Scarlett Vampire: Made for Revenge

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Special agent Scarlett Mason threw the case file on her desk in defeat and collapsed into her chair. She pulled the next case file in her stack. Opening the case file, she sighed, realizing this case will also be another dead end.

              It was getting harder and harder to hide her vampire side. She was getting by on the blood her best friend brought her from her job as a doctor. She had been wearing contacts to cover her red eyes and she had been using spray tan. Drinking blood allowed her to go into the sun without burning if she didn’t have any exposed wounds.  Everything else about being a vampire did not really cause too many problems.

              She had been choosing cases that she thought would lead her to a cure or at least to the man who had turned her into the blood sucking monster she was. Each case was leading her to another dead end.

              “I have a new case for you.” Scarlett’s boss walked in holding a thick case file. “There is a series of murders where all the victims are drained of their blood. It is close to where that unsolved case was from a few months ago.”

              “The vampire killer is back?” Scarlett asked surprised. “There hasn’t been a sighting since he attacked me.”

              “We aren’t sure it is him, but the killings have to many similarities to ignore. I was hoping to send you and Agent Eugene Collins to investigate.”

              “Are you sure about Agent Collins you know he believes this killer is a real vampire?” Scarlett did not want Eugene to find out that she was a vampire. “He could be a risk to this case.”

              “He has put in just as many hours as you on this case and you will be there to keep him in line.” That was the end of the discussion.


              By the end of the day Scarlett and Eugene was sitting in the police station of the small New England town. They sat in front of a board that was filled with what was known of the vampire killer, which was very little.

              “Where did you find the last victim?” Scarlett asked the detective that oversaw the case.

              “She was found in the park. We thought it was strange that the killer would leave the bodies in the park when he or she left them in more open places before.” The detective looked at the board. “Also, this body has bruising when the others weren’t.”

              “How are we sure this is the same killer and not a copycat?” Eugene said with skepticism.

              “The victim was found with bite marks and seemed to be sucked dry of her blood. Not to mention the steak through the heart which was never mentioned in the news.” Scarlett knew was the same person who had turned her.

              “Also, the cause of death is the same as the past victims.” The detective told Eugene.

              “It says here that there maybe a witness which you plan to question tomorrow.” Scarlett read the file. “Is there anything else to do tonight?”

              “No, I was planning to fill you in on the new information and then head home to try and sleep.”

              “I will head to the hotel after I look at the case files more.” Scarlett told the detective. “We can hit the road running in the morning then.”


              In her hotel room Scarlett laid in the bed unable to sleep. Being a vampire, she needed only three hours of sleep. She had already had her three hours of sleep, but it was still too early to go into the police station to work on the case.

              Scarlett got up and took a shower. Before she could get into the bathroom she was knocked to the ground. She used her vampire strength to push the corporate off her and threw him into the wall. In the darkness all she could see was two glowing red eyes.

              “Scarlett, is everything okay?” Eugene asked outside the door. “I thought I heard something.”

              The vampire trying to attack Scarlett charged her, tackling her to the ground before she could reply to Eugen. Without a reply, Eugene burst into Scarlett’s room. He amid his gun at the attacker, but he didn’t have a prefect shot.  

              “Put the gun up and grab the stakes from my bag!” Scarlett screamed to the horrified Eugene. “Also grab the bottle and gloves from the bag!”

              Hesitantly, Eugene did what Scarlett said. While he grabbed the items from the bag, Scarlett managed to overpower the vampire. She slipped on a pair of gloves and poured holy water onto the vampire in order to keep him from fighting back.

              “What is going on?” Eugene handed Scarlett the stakes.

              “Who are you?” Scarlett asked the vampire as she ignored Eugene. “Who sent you?”

              The red eyed vampire growled and spit at the special agents causing Scarlett to stab the vampire with a holy water-soaked stake.

              “You can’t do that!” Eugene yelled in horror.

              “Watch me.” Scarlett stabbed the vampire once more with the stake.

              “You want to find the man that turned you, but he doesn’t want to be found.” The vampire hissed. “I bet you want to find away to turn back.”

              “Get off me!” Eugene yelled as a female vampire grabbed him.

              “Have your little friend let go of my mate and then I will let you go.” The female vampire angerly growled.

              Scarlett removed the stake from the male vampire’s arm and allowed him to get up. “Let him go.”

              The female vampire let go of Eugene and pushed him towards Scarlett. The male and female vampire ran away.

              “Why did you let them go?” Eugene question Scarlett. “Who were they and what is going on?”

              “I let them go because I recognized that woman. She was the assistant to the local factory owner. I interviewed her last time I was town. I was suspicious, but I had no evidence.”  

              “Why did they attack you?”

              “Last time I was here the killer turned me into a vampire. He was interrupted before he could kill me. Now I want to find the killer and have him turn me back human and then kill him.”

“Wait you have seen the killer?

“It was dark and all I know is he was a man and he had a scar on his left hand.”

 “You have to tell someone about this.”

“I told you.” Scarlett placed the stakes and holy water back into the bag. “I think it is best to keep the vampire part secret. Most people won’t understand, and it will only slow down the investigation.”  

“I guess that makes sense, but it seems like something local law enforcement should be aware of.”

“I plan to handle this on my own without local law enforcement. This killer is a vampire so humans can’t handle capturing him.”


The police’s witness was not much of a real witness. She was a grey-haired old lady who complained about a man walking around the park, but the lady could not describe the man. This left the local law enforcement with no clues, but Scarlett had a lead.

She took her lunch break and went to visit the factory owner and his assistant. Sensing she was going to do something, Eugene followed Scarlett. He stopped her outside the factory right before she walked in. “Where do you think you are going?”

“I just plan to talk to him, vampire to vampire.” Scarlett pushed past Eugene. “I guess you can come if you are here.”

“I was sent here as your back up.” Eugene reminded her. “You need to let me know when you are going to do something like this.”

“You are human which means this isn’t safe for you.” Scarlett handed Eugene a bottle of holy water. “This will help keep you safe.”

“Hello.” The vampire lady appeared in front of them. “Do you have an appointment with Mr. Anderson?”

Scarlett flashed her FBI badge. “I think this means I have an appointment.”

“He has been expecting you Scarlett.” The vampire woman gave a sly smile. “Only you.”

“Wait here.” Scarlett told Eugene as she walked through the door. “I will be right back and remember what I gave you.”

The big doors slammed behind Scarlett, leaving her alone with Miles Anderson. He was sitting in his big chair behind his wooden desk. He was wearing white gloves. “I have been waiting for you Scarlett.”

“So, I’ve heard.” Scarlett walked closer to Miles Anderson until only the desk stood between them. “I want to see your left hand.”

Miles removed the glove on his hand to show a scar that looked like it was caused by a vampire bite. “How long have you known it was me?”

“I was pretty sure it was you from the start, but when your assistant stopped by to see me, I knew for a fact it was you.”

“Let me guess, you want me to change you back?”

“That’s why you are still alive.”

“There is no way to turn you back human. Why do you think I kill those who I feast on? It’s either kill them or have them turn vampire.”

“How many vampires have you created?” Scarlett was thinking about the news she just received.

“I lost count over the years. Does it matter, you won’t be able to stop them all.” Miles stood from his chair.

Quickly Scarlett pulled out a bottle of holy water and splashed it into Miles face.  With Miles burnt and, in a daze, she pulled out a stake and put it through Mile’s heart. As he laid dying, Scarlett opened the blinds allowing the sunlight to speed Mile’s death.

“I will kill all your monsters, but too bad you won’t be able to see.”

January 18, 2020 03:46

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