In that Cenote of darkness

Plenty of answers

it is just

One Whole!!

“I” had to stop thinking

For I would be answered from

Within the echelons of the Cenote!

From deep within the Cenote -

You are a seed,

Bearing many lives,

Wearing many forms!!

“Grass, Worm, snake

Tree ~~

Fish, Bird, animal, demon, the mystic

Then where am I? Then who am I?

The movable and/or the immovable”

Nothing, nothing yet the whole of everything!!!


The Infinitesimal Universe just extended one of its arm – to disperse the multitude.

Tzec came out the room after a few days. He had lost count of it. He remembered going in somewhere before many moons. One, two, three – yes three it must have been. The room was no ordinary space. The door looked plain. No fancy embellishments, it was almost stark and cold. But when one got closer to it – then they could spot it – a geometric shape of hexagon which had an embossed pink and white lotus flower.

In fact, the flower was real and fresh. There must be no simple answer to the flower’s newness. He was told that it had appeared as soon as they had put a door making space for itself.

When Tzec had come to this door for the very first time he felt oddly connected with the lotus. It almost felt as if there was a chord running through from his navel to it. Umm!! He was drawing living breath from this flower. Well, he never breathed a word to anyone about this feeling that he felt with a “mere” flower. It was strange as well as unbelievable. Sometimes the connection felt it was from the top of his head even.

The link to an unknown and the beyond. Intuitive feelings led him to choose his profession. But he knew that he was just playing a role and by itself he was there to learn something.

Tzec also knew he was coming to this with his shimmering intellect gathered from the immediacy of his life and surrounding. So, he always felt that the knowledge he acquired was just satisfying his superficial and surface needs. There was just no connection in the words he spoke every-day. There were spoken and written.

Therefore, it became his lifetimes quest to discover that depth was there somewhere. Though many times he knew he was in the state of “Maya”. Whether existential or non-existential he could not tell.

And so he was there in that room, that had that Lotus door. It was dark as dark could have it when once he entered the room. The eyes were never going to get accustomed he felt with a sinking feeling. What had he gotten himself in!!!. No living person or creature had pushed him to do this but in order to get to that one brilliant discovery, he had taken the chance. After many months of contemplation and mixed thoughts he had arrived and would know his answer. This was what he thought before he entered the space.

But what unfolded was from another dimension in space-time. When he had opened the door there was numbing darkness that dissolved in him. He was darkness. But that was what he had been hadn’t he? A dark being moving across in shadows lurking on the surface of each lifetime. Tzec was a scientist decoding matter including whatever was abstract. Trying to explain anything was an arduous task for him, always been.

Then he started taking steps, putting out his hands in front of him. He had to just trust his instinct, intuition, willing to go to new levels to really find out the origin of himself. He was traversing a wide terrain of experiences. He had been in quest for this learning forever in all space-time. Fear was singling along. Another spanner in the works was resistance to the unknown. And there were many other thoughts churning away. It was this constant chatter that he wanted to so badly stop.

The chatter had its own life cycle. He put one step after the other – then his hands touched a moist wall. For a moment this sudden touch threw his arms in shocking reverberation. He flinched and let out the loud cry. Then he realised with chagrin that this sound was emanating from him but was only contained in him. He needed to let out the cry through his mouth. So, he made the conscious effort to let go.

At the moment, he felt a calm and a beautiful peace settle around him. The previous second he felt in the dark but now the feeling shifted. It was as if he became one with that discomfort and started moving through it. He also felt immense relief at this state of his being. Now his next steps became more confident and fluid, going along with the flow. He passed the wall and then could feel a door. He felt around for any light and you know he wasn’t carrying any lantern or lamp. Anyway, the thought had not even taken shape, but he found a small switch that he flicked on.

The lights came on and he saw this massive, sculptured door with a similar lotus he had seen in the outer entrance. But this one was colossal. It tempted him to pluck it out. He wanted to do just that but then he reminded himself of what he had come here for.

Again, the same curdling fear came up. But settled down as soon as he reinforced the purpose. Every feeling of fear, self-doubt dropped away and disappeared. It took every ounce of his strength to push open that door. He found himself in a long narrow passage. But then as he started walking the passage, he had come through started disappearing into nothingness. He still kept going and did not care to think how he would return. For now, there was an invisible shield protecting him. He realised at the moment that all along outside of the door and even inside he thought he was in control but only he had never been in control nor would he. So, he had let go.

He reached the end of this disappearing passage. Now he had thought it would lead him to another passage but when he got there – he saw this hazy figure. He attuned his eyes to bring to focus on this being.

And he almost shouted “Oh my Black hole”!! This figure which he thought was an inanimate object was in fact a creature – a Small Jaguar. It seemed to be playing oblivious to his presence. But if he could attribute charisma to this then the Jaguar was charismatic. Amusing though it sounded when he thought about it.

Even more shocked he got when this Jaguar looked up at him suddenly with gentle curiosity and started speaking.

The Jaguar said – I am called “Xul. I am you and You are Me”.  I was you before you came to be. Come let us go further and discover who we are. We are one and the same.

Tzec felt a brief enlightenment and realised he was just beginning the process of discovering his “Unicorn Container”.

Xul showed him the way back to the big door. He had again retraced his path to the entrance. His eyes shone bright. He was ready for going back again… He could never stop now. The quest had just begun. He had to journey from now on. Dive-in to the cenote of darkness or he thought “The Cenote of Divine Darkness”

December 02, 2022 12:19

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