Yellow Roses and Daffodils

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Romance Lesbian

 "Mom! I'm going to head out." "Okay, sweetie." Today is the day of the spring festival. I go every year. My friend Laura and I always go together. There are so many stands full of beautiful flowers. There are also delicious food and a ton of rides. I take one last look in the mirror. 

I'm wearing a knee-length, yellow, flowy, spring dress. I have a cute brown sun hat over my curly brown hair. I recently cut my hair down to my collarbone and I think it suits me. I am also wearing brown boots. I look amazing.

I grab my purse and run down the stairs. My mom stops me at the door, "You look great, sweetie. Have fun!" "Thanks, Mom. I will!" She tackles me in a bear hug and I have to wiggle to get out of her arms. "Mom, I'm gonna be late!" "Okay, sweetie. Love you!" I rush out the door and down the street. I am meeting up with my friend Laura.

She is sitting on her porch when I get there. "What took you so long, Blossom?" "Sorry." She is wearing a cute green romper with her hair down to her hips. "Laura, that romper is so adorable!" "Thanks, made it myself!" "Let's go!"

We walk down to the park. It is about two blocks away and hosts the spring festival every year. We rush to the entrance and quickly buy our tickets. Then we walk in. It smells amazing out here. All of the flowers can be smelled from almost a block away.

Laura is going to meet up with her parents at the carousel. I might check that out later but I always like to start by walking by the flower booths. I walk by two booths full of tulips and one full of daisies. After that, there are a few booths of bouquets.

I close my eyes and take in the flowers around me. They smell wonderful. I walk a few steps forward. I hear a voice, "Careful there. You're going to run into something." I open my eyes. I'm inches away from someone's stand. It's a girl. She's looking over at me from her stand.

"Um... thank you." "No problem!" She is wearing a flannel button-up with jeans and cowboy boots. Her hair is brown and tied in a braid over her shoulder. She's really pretty. "Well be careful not to run into anything." I look up, "Yeah, thanks." 

I walk briskly past the rest of the stands. I almost run over to the carousel. Laura is there with her little brother, Jayden. "What's up Blossom?" "I sit down on the bench nearby. Jayden goes onto the carousel and Laura comes to sit by me. "What is it?" "What's what?" "That look on your face." "What look?" "Like you saw something that you like. Or someone."

I stare at her flustered. "Well, I saw this girl." "A girl! Do you like her? What's her name? Is she cute?" "Well, maybe I'll get to that if you stop interrupting me." She sighs and sits back down. "Okay, she was working at one of the flower stands and she's really cute." "Do you have a crush on her?" "Maybe." "Ask her out!" My face turns red, "No! I can't, Laura."

She stands up. "Jayden, I'm going to the flower stands. Are you fine on your own for a little?" She yells up to her brother. He yells back, "I'm fine. Can I get ice cream while you're gone?" "Sure!" 

"Where are we going, Laura?" "I'm going to find this girl of yours." "Laura, no!" "It'll be fine." She drags me behind her until we get to the entrance to the flower stands. As soon as I see her I feeze up. "Ahh, so it's that one." She points over to the girl. I nod.

She slows down a little bit and scribbles something on a piece of paper. "What's that?" "It's your number to give to her." "What!" She gives it to me and pulls me over to her stand. She is selling beautiful bouquets at her stand. They are put together so well that I have a hard time looking away from them. Laura picks up one of them with yellow roses and daffodils. "Hi, we wanted to buy this one." "That'll be ten dollars." Laura gives her the money and jabs me with her elbow. 

I look up at the girl and can't speak. She looks at me and laughs. "Hi, my name is Dani. You're really cute. Can I have your number?" I stare at her and Laura has to elbow me again so I stop staring. "Um.. sure." I give her the sheet of paper with my number on it. "Hey, nice to meet you." "You too." "I never got your name." "My name is Blossom." "Well, see you another time, Blossom." "You too, Dani."

We walk away and I hug Laura. "Thanks for making me go talk to her." "No problem." We walk back over to the carousel. Jayden is getting ice cream so we decide to join him. The rest of the spring festival went by in a blur. I am so excited to hang out with Dani.

20 Years Later-

That was about twenty years ago. Right after the spring festival, we went on a picnic date. Now me and Dani are married. We live together in our cottage near the woods with our cats. Dani is amazing. She is so sweet. We go into the woods every day to paint and do yoga. 

Laura and I still keep in touch. She lives a few blocks away with her german shepherd. We all go to the spring festival every year.

We both work as florists in the flower shop we opened. I lean over and kiss her. "What was that for?" "Just thinking about something." I walk over and put a bouquet with yellow roses and daffodils in the vase on our countertop.

March 23, 2021 02:16

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Ashlyn Marie
03:34 Mar 31, 2021

This is a beautiful story, I enjoyed being able to read something light-hearted and leisurely. Additionally, the ending really grabbed my attention, I’m glad you included a flash forward. I noticed that you wrote dialogues from different characters in a single paragraph, which isn’t the correct style. Every time a new person speaks, you have to move on to the next paragraph. This is so the reader doesn’t get confused with who’s speaking. Overall, you did an incredible job!


Luna Wood
14:34 Mar 31, 2021

Thank you so much! Also thanks for the feedback, I had no idea.


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Felicity Anne
22:46 Mar 25, 2021

#StopDownvotingNow Share this to ten friends :D


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Luna Wood
21:19 Mar 24, 2021

This has not been a problem with me personally but downvoting is a large problem for many authors here on Reedsy. Please sign this petition to get rid of the downvote button today.


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