Mystery Suspense Funny

Candles lit 

Rosaire: Romain! Where are you?

And cake is done 

Romain: I don’t know, I can’t see. 

Part’s over

Rosaire: Just keep saying my name, I’ll find you. 

Now the fun is left to rot 

Romain: I think something fell, I’m not sure. 

The glass is shattered 

Rosaire: Are you okay?

On the sofa 

Rosaire: Are you okay? I need to know you can hear me. 

Folks are battered 

Rosaire: Romain, please, can you hear me? 

Worn from dancing 

Romain: Yes, I’m sorry, I think I- 

Blind of lights 

Rosaire: You what? What is it? 

Done with the music 

Romain: There’s some glass, I mean, glass in my hands.

And brushed with fights 

Rosaire: Oh, hang on, I’m trying, I know you don’t like blood. Hold on. 

The mirrors are messy 

Romain: It’s okay, I can’t see, I just feel it there. 

The bathrooms all wet 

Rosaire: Keep talking, I’m walking to you, I have light. 

I’ve seen it all 

Romain: It was great seeing you tonight, you know. 

But there’s nothing yet 

Rosaire: Before everything went terribly, you mean?

That paints the room 

Romain: No, even now. I missed you. 

To a shade of crime 

Rosaire: Oh. Well, yeah, I missed you too. 

What happens next 

Romain: Sorry if that wasn’t on topic. You just said to keep talking- 

Well only time 

Rosaire: That’s fine, no, you’re fine. You could talk about fish for all I care.

Can tell for certain 

Romain: I don’t even like fish. 

I think for now 

Rosaire: I know, I’m kidding. Oh hey, am I getting closer?

I’ll pull this curtain 

Rosaire: Can you still hear me? 

Closed and pick up 

Romain: Um, yeah, I can hear your footsteps, actually. 

The myriad of clothes 

Rosaire: Good, good! I’m still walking. 

I don’t know where they came from, 

Romain: Be careful, there’s still glass. 

No, only that those 

Rosaire: I’m wearing shoes, it’s okay. 

Aren’t my socks 

Romain: I can hear you now, you’re really nearby, can you see me? 

And that’s not my shirt 

Rosaire: No? I’m still looking though, don’t worry. 

I reached for the stars 

Romain: Haha, no, what is there to worry about? 

To land in the dirt

Rosaire: Between the earthquake and the police, I don’t know where to start. 

Why am I picking up 

Romain: Don’t forget the bar fight. There was also a bar fight. 

The things they discarded 

Rosaire: Oh yeah, and there was the matter of- 

I’m not their mother 

Romain: Yeah, we can’t forget that. Would be quite ironic.

Why am I downhearted 

Rosaire: More like iconic. I’d love to forget. 

Over something 

Rosaire: Sorry, I didn’t mean anything by that. 

That was never really mind 

Romain: No, I know you didn’t. It’s fine. I should forget too. 

Is the view worth 

Rosaire: It’s okay if you don’t want to? I wouldn’t but-

The pain of the climb 

Romain: I know. Boyfriend. 

The weather is bad 

Romain: Hey? 

And my face is now breaking 

Romain: Rosaire? Still there? 

Out in a rash 

Rosaire: Yeah. I’m here. 

That comes from not shaking 

Romain: Don’t get so quiet, then, I need you. 

A night’s worth of crying 

Rosaire: Ah, you don’t need me past tonight, though. 

And not being heard 

Romain: You don’t know what I need. 

A box with no corner 

Rosaire: … 

A book with no words 

Romain: … 

What did I think 

Rosaire: Ouch, what was that? 

Would happen if I 

Romain: Loud, you’re really loud. 

Stopped being me 

Romain: What’s by you? Some kind of pile or rubble? 

And just for a size 

Rosaire: Romain. Listen to me, please. 

Tried something else 

Romain: Okay, I’m listening? 

Someone that looked

Rosaire: There’s just a wall. 

And sounded the same 

Romain: What do you mean? 

But someone who knew 

Romain: What do you mean, there’s just a wall? 

Life’s only a game

Rosaire: It’s just, I hear your voice but there’s nowhere you could be except-

This party broke vases 

Romain: I can’t be in the wall, Rosaire. That’s ridiculous. 

That window 

Rosaire: That’s why I wanted you to just listen to me. Wait. 

My heart 

Rosaire: You have to be kidding me. 

It broke all the walls 

Romain: What now? Am I a ghost? Are you a ghost? 

And I cannot start 

Rosaire: Sure, Romain, you’re a ghost. Let me get the pottery wheel. 

To explain to my parents 

Romain: You’re the only person who would be quoting a movie right now. 

All that I did 

Rosaire: I’m not quoting, I’m referencing. 

