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Everywhere where in the house was design with different colour of balloons,no doubt it's Janet birthday.

Janet was the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Smith,they love her so much that they decided to make her 5th year birthday an unforgettable one for her.

Her mother Elizabeth Smith has gone to the cake shop to get her daughter a colourful cake but ironically as she was rushing to get home before visitors started coming, the cake fell on the ground and smash to pieces.

Mr Joseph Smith at his own side was already making the barbecue outside then there came this uninvited rain and spoil everything Mr Smith has being doing .Mrs Smith angrily enter her car and drove back to the cake shop to get another cake .

Janet was angry because she has not seen her cake ,but her anger vanished the moment she saw her mother coming in with her cake.'mum you look so tensed'janet told her mum as she run to table where her cake was placed.

Mr Smith packed the little he could packed from the rain and start.. a new one indoor.

Visitors started coming in and the moment Janet was waiting for came as she cut her cake.

August 03, 2019 14:46

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15:48 Aug 08, 2019

It short but meaningful.


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