Her thoughts are a strange ocean. One filled with transparency to those whe invade them. She just wanders through life with every friend by her side but some use her to their advantage. They would get jealous of her and maybe say a few bad words about her. A few in her books double, then triple, then quadruple and then fill up her strange ocean with strange fishes. Unknown creatures.

She cowers from the blank canvas opposite her and in view. Inches away from the door, he stands penny picking every detail about her. The sunlight glows over face as she smiles, her eyes sparkling grey and thoughts wild as a berry. She chews at her soft yet tight-lipped mouth, her tongue between her teeth. Dust surrounds her yet never touches her; a true beauty to be admired soulfully. The cluster of paintings and sketches scattered around her like petals on a rose.She was still at college, completing her course in art. She was true talent at its finest.

He had rosy cheeks decorated with dimples and soft fluffy curls bouncing in his head. But his true feature was his full smiles. She chuckles as she remembers him, closing her eyes she breathes at a steady pace and remembers him. Her eyes are like cameras; she captures every treasured moment and flicks through them when at peace.

She keeps her eyes closed as he plucks up the courage to enter the room. He stumbles into the room, his grey jacket clinging tight to him as do his Harry Potter glasses (but not the nerdy type, the cute type).

“Hi.” He whispers, a purifying voice which nudges her eyes open.

“Hi.” She manages to mumble as her cheeks flame up. Shaking her head, she relaxes. “How are you Luke?”

“Fine, you?” He says.

“Good.” She says. “Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be home or hanging out with the girls?”

“What girls?” He whispers as he hovers his gaze on her work. “These are really cool.”

“Thanks, they’re not much.” She offers a small smile.

He slowly, each foot falling in step by pattern, strolls around the room. Each painting facing the centre, he walks up to each and everyone until he reaches the last, placing his index finger on the paper, he traces out the portrait of her.

He slowly whispers something under his breath, as everything goes still. The birds balance on their claws to keep upright, she just sits on a chair, her eyes glued to the place where he was standing and chuckling.

Smiling he approaches her, her hand warm at touch he takes them in his and says, “I know what you’ve been through, what’s scarred your freedom, your happiness.”

Kissing her hands, he stands where he was and clicks his fingers. She wipes her hands over her trouser legs and gets up. She picks up her paintbrush and walks towards her canvas and says, “Sit.”

So he does as she says and sits in front of the canvas. She traces his face out and paints it. He watches her fingertips delicately swipe the paintbrush, quivering at every move. She whispers something under her breath as everything goes dead.

She walks towards him and runs her fingers through his hair, gently caressing it. “I love you, but... but...” Heaving a sigh. “I don’t think you like my type. I’m too plain, not glamour.” Lightly pecking his forehead she walks away into her position and clicks her fingers. Life repumps itself.

As the hour passes, she nervously looks at him as he takes peeks at her. Suddenly they both mutter something under their breaths, everything stops but themselves. She sits still, blinking as he just blinks back. He opens his mouth but nothing comes out so they just walk across to each other. Her eyes melt as he gently tugs at her arm. “I know what you’ve been through. What life is with freedom and happiness and then having it drained out of you. I know what it feels like waking with no hope. I know...” He says.

Her eyes dribble like water running down a window. Each salty tear caught in the sea. “I know.” She whispers as she hugs him and leans onto him exhaustedly. They stood in the same position. Her bones ached as her body had no hope. So as they lay on the ground, her body nestled onto his, he felt the warmth of her body disintegrate.

Feeling for her pulse, it wore off. Her skin cold numb. Pulling himself up to face her, her eyes shut as she smiles. Pulling her towards him, he shakes her as he tries to transfer his warmth into hers.

Lying her on the ground, he took himself over her and mumbled as he kissed her on her enchanted lips. The lips he didn’t want to take advantage of. The lips he savoured but new had to be earns and accepted. Her eyes fluttered open as she pulled his neck down and lips to lips. Their warm breaths mixing and colliding.

“I see you. I do. I see the pain in those eyes. It has sat there all your life, trapped in the confusion we carry. I see love too, the love you would have given if not for the scars. One day I will set you free, like a bird.” He says as he kisses her between each few words.

She pulled herself away from his embrace and rested her forehead on his whilst rapping her legs around him and sitting on him. Their eyes lashes meet and touch as the stare into each other.

He kissed her and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. His hand rested below her ear, his thumbs caressing her cheeks as their breaths mingled. She ran her fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between them and she could feel the beating of his heart against her chest.

“You’re a strange one Luke, a strange one.” She mutters.

“You’re a beautiful one, a beautiful one.” He mutters. “We’re unknown creatures.”

Unknown Creatures

March 13, 2020 23:02

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