Mars's ground turned into a lake

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 Mars’s ground turned into a lake

“The Mars is an ideal replacement for Earth. Humans need to be a multi planet species. We have chosen the best and most skilled for this revolutionary mission. The team will include of Sarah Johnson, Emma Potter, Bill Butter, Tom Gate and Mary Love. This mission will pave the way for one of the greatest humankind’s revolutions. The mission, certainly, will be a difficult job. But there is nothing impossible. Humans once believed that they cannot fly and now we have planes, spaceships to travel anywhere we want, even this mission. Mars have ideal conditions to be transformed into the second Earth. Now, ladies and gentlemen, look out of the window, look to the spaceship ready to head into the future, look to our brave, daring warriors and wish them best luck.”, said Bruno Watson

Outside the window, the rocket is pulling out huge mass of air, its sound was so loud that the people behind the window, inside the hall could here it clearly. In minutes, the rocket slowly arose from the ground, speeding up and went high up in the sky. The people glued their eyes to the rocket until it disappeared in the clear, infinite, blue sky.

The spaceship finally went out of the Earth, into the blank, dark space. It continued to move toward the big, red star which was hoped to become a second home of humans.

A long time later, five people of the first spaceship to reach Mars in this mission. They found themselves amid of the pinkish, red sky. They slowly depart to the ground.

“So we finally arrive”, said Sarah as she was first to step out of the spaceship. She looked down to her feet, staring at the ground. Sarah developed the habit of looking down to the ground whenever she arrived at a new place. Now, though the helmet of the space suit made it quite uncomfortable to look down, she loved seeing the orange soil and sand under her feet. A feeling of excitement ran through all her vein as she imagined people living on Mars one day.

“Make a lake on Mars. Uh, this mission gonna be extremely tough and boring too.”, complained Emma.

“Hey, don’t be like that. Focus on what you need to do.” , Mary said to Emma.

“Oh, you should know it is a joke. No one take a joke serious. You should learn how to joke, really.” Emma complained again.

“Stop, stop, enough. Why two of you always complained about each other. You two are like fire and ice.”, said Tom.

“Okay, okay. Let get to the mission. First , we need to present to the people at the station first.”, Bill ordered.

The station was just miles away from where they were standing. It consists of about ten houses with arches on each of them with the biggest lying in the middle.

Not long after, the reached the biggest house, which was also the main house. It’s main, large door was made of steel which was decorated with patterns of branches and flowers and little girls dancing. 

Bill Butter approached, the door. There was a small, black keyboard on the left corner of the door, placed at almost the same height from the ground as Bill’s height. Bill typed on the keyboard his team code,  “N9473NJSH8487”. Suddenly, a hole in front of the door appeared, displaying a flat, crystal clear screen. A voice arose in the middle of silence telling them to place their identity cards on the screen. Sequentially, Bill, Mary, Sarah, Tom, Emma stepped up and placed their card on the screen. After all five cards were scanned, the door finally happened. Appeared before their eyes was a white tunnel, the instruction voice told them to come within. They walked through the tunnel for some minutes until another door opened and a man with blue eyes, blonde hair appeared in front of them. It seem like he had waited there for some time. He greeted with a happy, loud voice:

“Welcome, welcome, my friends. Your rooms were all ready. I hoped all of you enjoyed the day before we started the mission”

The team split and each headed to their room. All of them were tired and they wanted to spend some time alone. From their room, the could saw the skyline of Mars from their windows. They knew it was night when the sky turned dark and purple. They need to go to sleep to be ready for tomorrow mission.

They woke up when the alarm rang with the sound of the breeze and the strong aroma of roses and violets. All of them quickly changed their suits and head to the control room where they will started their mission.

“Good morning”, Sarah said to everybody in the control room with a smiling on her bright face.

“Wow”, all of the five people were surprised. Although this was not the first time they worked in the control room, they always admired its huge spaces, its intelligent machines and the cool air in it.

“To our position, team. Time for some robots”, Bill ordered in excitement.

As they got to their seat to control the robots that will conduct the mission of creating a lake. Excitement ran through their vein. Mary and Sarah would be controlling two huge robots with huge massive drills on them. Bill and Tom took control of the robots which would pour water on to the ground after Mary and Sarah’s had drilled it. And Emma, her robot would dried the ground so it won’t suckall the water when water were poured into it.

The mission started with the loud sound of the drills. It sound was so loud that although the team were observing and operating the mission in a control room which was hundreds of miles away from them. Through their screen, they saw the orange and gray dust blowing up as the drill went deeper and deeper into the ground. The orange and gray dust became a huge cloud surrounding the area that in some time, block all the team’s sight of the mission. Their heart beat faster than normal as they listened to the drilling sound. As their view was blocked by the dust, they only knew that the drilling process had been done when the machine announced that they had reached the required depth. In a moment, Tom and Bill relieved with a short breath as their job in the mission was completed. They continued to observed the mission as Mary and Sarah’s robots poured water into the empty lake that they had created. The water ran down from the robot strong and quick like the water stream of the fountain. As the water fell down with its powerful strength, it erased the surrounding dust and the view were clear again. The water slowly filled the empty lake which had been dried by Emma robot earlier.

About an hour later, the massive area which had been empty before was now filled with the clear, orange water. All five people quickly ran out of the control room, put on their spacesuit. They tried to move as quick as they can to the lake. They stood before it, with admiration in their eyes. In their mind, they were dreaming, hoping about a revolutionary.

May 28, 2020 14:49

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