Fairyville's Special Assignment

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Easton stood on a rooftop leaning against a chimney and studied the map his father had given him. He scratched his head, wondering how he’d managed to land at the wrong house again. He recalled his father’s instructions about this special assignment. He had to deliver Jack’s first lost tooth to Pearl’s Refinery by sunrise before its magic power disappeared. Every child’s first lost tooth was more valuable at Pearl’s Refinery, because a child’s first lost tooth held the magic power needed to keep Fairyville alive.

It was Easton’s first assignment as tooth fairy, the same position his father held for many years. Avery, his father, was highly respected by all the citizens of Fairyville, who all claimed Avery was the best tooth fairy they’d had in centuries. Easton didn’t know how he’d manage to get through this assignment, much less live up to the reputation his father had held. Easton had to figure this out, and soon.

Easton closed his eyes, trying to recall where he’d gone wrong. He had flown to the north for half an hour then shifted towards the east, like father had told him. He was certain he arrived in the right town, but this street map was so confusing. Was it Main Street or First Street he should’ve taken to reach Jack’s house on Banks Boulevard? When he opened his eyes to check the map, Peter stood by his side.

“Peter, how’d you get here?”

“How else? I hopped.”

“But you’re not on duty tonight. Easter is months away.”

“I have other responsibilities besides Easter.”

“Like what?”

“You have so much to learn.”

“Yeah, like how to read this map for one.”

“That’s why I’m here to help.”

“Can you help me find Jack’s house?”

“Sure, I go there every Easter. Take Main Street to First Avenue then take a left on Banks Boulevard. Jack’s house is third on the right.”

“Thanks.” Easton flapped his wings and flew towards the east for Main Street.

When he reached the corner of Main and First, he noticed a red glow in the distance. He recalled practice trips when his father had described Krampus, Dracula, and the Big Bad Wolf, but this light didn’t fit those descriptions. Curious, he gathered his courage, flapped his wings, and flew towards the red glowing light. As he came closer, he heard a familiar voice.

The red glow flickered through the darkness. “There’s Easton.”

“Rudolph? Is that you?”

“Yeah, it’s me, Santa and the other reindeer.”

Easton landed by Santa’s sleigh. “Why are you out tonight? Christmas is months away.”

“We have other responsibilities than just Christmas.”

“Really, that’s what Peter said too. Like what?”

Santa chuckled. “You have so much to learn young man.”

“Are you all headed to the North Pole?”

“The sleigh is broken,” Rudolph said. “Santa is trying to figure it out, but without the maintenance elves, our situation doesn’t look good.”

“Can I take a look?”

“Sure, it can’t hurt.”

Easton studied the sleigh from top to bottom, then looked up, scratching his head. “I’m not one hundred percent sure, but I think it’s this bracket. If we tighten it, I’m fairly certain the sleigh will work.”

Reaching beneath the sleigh’s seat, Santa revealed a red tool bag. “I never go out unprepared.”

Rummaging through the bag, Easton located the perfect wrench. In no time, he’d made the repair and the sleigh was finally fixed.

The reindeer exclaimed in unison. “Thanks, Easton.”

“You’re welcome, but now I’m late.” Easton glanced at his watch. “I have to get to Jack’s house for a special assignment, but now I’ve forgotten the way.”

“We go by Jack’s house every Christmas.” Rudolph shined his nose towards the east.” Follow First Avenue until you see the sign for Bank’s Boulevard. Jack’s house is third on the right.”

“I’ll have to hurry. If Jack’s tooth isn’t delivered by sunrise, its magic power disappears.”

“We’ll give you a ride.” Santa hopped in the sleigh.

A ride in Santa’s sleigh was considered a high honor through-out Fairyville. Only the most prestigious citizens were offered a ride in the magical sleigh.

“We can’t fly any closer or the children may get confused, but if you fly straight down, you’ll land at Jack’s house.”

Easton waved goodbye to Santa and the reindeer, flapped his wings, and flew straight down. Just as Santa had promised, he landed in Jack’s backyard.

Easton crept inside the house and tiptoed down the hallway. Without making a noise, he slipped his hand under the pillow while Jack slept. When he found the special tooth, he replaced it with two shiny coins before heading back out to start the journey home.

