added to one of my future books; one of them being a prequel to The Blacksmith's Nephew. Please enjoy the reading.

"So, what's the catch?" I ask this to the ancient looking old man named Nov Vens, who calls himself the Dark Wizard. He aquire a white long beard that stretch down to his chest and wore a red robe with a purple snake embroidered on the back. In his right hand, he held a some sort of short staff with two snakes wrapping around each other among with the rod. His minions meanwhile stood there observing with their own robes but with the colors reversed. There were even a few dragons in the throne room, one of which was name Fangst, who I already find annoying. Especially with him calling himself: "The Blue-Scaled Guardian". These so-called dragons were treated like a family amongst the Dark Wizard and his mages within the Dark Kingdom of Rissindell.

"You must forgo spell binding and quick thinking trials if you wish to become the next Dark Wizard such as myself," Noa Vens finally responsed after what felt like a long time for me considering I was a rush individual.

"I see. Alright," I replied quickly. I then asked the old man: "How long will it take?"

To that, Noa Vens answered: "Should take how ever long you need to. Usually about a year."

"A year!?" I asked dumbfoundedly.

"Why yes, Gerlard," the Dark Wizard nodded.

"I'm assuming that's how long it took you," I said without even asking it.

Noa Vens nodded while replying: "Correct. Who knows maybe it might be sooner than you think."

This old man may be slow at times like a sloth, but at least he was very optimistic. Reminds me of a certain someone I used to know before he betrayed me by joining the knights guild without me, all the while I was left unnoticed from everyone including my own neglectful father. So much people have let me down with such disappointed that I loathe every single one of them. I'm only here because I was exiled after secretly dating someone, killing my own father and learning the dark arts of magic. I guess it's all not too bad for I actually love the art of the dark magic. It makes me feel whole especially after all of the heartbreak and disappointment in my life that I have mentioned.

I leave my thoughts out and respond: "Excellent. When can I get started?"

Noa the Dark Wizard smiled while replying: "We can start now." As soon as he said it, the throne room got darker than it already was, especially considering the lights were blown out. Even the light from the ceiling window went dim. I adjusted my eyes and found that no one, not even the dragons, were there and present. I didn't panic though, instead I was already assumed. I actually like the dark very much.

Surely, this must be an invisibility spell. I joked out loud: "What does this first trial pretain? Hide and seek?"

The old man answered without me seeing him: "You must predict your opponent. This is one of the lessons you should know about thanks to the Knights Academy."

I stumbled with my words: "H-...how did you-u know?"

To that, Noa replied: "I can see everything at anywhere and anytime. All thanks to my special crystal orb that comes relatively in handy."

"I'm looking forward of seeing such a thing," I grinned admiring the object I so desired. Would be helpful whenever I felt like seeing what Esther is doing. Might want to check it out later.

Suddenly the old man shouted: "Keep your thoughts by bay, focus!" The second I heard it, there came a fireball heading toward my way. I dodged it at the last second and quickly drew out a fireball from within the palm of my left hand out. I was now watching carefully for the next attack.

I next go: "So you can read people's thoughts as well?"

"Most certainly," Noa acknowledged. "For I am the Dark Wizard after all. I'm a knower of all things."

"Can't wait to have that profession myself," I smiled while playing with the fireball still placed upon my left hand.

"Again: focus on your current task, young one!" the Dark Wizard shouted as I felt heat coming from my back. He had shot two fireballs that were heading towards my direction! What a trickster! But so am I!

I gather up my momentum and rolled out of the way. The next thing I did was shot my fireball towards the direction of his two, however mine only hit the wall just as it flickers out with the impact.

"Come on Gerlard. You should know better by now. I'm making this quite simple," said the old man taunting me.

I grind my teeth while thinking: "The nerve of this old man."

He of course replied: "An old man who knows how to make you as well as anyone else ticked. You, yourself, got some nerve thinking this was all going to be a walk in the park. Well, I'm here to tell you: that's not gonna be easy especially if you want to be the next Dark Wizard."

Annoyed, I shouted: "Shut the hell up, old man! Also, get out of my head!"

He taunted again by replying: "Make me!"

Without another word, I bring out my personal, favorite scythe that was held among my back. I then set my weapon on fire making the scythe glowing orange! I bet I looked pretty badass.

Apparently Noa Vens didn't think so for he commented: "Nice glowstick. Are you going to see more properly with your young eyes now?"

He's really pushing his luck on me. I see what he's doing through. He's trying my patience. I instead ignore his comment and focus I must remain calm at this moment and be patient for once in my life. For the first time, I placed my mind at ease, awaiting for the next opportunity to take my stirke.

Once more, there came even more heat than the last two attempts. Upon seeing this, there were another two fireballs but twice the regular size. The two fireballs were coming to me at both sides!

I stood there while holding onto my scythe of fire as the fireballs came my way. I could feel the sweat from my body as both fireballs came closer on both my sides. I then quickly whispered my first attempt on the transportation spell I've been studying: "On seprent's head to its tail, take me to its tongue where I leave no trail!”

The next thing I knew I was there with two fireballs coming at me, and the next, I was standing a few feet away as I saw them collide together making a fiery impact. I could see Noa Vens surprised at the reaction all thanks to the light from the fireballs gave out.

I then tighten my grip unto my fiery scythe and cut the collided fireball in half with a backhanded swing. The giant fireball flew towards Noa and he then use a quick protection spell to sheild himself from the blast as well as the impact. Once the fireball cease to nothingness, Noa remove his protection spell and gather himself. Everyone else in the room was now visible and the light came back on, including from the ceiling window.

"So, how did I do?" I asked him as I removed the fire from my scythe.

The old man gave himself a short breath and replied with a slight smile: "You did good, Gerlard. You have passed your first trial of becoming a Dark Wizard. Congratulations, young man."

"Thank you sir," I replied while giving Noa Vens a short bow. I even smiled there. "There's more where that came from."

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