Horror Suspense

There was a knock at my window. I was just laying in my bed and I heard it. I crept towards the window cautiously and I slowly open the curtains. The moonlight shone on the figure outside my house. It was a girl, she was was standing outside my window. Why she didn't just go to the front door. I wondered. I open the window. And asked her was she okay. She didn't reply, she look scared. She was wearing a funny looking dress It was all black. I closed my window and the curtains and went into my bed thinking she'd go away. But then I heard it again this time louder. I went the my window and open the curtain she was still standing there but closer to my house. Her neck was twist in a sideway look, but she was looking at me. I ran to my parents room and told hem. My dad went downstairs and went outside. My mother went in my room to my window. We seen my father but not the girl. My dad came back inside. "There no one out there" he said. "But I-I saw her she was there". "Well She not here now sweetie." My mother said trying to clam me down. "But I know what I saw." I said brushing her off. "Just go to bed there's nothing to worry about." They went into their room and I went to my bed. I tried to sleep but the image of the girl outside my window Just kept popping into my head.

The next morning I was getting ready for school. I put on my clothes and ate my breakfast. As I was getting my bag out of my room I heard a whisper. It was soft and gentle. The only thing was it said my name. "Zander." I stood frozen. When gather my courage I sprinted out my room. And I bumped into my dad. "Wow slow down there buddy." He looked at me me with concern. "Are you okay you look like you seen a ghost." "I-I It I-I." "You okay dear?" My mom said passing by. She seen the look on my face and paused. "What wrong." I"-I something in my room, something or someone say my name." They Look at each other with fear. My dad entered my room and search my mom checked my closest my dad look under my bed. Nothing was there. "It may have just been the wind." my mother said trying to comfort me. I couldn't believe it they still don't believe me. I brushed her off and went out side and walked to school. There something going on at my house and I know it but my parents don't believe. So I decide to tell my friend Darnell and Jake.

Darnell and Jack are my best friends. We've been friends since we where little. It was just the three of us. We practically brothers. When lunch came I decided to tell them. When I told them what happen and what I saw they started laughing. "Seriously dude you think your house is hunted." "Yes" I said yelling at Darnell. "I'm serious you guys. I'd never joke about something like this." Their laughter faded. The looked at me and seen that I was being serious. "I think you should come over tonight to see for yourselves." They agreed and after school they followed me home.

"My mom said she doing some errands but she'll be home soon. And my dad at work." I said as went went inside my house. We went into my room and sat for a few. The boys decide they want to play Fortnite on my Xbox while we waited for my mom to come home. Ten minutes later we heard a knocking sound. Thinking it was my mother I looked out my window and there she was the girl. Chills went down my spine. I motioned for the boys to to see when the saw they saw her they nearly fainted. "Do you believe me now." I said ducking under the window. "This isn't really happing is it?" "Yes Jake it is" I Said looking back up at the window. "She's gone." I said with dread. "What do you mean she's gone?" asked Darnell getting up to look at the window." "Where she go?" "This isn't happening this can't-" Jake was cut off. We heard the stairs creaking. The stairs rumbling as the footsteps are going the stairs. Gradually getting louder. I looked under my door and saw the shadow of the footsteps coming up. "Shh quiet" I whispered. The footsteps stopped when it approach the top of the stairs. I quietly and slowly backed away from the door. I went on the other side of my bed. Darnell and Jake came beside me.

"Boys." Called my mother form downstairs. "I'm back." My Mother going to the stairs saw the girl and then she vanish. "Boys!" My mother yelled running up the stairs bursting into my room. I rushed from the other side of my bed and hugged her. "Thank god you here Ms. Pex" said Jake relieved. Darnell petrified clamming his hand on my covers got up. "I'm just you boys are okay" "Me too" I said finally letter her go. "It that the girl you were talking about last night?" She asked me with worriedness. "Yeah it was." still a bit terrified. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you sweetie." "It okay mom" I said at ease. "Come on down I bought some pizza" We ate the pizza and decided to watch a movie in the living room. My dad came home and My mom went to talk to him for a bit. As we were watching the movie Jake notice something in the corner of the screen. He repeated tap me and told me to look and then I saw her again. I looked back but she wasn't there, I looked at the tv again she was still there. "Mom! Dad!" I yelled. They came rushing to the living room. "What?" I pointed to the corner of the Tv and they both saw her. My dad looked behind him but the was no sign of her me looked at the Tv and you can still see her just standing there.

"Zander" The voice said. "I see you" I was petrified. "Leave my son alone!" My dad said shouting at the tv. The girl giggle and then vanish once again. I mother took me into her arms and hugged me tight. "I will will not let this Girl take my boy." My mom cried We all ran for the door but it slammed shut and locked. "I will not be trapped in my own house" My dad darted to the kitchen to grab a chair to try to break window but it was useless. Then upstairs I heard a phone. Everyone pulled out there phone thinking that it might be one of theirs's. I didn't have mine so I went upstairs. "I'll be back." "We come with you" yelled my mother. They followed me up stairs into my room. My phone was on the floor. The id said Unknown. I answered it and put it on speaker. There was silence at first. "Hello?" I said a bit unease. "Zander. You can't hide from me." "Who are you, what do you want?" "There was giggling on the side. "I want you zander." "Why, why me?" "I like you Zander." Hang it up. I ended the call with no hesitation. "I-I why me why? I wish I never saw her. "I said afraid for my life my soul "I have an idea" Jake said as he pulled out his phone. He searched through his contact and found one of his friend "James he'll help us." the phone dialing while my heart is beating out of my chest. "James when need your help ASAP, you know that EVP you have and how you can talk to the unliving while you need to come to Zander's house now!" Two minutes later James showed up. Because the door was locked he use a technique he learned. It took a minute but he got in. "You here perfect" Said Jake relieved. "Also the door 's open, but we should stay and help you out." said Darnell still a bit scared. "Thanks," We sat in the living room and started the session.

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