Easton noticed a storm brewing towards the south and moving in the direction of Fairyville. The stars which twinkled earlier were now hidden by ominous clouds.  Easton flapped his wings and began the flight home, hoping he’d be fast enough to avoid the storm.

Easton’s wings were heavy as the wind blew against his back. He wasn’t sure he’d made much progress. Making sure the tooth was safe, Easton reached in his pocket, but when he did, the tooth fell out drifting towards the ground.

Looking down, he discovered the land below him covered with hundreds of tall oaks and pines. He feared he’d lost Jack’s tooth for good, but with sunrise not long away, he didn’t have time to waste. Easton flew towards the trees to search for the magical tooth. When he reached the treetops, a white figure zipped past and dropped the tooth into his pocket.

“Stork, is that you?”

Stork answered, “Yes. Now hurry home.”

“I thought you only delivered babies.”

“You have so much to learn.” More practiced at flying than Easton, Stork flew through the howling wind and disappeared in the dark sky.

Mustering all his strength, Easton tried to fly home through the storm, but sunrise was near, and he hadn’t made much progress. Once the sun rose, all the tooth’s magic power disappeared.

Easton’s eyes welled with tears.

“Don’t cry.” A soft voice called from behind.

When Easton turned to look, he saw a woman dressed in flowers from head to toe. “Mother Nature? Is that you?”

“Yes. I’ve calmed the storm so you can make it by sunrise.”

“I thought you only handled weather for humans.”

“You have so much to learn.” Mother Nature disappeared into the darkness.

Easton sped home, flying faster than ever. Mother would be proud all the flying lessons paid off.

Landing at Pearl’s Refinery, in what he thought was the nick of time, but when he entered, Pearl greeted him with a frown.

“You’re late.”

Removing the tooth from his pocket, Easton held it out for Pearl to see. The tooth once bright with power now only dimly flickered. “Better late than never. Surely it has a little power.”

“The decision isn’t mine. The Fairyville Board of Commissioners are waiting next door.”

Easton’s heart pounded. He’d heard rumors of the Fairyville Board of Commissioners, but he’d never seen them before in his life. The board was made up of the elders in Fairyville who made all the important decisions for the land.

With his head held down, Easton opened the door and expected the worst. He’d let everyone down, especially Father who spent so much time training him. Though he’d done his best, he missed the deadline by nearly a minute. Easton placed the dimly lit tooth in the center of the board of commissioner’s table.

“He’s not ready for this responsibility.” Father Time’s deep voice bellowed out.

Mother Goose peered over her glasses. “Easton needs to spend more time in the books studying.”

“Avery should provide this child more training.”  Jack Frost shook his head.

Easton’s face flushed in embarrassment as he glanced across the room. At least a dozen of Fairyville’s most prestigious elders sat behind a long table discussing his failure.

 “Listen up.” Santa cleared his throat. “Do any of you remember when you first started? It’s a shame how quickly you old folks forget.”

“St. Nick, you know the boy’s not ready.” Gingerbread man shook his finger.

“Easton isn’t a boy. This young man understands his responsibilities go well beyond tooth delivery. Finding us stranded with our broken sleigh, Easton took the time to repair it. Though he ran late for his own special task, he still took the time to rescue myself and the reindeer. Easton understands Fairyville’s citizen’s most important assignment. Helping one another.”

“No more chattering.” Cupid stood and raised his arms. “Let’s vote before the sun has completely risen and it’s too late to restore the magic power.”

Easton tightly closed his eyes in fear of the board’s decision, while the elders placed their votes by raise of hand.

“All those who vote nay, raise your hand.” Cupid paused. “Now, all who vote yay, raise your hand.”

When an unexpected round of applause echoed through the room, Easton opened his eyes. The dimly lit tooth he had placed on the table, now brightly shined. The magic power in Jack’s first lost tooth was completely restored.

Easton stood tall and proud as Santa made the announcement. Fairyville’s Board of Commissioners named Easton the official tooth fairy for the world. 

December 20, 2021 03:47

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Alice Richardson
23:16 Dec 29, 2021

What a lovely story Melony. I like the way you inserted so many other fairyland people so naturally and kept the pace rolling.


Melony Beard
23:30 Dec 29, 2021

Thank you! I was just reading yours!


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