The plans that I made 

Romain: Okay, okay, referencing. Can you just explain? 

The secrets I hid 

Rosaire: You’re in the wall. I don’t know how. 

I thought they kept 

Romain: Can I get out of the wall, then? 

A life from me 

Rosaire: I don’t think so. 

To this old cage 

Romain: Why not? 

They had the key 

Rosaire: Maybe it’s best you stay there. 

I thought they locked

Romain: What? Rosaire, what? 

Me for their own good 

Romain: You can’t leave me here! 

But I should have listened

Rosaire: But I can, can’t I? 

Like they thought I would 

Romain: But you wouldn’t, would you? 

But now I’m here

Rosaire: But I am, aren’t I? 

And the house is all trashed 

Romain: No- 

I held the whips and 

Romain: Please don’t- 

Still ended up lashed 

Romain: I’ll bang on these walls till someone hears me!

I’m sitting 

Romain: I’ll scream! 

And cleaning 

Romain: Tell them I’m still here. 

And crying 

Rosaire: Is that an echo I hear? 

And sowing 

Romain: Why do you hate me now, after everything? 

The oats that I threw 

Rosaire: I must be hearing mosquitoes now. 

Cause I thought I was growing 

Romain: I said I would forget about it-

A plant that would get 

Rosaire: But I can’t. 

All the wishes I wanted 

Rosaire: No one can know what happened. 

I reached to the top 

Rosaire: And how convenient of the universe to provide a way out? 

And ended up stunted 

Romain: I won’t tell anyone. It wasn’t that big of a deal. 

I’m a pool of regret 

Rosaire: Well, it wasn’t just a kiss, now was it? 

A whole sack of sad 

Romain: Well, no, but- 

If fun is so good 

Rosaire: Bye, Romain. 

Then how come I feel so bad

Romain: I wouldn’t have done it if you didn’t say yes. 

These people don’t live here 

Rosaire: You think I was in a state of mind to be making any kind of decisions? 

And yet their names 

Romain: Yeah? I was pretty sure. 

Are inked on the doors 

Rosaire: You’re correct. But they weren’t the right decisions. 

And my family’s frames 

Romain: You can make the right choice now, though. 

I think they smashed her china 

Rosaire: Oh, I am, I definitely am. 

I think I’ll break my heart 

Romain: You can always back out of what happened earlier, but not this. 

If I don’t get it together 

Rosaire: What’s done is done. 

Then I’ll surely fall apart 

Romain: This is murder. 

There’s no glue in the material 

Rosaire: Don’t you think you killed something for me, too? 

In the parties and the songs 

Romain: … 

Once the night is over 

Rosaire: Answer me! Don’t you think I had plans? 

There’s no going back for wrongs 

Romain: Yeah, I mean, yes, I did, I do. 

I tried and I failed 

Romain: It seemed like you were into the moment. 

And I attempted to do 

Romain: I wasn’t thinking of the future of tomorrow even, not really. 

What I knew worst 

Rosaire: You’ll have plenty of time to think now, though, won’t you? 

Cause I thought it was true 

Romain: If you didn’t want that guy to officiate our marriage in the upstairs bathroom, then why did you pay him fifteen bucks and tell him we’d already written our vows? 

That I could earn 

Rosaire: I really admire your renovated taste in linoleum flooring, okay? And you have a very charming energy. You smell like sandalwood and vanilla. 

A place of my own 

Romain: It’s not too late, we can go to the court and tell them this was all a mistake. People get married and regret it all the time, Rosaire. 

A name and a face 

Rosaire: This wasn’t just a Vegas wedding! It was different. You’re different. 

And not just the loan 

Romain: I love you. 

I wanted to take 

Rosaire: I love you, too. But you know I depend on my boyfriend for my unhealthy supply of drywall face masks and weekly trips to Trader Joe’s, and you, you have no money. That’s why I paid for the wedding and why we had such a terrible revenue. 

Off the mask that I wore

Romain: You’re with him for the money, then?  

But it didn’t work 

Rosaire: Yes. That and he makes excellent sushi rolls. 

Though I could’ve swore 

Romain: Oh. In that case, can I tell you one thing before you leave me to die? 

That this was the scene 

Rosaire: Anything, lost love of mine. 

I saw as the best 

Romain: I’m immortal. 

Now falling together 

Rosaire: Then I shall be forever in your memory.

I’ve failed the whole test 

Romaine: No, I was kidding, I was hoping the supernatural appeal would outbalance the money! 

There’s nothing great 

Romaine: Did you just leave? 

About sitting here 

Romaine: Wait a minute. There’s a light switch right here. 

Looking around 

Romaine: Lettuce get out of this place. 

At the bodies and beer. 

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