Yawn!,yawn,yaaawn!I guess it's time to get up to another boring day at home, alone. Well, what shall I do today? Mmmm, maybe, Sheila the cat from next door will come to the window to tease me. Or,maybe the mouse that lives in the basement will come up today and look around for scraps when she thinks I am not looking.Next, I will wait patiently at her hole for her to finish and start to rush for her hole in the wall. Then I will give her the fright of her life! My greatest pleasure is seeing that shocked look on her face when she sees me waiting for her. I always crack up laughing!

Staying at home alone is hardly any fun. I prefer when Tim, my owner stays home. There is the occasional rub when he is thinking, or maybe while watching TV he will look at me and ask me my opinion from time to time.

You'd swear he thinks I knew exactly what was going on and that I have an opinion.I dream of the day when I would give him my opinion and watch the shock and disbelief on his face.

By the way, what time is it? My owner is usually up already. The sunlight is streaming through the window. Oh dear! he is not getting up, he is still snoring. I'd better do something. Wait, what shall I do?Tug on the sheets? That always seem to do it. So, that's what I did.

Panting, barking, I waited for him to jump out of bed and rush to the bathroom to shower and get dressed. Next a mad rush to get his coffee and then grab his briefcase. He will take a quick look to see if I have enough food for the day. Finally he will go crashing through the door, helter skelter to his car in the driveway.

But this morning, nothing. He slowly got up and slowly walked to the bathroom and stayed there, an unusually long time. I stayed outside and wondered if something was wrong. Was he sick? He didn't look sick. He didn't sound sick. he seemed to be thinking. In fact, he didn't seem like himself. He was deep in thought. He seemed out of place. he seemed to have even forgotten that I was there!

Woof! woof! I barked. Remember me? Your buddy, your pal?

Woof! woof! what's the matter? Cat got your tongue? What's going on?

At my persistent barking he looked down at me, as if seeing me for the first time. He rubbed my back and said something soothing. he smiled when he realized that I was still there and wasn't going anywhere.

How are you big fella? I guess we'll be spending a lot of time together for the next few days.

Wha-ttt? Did he just say that we'd be spending a lot of time together for the next few days? I jumped with excitement and couldn't contain myself. He laughed and said' You'd think you understood what I just said. You look so happy, like it's the fourth of July and Christmas all wrapped up together. "

Well, if only you knew, how lonely and bored I am when you are not here, I was thinking. When time seems to drag its feet weighted down with lead. When I sleep and sleep and sleep some more and wait for the sunlight to change from one window to the next which is the signal that you will soon be opening the door. The anticipation I feel as I wait patiently at the door. The disappointment I feel if you happen to be late. Don't you see the way I jump on you and almost knock you over? Can't you tell that I wished you were here all the time?

Trying to contain myself, I walked slowly behind him, wagging my tail, so as not to knock him over.

I began to think of the fun things we would do like when he plays"fetch" with me. Or 'roll over' or "how high can I jump to get a treat".

And when Sheila comes to the window, I will hold my head high as if to say"I don't have time for you today, Sheila".

Of course, that mouse will not venture out once she knows you are home.

Well, what shall we do first? I woofed. Shall we have breakfast? Will I get a special treat?

Then will we watch TV or go for a morning walk? I would love to see the look on Sheila's face.

Dog, oh dog!! what fun we shall have!!!

It was true, I was in dog heaven and for the next few days I wished these days would go on for ever. I have never had so much fun and I believe that were it not for me, my owner would have gone out of his mind with boredom. We played, we talked. we walked, we ran.

He even gave me an unexpected bath in the backyard.

This was my favorite. The suds flew all around as I shook them off with pleasure.

I kept waking up every morning wagging my tail in anticipation of the days' activities. And every night I fell asleep content with a smile on my face wishing this could go on for ever.

We fell in a routine of sorts.

He would get up earlier than usual and we would go for a short run around the neighborhood. Sometimes I'd see Sheila and she would scamper away, thinking I would chase her, but I had no time for her. Tim and I would later watch TV and then we would relax with me curled up at his feet. He would read while I would take a short nap.

I kept looking at his face each morning trying to find out if this time at home had ended.

After anxiously waiting each morning for him to say something that would tell me the holidays were over, I started to wish this would go on forever.

Well, this lasted about three weeks. Finally one morning before the sunlight had reached the window, I heard Tim getting ready in the bathroom. The mad rush to get his coffee and the helter skelter to get to his car in the driveway, told me the time had ended and things were back to normal.

You know what they say,'Good things don't last forever'.

However, I must say it was the best time of my life!

March 23, 2020 04:30

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