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Trouble Of The Trip

On a hot summer morn she decided to go on shopping. She cleaned all her dishes before 7 and then blown all the dust with vaccum cleaner till 7:30. She had a lot time to get ready as the shop would be going to open at 10'o clock. She then wore her purple dress which looked perfect on her. Not so fancy and not so simple she looked in her get up was with a pair of boots and her pearly necklace.

She wanted to go shopping for her own clothes and some of her children too along with a handful of decorative items. Firstly she decided to go alone to the market, but then she thought to take her two children with her. As her husband was out in his office so there was no one to take care of them. On the same hand she thought that it would be easy for her to buy the clothes of their correct fitting. Though she always reject the decision of going with them because they knowingly or unknowingly creates some problems.

They came out after checking all things.

She locked the door and kept the keys into her purse. She was expecting that this day may not be disturbing as the day is very quite and pleasant.

It was the first time she decided to drive the car without her husband, obviously she was nervous about it, at first and also the other challenge was to drive with her two troubling children.

She tied her 8 years boy at the back with seat belt and the 2 years daughter in the front left-hand seat with a baby seat belt. Everyone seemed comfortable into there seats untill the car had started. She being nervous alone. Her wobbly legs were trying to get control over the padels properly. She turned her keys and started the car.

She slightly pressed the accelerator padel with her right leg and a loud noise of sneeze from her son made her do it very hard that it hit the wall in front, and so it got a scratch in the front headlight. She must to listening a ton of words from her husband today. She looked back at her child “Was this the right time for you to sneeze?” She said.

What that child could do it wasn't his mistake but he didn’t uttered a word as he knew if he would do so, he will again be scolded her for that.

On the way they safely went to the highway and in the mid there was red signal for about 1 minute. Suddenly her daughter started to cry and at the same time a funky smell travelled to her nose. She got the news that it was the time for her to change the diaper. Luckily she had brought one piece with her. She started to change there only. And we all know it takes more than a minute time. So had happened and now the red light turned to green and everyone started to blow horn.

At first horn only she realised that they are at highway and it’s red signal had turned green.

It took her less than a second to start the car and she did what any one would be doing at that moment, parked to a safe place near by. The changement was over finally without any disturbance.

May be the God wanted to make this ride a bit adventurous, but without any further delay or harassment they got down to shopping centre of the city. They did the shopping very well, took the bill and cleared it too. While they were coming out of the building it had started to rain. If it would rain gently then they could get out and go to car but may be it was not their luck. And it was raining cats and dogs. No idea where to go and now she had reach home before his husband arrives and as she has to cook lunch for him. When she saw her watch it was ringing to 3'o clock almost the time for him to arrive. She had to do something quickly.

Her miraculous mind had caught an idea for buying an umbrella and then go out as the car parking was a bit far away. No doubt they got one very easily. While they were going to the car a strong wind came from back and felw away the umbrella. A wind had added a full stop on to her idea and now they were all wet in mid of no shades around. The only thing they had was to quickly runto their car.

When they got into the car she thought that if children would wear the wet clothes they would caught the cold. So she changed their clothes and made them wear the new clothes bought today in the car only.

Now a warning came out of her mouth “ Now no more interruption I'm already very much frustrated.”

They got to the home in the end. She firstly saw the time it was 3:30 pm.Don't know how she managed to drive so fast to reach here. She ran in the kitchen and turn on the gas, chopped the vegetables and put the pan on the stove. Her body and mind both had exhausted today. And now they just want to sleep a handful of hours to warm up.

Children were also tried but for them it was an adventurous travel ever. Don't know about others but children had enjoyed a lot. They were happy as they got the chance to wear new clothes.

Their mother was the most tried from everyone else and she had the most terrible experience ever. Before she went to rest she took a decision and said “This was the last time I went with you both and this car alone from next time I would be going only with your father”

And at last she ended with pointing at the children not so much in a funny mood “I'm never going with you again”.

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July 25, 2021 07:07

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