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“Cassandra, we would be meeting in reunion, don’t we? Logan is coming from Japan, all the way. And a professor in the making, Mrs. Umm… No…, Dr. Ava Adam sounds fancy,” Peter said out in excitement over the telephone—kissing it, almost.

“Peter, it’s fine. Hopefully, Rafe is coming, doesn’t he?” the hopeful girl with optimistic eyes filled with utter disappointment when she heard yes from Peter. And her eyes became a fine line with a grimace.

“Look, Peter, you should go. I have less possibility or almost negligible. I would love to hear from our sweethearts Ava, Logan, and you, my dear Peter. Peter, Peter the pumpkin eater,” she said and almost laughed her ass off.

“Do you think it’s a time to joke, Cas? Tell me why you can’t come?” disappointed boy, who had a vivacious voice, now became wry.

“I’ve to attend a very important seminar on the day, you know, which I can’t afford to miss. Then I would go for lunch with Samuel, he has the birthday.”

“Kudos to you, girl. You care for Samuel, and not a single bit of yours is bothered about, Rafe. Oh! Cas, you didn’t tell me what had happened between you. Why you hate him, still? I’m your best friend Cas, don’t I? You’ve to tell me everything. Otherwise, why would anyone be concocting not to go to their Highschool reunion,” the dominant Peter was sounding so fierce this time.

“Argh!” She grunted from her throat — it was a most painful grunt, Peter would be heard from an exuberant girl. Peter’s heart sank in agony.

“We met at the lake for the first time. You were with me, Peter, won’t you? Can you imagine any high school student would be spoiled like us? The entire school would know he was Rafe.

His activities were like clouds, so enigmatically dark yet satisfying to see. Since I knew I would have no future with him. He betrayed many girls before, and he would betray me as well. Albeit, I sought his attention. I would have tried every trick to seduce him, but he was so unruly to leap the controls.

 I loved him. I had had a belief that my love will change him forever. The sheer power in love kinda stuffs, you know. 

I dreamed of his hands holding mine. Then together we would walk miles by the side of the sea, the sun would be going down the horizon and leaving soo vivid streaks, also the cold breeze would be blowing to fetch ecstasy in our life. Logan was his closest friend and Ava, she was a pretty blonde with maroon eyes and a diminishing smile. 

My nights were so distressful because his fondness for Eva was soo intimating. I could see him everywhere, latching on to her always like a bee to the flowers. I barely talked to him, but my love was so divine for him. I couldn’t see Ava as my rival, and no one could take the things I like, what so ever. I asked Samuel to threaten Eva, and he did it effectively.

 You know what, I didn’t know that it could be soo easy to throw her out of my way. She didn’t come to school for a month after that afternoon. Poor, Rafe, used to be worried about her, and my words consoled him.

Slowly, I made my impressions so profound in his eyes. Logan was an insanely innocent Asian boy, and so friendly with me, unlike Rafe, was a rich, arrogant, and soo I was stubborn, as well. We both were making a wonderful match, didn’t we?

 I wasn’t white, but dusky, anyway. Yet so much in shape and attractive to drive the boys around me. The bastard was racist, as well he didn’t like my complexion. So he couldn’t accept me. Albeit he was soo good for me, I didn't see any devil in him. But, his cheeks were like plum, so fluffy I’d eat it.

“I heard you probably would be a playboy. How many women you fucked so far?” I asked. 

You know me, Peter, don’t you? I wasn’t like that, always. I was possessive for him, like anything.”

“I didn’t know. You were a monster, Cas, don’t you?” Peter barked out.

“Yes, I was, but you would see the elegant me now. Love and situations make everything change, isn’t it? ”

“Hmm. What did Rafe reply to your straightforward question?” fascinated, Peter asked.

“He first laughed, hilariously for a minute or two. Then grimaced over my whimsical question. “When I’ll count you, it’ll be 15 otherwise, 14 for now, isn’t it much for a high school guy?” he said preposterously and proudly.

“I love you, damm. Don’t you understand? I’m not a whore, am I?” I said as I whacked my clenched fist on the table, lecherously. “What do you think, fucking those innocent girls and then betraying, is soo fancy?” His proud expressions almost died. A gloomy cloud of regret covered his face.

