“Man, this is gonna be the best friend weekend ever!” Aaron yelled as he lugged his bags into the tiny cottage they were spending their weekend in.

“Yeah, a spectacular weekend in this tiny house with no air conditioning. Whoop-de-freakin-do!” Sinivia snarked and picked up her bags.

    “Come on, Sin. This weekend will be fun. Plus, there is a super cool pool in the back, look on the bright side.” Freya picked up Sinivia’s other bag.

    “Whatever, we will see. YO MIKEY! HURRY UP SLOWPOKE!” Mikey ran out the car with his bag over his shoulder.

    “Shut up, Sin. You don't have as many makeup bags as I do, but in this case you’d need more.” he snarked, winked, and walked off.

    “You just got owned, Sin. Now hurry up, I’m so hungry, when’s din-” Freya's mouth fell as she walked into the house.  It was so elegant, and very white. Surprisingly it was very reasonably priced. 

    “If any of you spill the red wine I brought on this rug, you're buying a new one. I’m saving up for a mini fridge.” 

    “God, Aaron be serious for a minute. But seriously, how was this cabin only $250 for 5 people? Are we sure nobody was murdered here?” Sinvia said.

    “Who even cares? This place is an Instagram livestream waiting to happen! Oh my gosh, I’ll get my camera!” Mikey ran off.

    “Well, there are 4 sets of  bunk beds and a pullout. I’m gonna make my bed and then take a dive and that amazing pool!” Freya took off her clothes and took a dive.

    “You're not even in your bathing suit, you're just in your underwear!” said Sinvia. Freya shrugged it off. They are all weirdly comfortable with each other. 

    Later on things started getting very peculiar. There was a knock at the door, though nobody heard it. Sinivia, Aaron, and Freya were in the pool while Mikey was live streaming on Instagram. The knocking evolved into doorbell ringing. 

    “Ugh, one second Mikey-nators, someones at the door” Mikey rushed over to the door and slowly opened it.

    “Hello?” Mikey answered the door. There stood a man, mid 50’s? He had glasses and a suit. His hair was black with gray spots. 

    “Hello. My name is Kristopher, I’ve got a noise complaint from your neighbors down the street. They said your friends have been making snarky innuendos about, the house” The man had a smile on his face. 

    “What the hell are you talking about? This place is amazing.” Mikey looked out the doorway and realized there are no other houses around the area. “Is this some kind of damn joke? Get the hell out of here.” 

    “As you wish.” He grabbed Mikey's phone and threw it across the room, it broke, but not entirely.

    “Hey you owe me a new phone! What the hell are you-!” before Mikey could finish that sentence he screamed, then he and the man were gone. His friends jumped out of the pool and ran inside.

    “Mikey! MIKEY! Where are you? We heard a scream!” the door was wide open, Freya ran over to close it, there was a splash of red on the doorway white rug. 

    “Great, that idiot spilled red wine on the rug. MIKEY YOU'RE SUPER FREAKING DRUNK, COME OUT NOW!” Aaron yelled, he scanned the room, then the door flew open.

“JESUS! Ugh, oh my god, Mikey get out here now so I can literally skin you alive.” Sinivia snarled and snarked her way to the door and opened it, she looked out the doorway.

“Where the hell is that imbecile-?” Something threw Sinivia back and she hit her head, and passed out.

“Oh my god oh my god. WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON!” all of the sudden Mikey showed up, holding his hands into the ground, his fingers digging in, he was covered in blood and his makeup was smudged. Wind rapidly appeared and Freya let out a blood curdling scream. 

“Help” the wind blew him off into oblivion. They had no idea where he was going to or what was happening, but they knew he was dead.

“MIKEY! MIKEY! WHAT THE- MIKEY HE’S-!” Aaron wrapped his arms around Freya as they’re breath grew faster and bigger.

“What is happening right now… “ said Sinvia as she slowly opened her eyes “Mikey… whatever you did with the wind there is freaking amazing. Like witch level,”

“Oh my god, Sin, that wasn’t Mikey, he’s gone.” Freya wiped tears from her face as Aaron held his arm around her.

“What the hell do you mean gone? Was that not a prank?” Sinivia held her head as she slowly got up. 

“No bro, this is actually happening. This is literally straight out of a freaking horror movie. Let’s just get the hell out and call the freaking Ghostbusters.” Aaron let out a light chuckle as tears fell down his face. “Sorry I shouldn’t crack jokes.”

“What do we do? Mikey’s gone. Do we call his parents?” Freya shook her head and curled up into a ball.

“We get the hell out of here and leave this freaking place behind.” Sinivia said. “We should set it on fire.” She picked up a bottle of bourbon.

“Put down the bourbon bottle and pack. We are leaving. Call Mikey’s parents Sinivia.” she patted her shoulder as she nodded. She ran over to the phone.

“Holy- the phone won’t work. It says no service.” She banged it a couple times and it still wouldn’t work. 

“Oh my god our bags are gone, I’m freaking out!” yelled Freya. She searched the room and still nothing.  

“It’s freaking poltergeist! I’m telling you! We are all going to freaking die!” Aaron started pacing. The door flew open and there stood Kristopher. 

