Mother nature's attic of Fall

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Crime Indigenous Mystery

'Mamma, is the Maple tree diseased ?'asked Max to his mother

'No, my boy , but why do you ask so?' replied Mrs Downs , mother of Max.

'But mom , its losing its leaves and the leaves are turning golden' said Max

Mrs Downs replied - " Its just because the Fall arrived "

"Mom , what do you mean by Fall ?" Curiously Asked Max.

Mrs Downs satirically explained " Its the time when nature hides its beauty in Mother Nature's attic and turns bare"

'Does mother nature have an Attic too ?' Rini asked , who is Max's sister .

'Yes! And it is filled with creative treasure.' Replied Mrs Downs

' What do you mean by Creative treasure?' asked Max.

' It comprises of things that makes the world creative' replied Jenny, Mrs Down's sister.

' How can we make the world creative ?' asked Rini

' You surely can make the world creative in a number of ways . One such way is decoration. The decoration of a soul is its key aspect to get transformed into a beauty. I would myself suggest you people to go on a Treasure Hunt so that you can find the nature's secret Attic and decorate our house in the evening's Fall party." Replied Jenny

" This sounds so fascinating. We are ready to go right now!" Screamed Rini and Max together. The children never had such and forest expedition before in life . They were really very excited to get introduced to mother nature and its aspects.

So the children packed up their stuff in there backpacks and made their way of to the Mapel Jungle in order to find the nature's secret attic. They took a pair of strong boots , an umbrella and a little bag with them . Moreover they wrote all the possible destinations to where they could find the nature's attic .But as soon as they stepped out of the house it started raining heavily. Nevertheless children were glad as the mother and aunt advised them to take an umbrella so that they could cover themselves from the heavy rainfall that went on outside.

After after search of 3 hours and 45 minutes, the children got tired and decided to snack on something . Unfortunately their Lunch was totally wet due to the rainfall they experienced on the way . Now they were extremely hungry and were in search of food. Suddenly Max stumbled onto a dense Bush and stuck into a sticky latex. Thereafter Rini discovered that it was a Blueberry Bush and all the children were happy as they found something to eat . After having a couple of blueberries they continued their search. After sometime the children realised that they need a break and they decided to sit down and think about the exact location where the attic could be located. They also had much fun while staring at the Goose and kingfishers drinking water from the lake . They understood that the Jungle was the exact location which contained all the measures for their entertainment . The also praised the fact that the golden light of the dry leaves constantly highlighted the beauty of nature. Max suggested that mother nature might have taken a million years to form such kind of beauty .After half an hour, they understood that there was no such Attic in the Jungle and they were fooled by their elders. They even had Tears in their eyes after experiencing such a betrayal from their dear mother and aunt .Disappointed with this joke they decided to return to their home and complain to their elders. Suddenly a strong Breeze scattered dried ,golden maple leaves onto the children. First the children were irritated as their clothes got dirty but later they realised that the nature want to convey a message to them that the most manial things on the world are the steps to creativity . Both Rini and max chalked out an interesting plan . They hurriedly returned to their home and gathered in their room . They collected construction paper and traced out the varrying shaped maple leaves to make a beautiful impression . They decorated the corners of the paper with the help of dried twigs which they collected while returning to the home.Then they used some glitter and colours and turned the dried leaves into a sparkling party banner . The view of the banners was so mesmerizing that it seemed, it was taken from the Pulp of the nature's attic. In the evening , during the party , all the guests praised them of their hardwork and creativity . Mrs Downs and Jenny were also very proud of their children as they little hands constructed such an important aspect of the world .At the end of the day the children realised every part of the nature was beautiful and contributed in turning the world creative. The entire world is decorated by the stuff inside the nature's attic. The children thanked Mrs Downs and Jenny to pass such a vital information to them. Children now understand that the the nature's Attic was the one who turn the world into such a beautiful site but the cruel human, just to fulfill his own demand ,was destroying this beauty. The next day onwards thau took an oath to protect the nature's Attic and began creating banners with the help of of leaves and twigs to create awareness about the need of conserving the nature. After few years of their activity, many other children also joined their troop and got interested in saving the future of nature. After 18 years of their hard work they managed to save quite a number of Maple forest and theu was successful in saving the nature's attic. The government also has decided to award Max and Rainy for such a wonderful intiative . The most important part of their activity was the title of their troop . The tittle was none other that - " In search of Nature's attic".

Later on this famous troop reached its greatest height and succeeded in turning the world a place filled with the glorious nature Every year during the autumnal fall season we celebrate in the name of this troops by reusing and recycling the nature's produce and turning them into a really wonderful banners.

October 13, 2020 16:02

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Wendolyn Walker
17:48 Oct 22, 2020

The premise for the story was a good one. However, a few questions popped into my head while reading. What is the age of your target audience? What is the age of the children in the story? Depending on the age of the children in the story, their dialogue may not be believable. There was an inaccurate fact in the story. Along with a lot of punctuation mistakes, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and a redundancy error. There was an obvious need to proofread.


Chivera Benjamin
10:15 Dec 23, 2020

Thanks Wendolyn for passing the comment . I would like to clear ur queries . Firstly this whole lot is a fictional story and the age grup of children were between 4 to 6 years . Well I would try to rectify my errors in my upcoming submission and will do the needful in the story . Thank you once again


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