“I’ll make you love me, you filthy playboy. My love will not go vain. I’ll see you, Rafe,” I called him off. You know the silliest thing in high school kids would be their ego. His dreadful expression again blossomed with ardent smirked-smile. “Challenge accepted, my insane lover. I’ll see you as well. You’d know Rafe loses no challenge, you should think twice before challenging me, Miss... whatever,” he said. 

“There is no condition in it, Rafe. Goodbye,” I was upset. This kind of silly behavior is more painful than death — from the person you love.

I realized later that I wrongly took the war with him. He left no chance to take the shit out of my respect. Four or five guys would stand on the campus and didn’t up with leaving the frightful, and shameless sexual comments on me. I didn’t want to go to the headmistress: again, my ego wasn’t allowing me. I couldn’t accept my defeat, and I also couldn’t deny the fact that he was a spoiled kid, he would rape me, as well.

I tried to be focussed on my board exams, the menacing messages I got, and the calls. It was intimidating and hard to study thinking about his next steps. Hence it was the reason Peter I failed, and I had to repeat the same class and it was so embarrassing to me. When he laughed at my shabby condition and on his victory.

I didn’t let him go. He was still seeking a response from Ava. Anyway, Samuel always stood by my side. He couldn’t deny any of my demands even if I would ask him to die, he would do with the usual serene smile.

As I said, he kidnapped the goon guy, Rafe, and cute Ava. He was tied to a pole in a barn far to the countryside. His diminishing eyes were blood red, and his rage of anger was devastating. He was gasping, lecherously–he would guzzle me up if found.

In front of his eyes, I kissed his love, Ava. I seduced her, kissed on her neck, and bite on her ear-lobes. As I threatened her, so she looked swaying with my touches and kisses. He wouldn’t see this and asked to quit the game of ego. I’d let him go, eventually. I was fluttering within on my victory.

Within a week or two, surprisingly, he accepted my proposal. I had hope, he would be changed after his defeat. Slowly, we indulged ecstatically in the love of one another, as we were made for each other.

His farewell was approaching near, and every going second was quenching my heart with grief. To surprise me, he took me to the 60 miles North, far from campus; it was the most beautiful place I’d had ever seen. The cloud started raining. He took me close to the bank of the creek, we gently embarked over, he subtly untied the canoe, pushed it in water, and started propelling it. I had almost died, the beautiful alps were kissing to the cloud so far, it rained, badly, so we returned to the hotel room, soo early.

We kissed each other, and we did sex. Eventually, he shredded my clothes into pieces and smiled so sarcastically like a vamp.

“You become 16th now, dear. Sorry, I added one last week. Now, you lay like a whore, don’t you? Keep enjoying the rain. You are supposed to be check n mate. Goodbye,” he said so belligerently, with a monstrous smile and face, and left me away. 

“Goodbye? I didn’t expect it. He had become so merciless. He took away my clothes, as well. I didn’t know where to go. It felt like it would be the first time anyone would be raped by her consent. I cried there, and the most painful was his betrayal. I became blind in love and ego. I would take any pain but not heartbreak. It was the last time I saw him. I would hate him forever. Earlier, I had rejected Logan, I’d had to accept it -- he was such a nice guy.

“Ah! It’s a dreadful tale, Cas. He was such an asshole. What was in the letter you got recently from Rafe?” Peter cried out. 

"A ring, and letter of apology, it took him eight years to realize his sin."

"So?" Peter asked.

"So. What? Umm... Fuck... I didn't give any fuck," she said and smirked; he would hear her smirking.

“What about, Eva?”

“A professor in the making,” Cas said and laughed, badly. “I didn’t see her after I kissed her. It was so embarrassing. How would I face her?"

"Hence, it's final, Peter. I am not coming to the reunion."

"Ah!" Peter grunted.

October 01, 2020 21:21

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Kathleen March
23:07 Oct 31, 2020

This story is very winding and the language surprises at times. The English needs a revision, in order to establish the tome you're seeking. The more vulgar speech can be a jolt when combined with the other, less aggressive speech. There is a lot of potential here, and I think you are up to the challenge. Do find a proofreader. Good luck.


06:39 Nov 01, 2020

Hey Kathleen, thanks for your read. I'm glad you owed your time. I'm a bit confused, with you said -- ' the language is surprises at times,' can you please elaborate in what sense... The one you said, 'the more vulgar speech can...' It will appreciate, if you can explain me a bit. Anyway, it's so nice of you, that you read my story..


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