Hands tied behind my back, and bounded by a thick brown rope. There was a long, silver, chain around my neck that was secured in the cold, grey, cement. I couldn’t move without the chain hurting my neck. My mouth was shut with duct tape, I tried to scream and yell, nothing but muffled noise came out of my mouth. Finally, she came out of the jet-black, ghastly room, pointing and looking at me with her dark brown, piercing eyes and said, “You thought he was dead but, there he is, right in front of you on the street, smiling at you.”  

On a hot summer day, Jason started getting ready to go to the grocery store for his lovely wife. Jason put on one of his green comfortable shirts and a pair of khaki shorts, with white socks that go just above his ankles, and he paired his outfit with his favorite black sneakers. He grabbed his keys off of the key ring and kissed his wife on her forehead.  

“I’ll be back in fifteen minutes with everything you have on the list, my love.” “Okay sounds good baby, and I’ll start to cook dinner for tonight,” I replied, as he walked out of the door.  

He nodded with a smile and he kissed my forehead again. Jason decided to take his Harley Davidson motorcycle. He snapped on his helmet, reversed out the driveway, and then made a left at the stop sign. I could no longer see him. I came back inside and laid on the couch and closed my eyes for what merely seemed like five minutes, but in fact ended up being twenty minutes. I woke up in a panic state, knowing that I did not want to finish my deranged, spine-chilling, dream. I briskly got my phone out and called my husband in a quivery voice and asked him, “Baby, are you okay?? I just had a nightmare of you getting into a motorcycle accident!!!!” Jason replied calmly, “Babe, I’m right outside the window, I’m home!” I peeped out the window and sure enough, as I was thinking that my husband was hurt somewhere on the road, there he was standing right outside our window. I thought he was dead, but there he was, right in front of me on the street, smiling at me. I was completely calm after I saw his bright smile that I fell in love with.  

He opens the screen door puts the groceries down and hugs and kisses me. “Baby, you had another nightmare during the day.”  

“I know, I don’t know what to do. I can’t sleep during the night because of them, now I can’t even take a decent nap without a nightmare!!!!”, I exclaimed!  

“I think you should definitely look into getting your prescription filled for your insomnia medication.” Jason replied. I looked up at him as I was still hugging him and agreed. “What’s for dinner babe? I’m so hungry!”  

“Oh, tonight I’m making us shrimp tacos with all the fixings!!” I replied enthusiastically. Jason’s eyes lit up as he put away the groceries.  

“Thank you for going to the store for me baby!”  

“No problem my love.” “I think I will have a beer before dinner,” as Jason grasp a beer out the fridge. “Okay no problem.” I replied.  

I start to devein thawed shrimp which is a thirty-four-count bag. Then I proceed to season and cook them in my pan.  

“Oh my gosh, it smells so good already!” Jason says excitedly. “I haven’t even finished yet!” as I replied and laughed along the way.  

After six minutes, I finished cooking the shrimp. Then put out all the fixings, there was: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and of course soft tacos!! We ate, enjoyed our dinner. Jason thanked me profusely for the wonderful meal.  

I said, “Babe, I love cooking for you because you honestly, always, love my meals.” “I put so much love into our dinners!” “And if you don’t like one meal, you will let me know!” “That is the truth my dear!” Jason replied. “I will do the dishes for you babe, don’t worry about them.” “Thank you very much!” I replied as I brought our plates into the sink.  

After we finished dinner, and the dishes were washed and put away, we both sat down on the couch and turned on the T.V. We both agreed on watching more of a jovial show because of my nightmare earlier.  

I cuddled up so close to my husband and he started running his fingers through my hair. He whispered in my ear, “I love you so much.”  

I looked into his beautiful brown eyes and I replied, “I love you so much too.” I said, “Babe, do you know how long we have waited for a night like this? To where we can live with each other and I can finally cook for you? And were we can lay in bed and cuddle? Or just simply watch a show together??”  

My husband replied, “My love, I know, we have waited a year and a half for priceless moments like these!!” “I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with you my sweet baby girl.” “All these trials and tribulations were so worth the wait for this moment right here.”  

I looked at him again and smiled and kissed him on his soft lips as he continued to run his fingers through my hair. We both took a moment to breath, then kissed each other’s lips again. Then, I pulled away and said to him in a soft tone, “I can’t with you babe,” “I am so incredibly happy with you.”  

Jason replied, “I am SO happy being with you too my darling.” We continued to view the T.V. show which was Family Matters. We laughed together and just continued to hold each.  

I looked up at him with a soft tone in my eyes and said, “Babe, I would love to try to sleep on the couch next to you.” He replied, “I will be right next to you holding you, caressing your hair, you just concentrate on sleeping my love.” I fell asleep in my husband's strong, toned arms. I knew I will always be safe with my husband, forever by my side. That was one of the best sleeps we have had when we both woke up the next morning.  

July 31, 2020 02:57

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