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Layne Starr was a brilliant scientist who had always been fascinated with the mysteries of the universe. He had dedicated his entire life to understanding the fundamental nature of matter and energy, and he had made many breakthroughs in his field. Currently, he was working on a groundbreaking experiment involving Schrodinger's cat, which would test the limits of superposition in physics.

One day, as he was walking down the street lost in thought, he suddenly saw a familiar figure standing a few meters away from him. It was another version of himself, from an alternate reality. Layne couldn't believe his eyes, he thought he was hallucinating, but the other version of him looked as real as he did.

Before he could say anything, the other Layne spoke up, his voice urgent and grave. "Don't enter the box, Layne," he said. "Whatever you do, don't enter the box." Layne was confused, he didn't know what the other version of himself was talking about, but before he could ask any questions, the other Layne suddenly vanished into thin air.

Layne couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened. He tried to brush it off, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. He decided to go to his laboratory and continue his experiment. He had almost forgotten about the warning when suddenly he saw his cat about to enter the machine. A box connected to a particle collider.

Layne panicked, he ran to save the cat, but in the chaos, he accidentally stepped into the "box" himself. The particle collider started, and Layne's superposition of particles began to disassemble in real time. He was everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Layne's consciousness seemed to be everywhere at once, but he couldn't control anything. He couldn't interact with the world or move his body. He was trapped in a state of limbo, where he existed but didn't exist at the same time.

Layne was disoriented and confused. He couldn't see anything, feel anything or hear anything. He was like a ghost, floating in space. He didn't know what was happening to him, but he felt like he was losing his mind.

At first, Layne thought that he was having a terrible nightmare, but the sensation of being everywhere and nowhere at the same time was too real to ignore. It was like he was existing in multiple places at once, but at the same time, he wasn't existing at all.

He couldn't feel his body, and he couldn't control his movements. It was like he was a spectator, watching his own life unfold from a distance. The feeling was disorienting and unsettling.

As time passed, Layne realized that he was trapped in a state of limbo. He was between worlds, unable to fully exist in any of them. He felt like a glitch in the fabric of reality, and he didn't know how to escape his own predicament.

The longer he stayed in this state, the more he began to feel like he was losing himself. He felt like he was slowly fading away, like a ghost that had lost its connection to the living world. He feared that he would be stuck in this state forever, never able to return to his own reality.

Despite feeling like he was losing himself, Layne refused to give up. He knew that he had to find a way out of his current predicament. As he floated aimlessly in the void, he started to meditate and focus on his breathing. Slowly but surely, he began to regain some semblance of control over his own mind.

Through sheer willpower and determination, Layne was able to sharpen his focus and gain a sense of clarity. He realized that he needed to remain calm and collected if he was to have any chance of escaping his current predicament.

With his newfound sense of control, Layne began to experiment with his surroundings. He tried to manipulate the fabric of reality around him, but it proved to be a difficult task. He found that he could only manipulate his own thoughts and emotions, and even that was a challenge.

Despite the difficulties, Layne persevered. He continued to focus on his breathing and his mental state, and slowly but surely, he gained more control over himself. With each passing day, he felt like he was becoming stronger, more in tune with his surroundings.

After what felt like an eternity, Layne somehow found himself in another universe, a parallel dimension. He was determined not to let his fate repeat itself, and he desperately sought out another version of himself. He didn't know how he had gotten there, but he was relieved to be out of his own personal nightmare. With his newfound control over his own mind and emotions, he was able to navigate this new world with ease.

When he found the other version of himself, Layne said the following: "Don't enter the box, Layne," he said. "Whatever you do, don't enter the bo." At that moment, the horror came upon Layne. Layne was stunned. The figure that had appeared before him, had said the exact same words as the other version of himself that had appeared before he had entered the box. 

It was a chilling realization. Layne now understood that he wasn't the only version of himself that had experienced this nightmare. It was happening over and over again in different realities. The other Layne reacted the same way that he had done.

After he spoke, he disappeared into the ether back to where he was before. Layne continued to be stupified. How couldn't stop wondering how many tens, hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of times he had tried this. The horror of the possibility of how futile this might be almost destroyed his psyche. 

But before falling into the infinite void of despair, he remembered that according to the theories of physics, there might be other versions of himself that would act differently. So he promise himself that he would save himself. 

"I will find myself, and physics is a fickle mistress. So maybe, just maybe, things won't remain the same".

Hope is the last thing you must never lose. 

May 02, 2023 05:49

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Sarah Saleem
12:31 May 12, 2023

The atmosphere of suspense is great in the story!


Emanuel Diaz
02:54 May 13, 2023

Thank you.


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Kajsa Ohman
18:38 May 08, 2023

Scary! 'He was everywhere and nowhere at the same time.' I think I took this drug, once, lol. And if I ever do again, I will remember about hope--as I did then.


Emanuel Diaz
19:48 May 08, 2023

Glad you found some sense of compelling familiarity with the story.


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Mary Bendickson
16:21 May 02, 2023

This fits the endless cycle prompt from a few weeks back. Hope he finds a way to get released soon. Key must be controlling his own mind.


Emanuel Diaz
00:24 May 03, 2023

I write what comes to my mind at the moment. The prompt this week was the jolt.


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