“Mikey is better now. Surrounded by my other victims. This cottage is not for sale. So get out, or I’ll make you myself. His eyes turned bright red.

“Okay y-yes we will leave” Sinivia said.

“Oh I’m sorry, request denied” he pulled Sinivia out, her arm held onto the doorway as she said her final words “I guess I’m next” he pulled her into oblivion.

“NO!” Freya rushed to the door before it was slammed in her face “NO! YOU CANT BE GONE! NOT YOU TOO SIN!” She ran over to her couch and curled up into a ball, mourning 2 of her friends in under 5 minutes.

“Don’t worry, Freya. We are going to get out of here” Aaron held her hand tightly as they stared at each other deeply.

“That’s the thing. We were supposed to spend this weekend with our friends before we all went to college. Now Sinivia and Mikey are dead. It’s just us. I’m in shock. I am trying to stay strong but this weekend was a mistake.” Freya started sobbing as Aaron and her hugged each other tightly as they both cried into each other's shoulders. They both ended up falling asleep. 

The next morning the both woke up, neither of them had eaten since yesterday on the plane. They had an overbearing fear of being poisoned. In fact, they were so paranoid that they refused to sit on the couch or beds because they had a fear of being sucked into them. They were so afraid of death, and what happened last night, they are acting like schizophrenics. 

“Let’s go home now. We don’t have any luggage or money so we should just hot wire a car?” Freya shrugged her shoulders as Aaron said this.

“This is what we’ve become overnight. Broke, friendless.” Freya stopped talking. Aaron looked confused.

“Friendless? What are you talking about?” Freya took his hand.

“We can’t tell anybody about this, about Sinivia and Mikey. We make up a story.” Freya released her hand.

“What do you mean, like a cover up?” Aaron started thinking about possible cover stories. “What do you have in mind?” 

“We will say that they went out for firewood and never returned, or that they drowned in the lake, I don’t know! All I know is that nobody can ever find out about what actually happened, with that man, or the wind or any of it! More people will just die.” Freya released her hand from him and tugged his shoulder. 

“Let’s go now, we have a long way to go before finding the main road.” Aaron was speechless. Freya was right, they were different people, stealing, lying. Before they could get out the door, Kristopher reappeared.

“Jumping ship are we? After that amazing speech about your differences? Truly a shame. You guys are truly horrible” Freya’s heart rate started to go up. The wind reappeared. The wind was loud, like a thunder and lightning storm.

“Is this what you want!? You want to make us seem bad? Like terrible people? Well guess what! Mikey and Sinivia were not, but you killed them anyway.” Freya wiped tears.

“I didn’t kill them because they were bad, I killed them because they were in my home. Just like you and Aaron. They were also bad. They kept secrets. Like Mikey.”

“What’s Mikey's ‘deep and devouring’ secret then? Please, enlighten us.” Freya's hand turned into a fist

“Mikey was an orphan. He’d never met his parents. His parents weren’t actually rich, as he told you. That’s why you never met them. The money he earned was from selling drugs.” Aarons jaw dropped.  He was starstruck.

“That-that actually makes so much sense. His parents were never around, and he didn’t have a job.” Aaron started shaking his head. “And, Sinivia?” 

“She was dating someone that Freya cares deeply about, who also happens to be double Sinvias age. Freya’s rich dad.” Freya’s mouth dropped.

“How the hell do you even know this… my dad loves my mother.” Kristopher started cackling.

“Oh darling, he hates your mother. Their marriage is practically shattering. Goodness your parents tell you nothing. Sorry Sinivia told them your secret. Oh, yes I know this because I have been watching you ever since you even first thought about this place, MY place. So, the only one of you without secrets, is Aaron. ” He began to laugh again. “So, Freya, your mine now.” The wind began to suck her in, and she grabbed Aarons hand, so tightly.

“Freya!” Aaron said as he held her hand.

“Aaron!” Freya started crying. “I love you” she let go.

“NO!” Aaron began to cry. Kristopher smiled with a devilish grin.

“That was her secret.” Kristopher disappeared into thin air.

After that, Aaron got a car, and returned home. He told the police everything. He realized that it was mostly a hallucination. Before we got there, Kristopher drugged the pool water, Mikey put his feet in before live streaming, Aaron, Sinivia, and Freya went it so it was harder on them. Kristopher did kill them all though. Their bodies were found behind the cottage. Kristopher had been watching all of them though. All those secrets were real. Even Freya’s. Aaron had also loved her, but he never got closure, so after this his bright personality went away. He turned to drugs and eventually overdosed. Mikey's live stream never ended by the way. The live stream still went on and his fans saw everything. After this, donations and fundraisers were raised by his fans for Freya, Mikey, and Sinivias’ funerals. Also about the dangers of drugs. Not all stories have happy endings, but they can spread an important message throughout. 

August 04, 2020 15:50

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Eve Naden
19:20 Aug 13, 2020

Hi there, Wonderful story. I love the dialogue and your character of Sin. Brilliantly written.


Jorja Orne
22:53 Aug 14, 2020

Thank you so much :)


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