Fantasy High School Teens & Young Adult

One night at cheerful beginning central high school. A football game and the cheer competition was about to start.In front of the crowd,the marching band and cheerleaders kept the energy high. A football stadium bathed in a full crowd and lights and two teams battling it out. A spirited cheerleader Emma moves on the sidelines and caught a eye of the football star named Eric.Emma soon realized she has feelings for Eric but was really nervous about asking him out.The reason why she was nervous to ask him is because there was a scholarship scout for a full paid college.Eric glanced over to Emma and realized her face was rosey red like she was blushing.One of Emma's friend named Ayla realized Emma's face was rosey red.Ayla said looks like someone has a crush on the football star.Emma told Ayla that she doesn't know what to do because she doesn't want to detract him for maybe getting a chance at a scholarship.Ayla told Emma this might be your only chance to let eric know of how your feel about him.Ayla also told Emma she should try to confess to Eric before midnight so she doesn't risk losing it all.One of Eric's friend named Casey overheard Emma and Ayla's conversation.Casey told Eric that Emma might have a crush on you and plans to ask you out.Eric told Casey that he always had a crush on her but was nervous to ask her out.The scholarship scout was going over the presentation with the parents in the gym during the game. He was going over how their kids could get a fully paid college scholarship.He also said they must be passing all of their classes and be on the honor roll.Emma's parents asked if they have to be involved with extracurricular activities like clubs and sports.He said yes they must be in club or doing a sport.He said I will be announcing the scholarships after the game around 10:30 to 11:00 tonight or a little earlier of the game gets done early.The presentation was over and the parents went back to the game and there school was winning.The cheer team was cheering loudly and so was the crowd.The couch had to find a replacement because Eric twisted his ankles.He replaced him with Jackson because he was the new guy on the team and he had to prove he is ready for a scholarship.Jackson left his other team because his couch treated him badly.Emma saw that Eric was limping on his right leg.So she went over to help him over to the bench.Emma told Eric that she thinks he is really handsome.Eric said Emma I think you are very beautiful.Emma said Eric I have always had feelings for you and what to ask you out a date.Eric leaned over to Emma and kissed her and said YES i would love to go on a date with you.Ayla and Casey looked at each other and said aww they will make a great couple.Casey told Ayla that they would make a great couple too.Ayla told Casey that she always had a crush on him.Casey said Ayla would you love to go a date with me and she said I would love to.Ayla said maybe we could go on a double date.Ayla told Emma she has excited news she is going on a date with casey.Emma told Ayla she is going a date with Eric.Ayla told Emma maybe we could go a double date together.Ayla and Emma went over by Casey and Eric and asked if they can go a double date and they both said yes of course pretties.The game was almost over and the scholarship scout was about to announce the news.The parents and their kids were getting really nervous about the scholarships.About 30 minutes the game was over and it was about 11:00.The coach told them to start heading into the gym for snacks and drinks and to hear about the scholarships. 20 minutes later they were getting settled down to hear the scholarships.The scholarship scout announced that the cheerleaders and the football players were getting a full scholarships.A couple days later the parents through a surprise party and a sleepover for their kids to congratulate them on the scholarships.The kids were really excited about the party and sleepover.There was a lot of junk food and having lots of fun.Their parents rented a big house for the sleepover for the weekend. They watched lots of movies,played board games,and read lots of books.Emma and Ayla were getting ready for their double date with Casey and Eric.Emma wore a long pink dress and Ayla were a long matching purple dress.For their double date they went olive garden and they ordered lasagna,cheesy ravioli and lots of garlic bread.

During their date they asked lots of questions to get to know each other and what are they plans are Into the future. After their date they went to the movies and took a long walk a the beach together.They went back to the house and went to bed since they were really tried from their double date.The next morning Emma and Ayla went downstairs to tell Eric and Casey that they are meant for each other and what to start dating each. Eric and Casey said I think so too and they all went off to college together and got a house together near college.4 years later they graduated college together and had a double wedding.Emma and ayla opened their own daycare and were cheer couches and Casey and Eric were both firefighters and football coaches.2 years later they both had a baby girls on the same day.They were really excited about bringing their baby girls home together and so was Casey and Eric.Ayla and Casey named their daughter Layla Marie.Emma and Eric named daughter Freya Their parents were so excited to be grandparents and couldn't wait to meet their granddaughters.1 day later they left the hospital and went home so their parents could meet their granddaughters.They lived happily ever after and had lots more kids.

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