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That’s the thing about this city. It’s so full of negative people (not all). We can never just... stick together. Not just because we should but because of man kind. It’s not just this city, but everywhere. Life is just full is things you, sometimes, can’t control, but the things you can, like being nice to others, you should do. That’s why I’m going to fight. Fight for the weak, the scared, the innocent, the evil, and for me Because we all deserve that respect and the knowledge to how it feels to be lived in a world that gives it. I can just fight alone, though, I need you. Yes, you! Fight with me so We The People can finally and actually get that change we need.


“Nel, what are you doing after work?”

“Go to my next job.”

“You know that isn’t a job.”

“I consider it as a job.”

“Okay, but why do you even go there if they just treat you badly. You’re doing a good thing for those you don't do good to you.”

“Well if no one’s gonna do it, I should.”

“You’re a good person, Nel. Our city don’t deserve you.”

I smile at Sierra, head out of my job, and start my car to my next destination.


“Hey, Bill.”

No reply.

“Anybody left to serve?”

“Ugh. I don’t know, but you can wash the dishes.”

“Okay,” I say with a smile.

Show them kindness, when they don’t.

I go to the back of the house where the food is made and served.

“Hey, Becky. Dish duty too?”

“Yupp. I don’t understand why, though. Carson told me that he told some homeless people to come and get some food, earlier today, and aim sire they’ll get piled on. Only Tommy and Daisy are cooking today, so I know they’re going to need more people to help out.”

She hands me a drying rag.

“Will ya?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“So like I was saying. They just don’t like us. they know they need help, but their to tough to ask. I do this for the good of things, but if they’re going to keep treating us like this, I’m out.”

“Becky, you can’t just leave. Those people need you. I need you. Who’s going to help those who are in need if those who are needed aren’t there? Think about it, Becky. If there was more people in this world who were as great as a person as we are then just imagine how much good can be shared.”

I dry the plate Becky passes to me. She looks like shes thinking. I got her convinced.

“Fine. You win. You really should be an activist for the greater good or some type of speech person. As a matter of fact, you should be a lawyer .”

“Ppshh. No way. People wouldn’t take me serious.”

“If you have people who are willing to take your side and stand with you, I think you can so do it.”


I imagine the city to be my galaxy. The meteors, the swirls full of wonder, the creatures that are in the unknown, and so much more, is my city. Greencape the city of Darwfne. The stars are us. The people. There’s big stars and small stars. Supernovas are people like me. The bright ones who do good. The black holes are the people that suck up everything just by being near them. There’s so much hidden goodnes, but with others attacking the good... it just doesn’t work out. It’s crazy how in such a world the was created by such an amazing person, can turn to evil.


The thought of seeking hope and freedom has been done before. Many people in the years before 2021 has fought for things they wanted a change in. People tend to not do anything unless there’s some one behind it. Someone who can stand up and influence the minds of others. Someone who can make change when they have the support. Someone, like me. I can be the light at the end of the tunnel, but it all just depends on how many cars and trucks are going to go through and reach it.


Many people all my life told me I was a great leader. How I wasn’t a follower and if I didn’t like something I would say something about it. I don’t feel that way. Not completely, anyways. I speak and it appeals to the other mind, but in a crowd, I’m just another silent voice.

For example, Bill, my “boss”, is really rude and maybe a little bit racist, but I would put my opinions on that because I can’t just say you suck and you should be a better person. All I can do, for now, is smile and do my job.

Although it isn’t quite a job, I take it to heart. When I see satisfied “customers” at the end, that’s all I need to reassure me I’m doing something for the better cause. My real job is at an architecture facility called Arct. We do landscaping and home designing. We create and construct what we build. When you build a house you need a foundation and then pillars and walls, so you can have that support. When you fight you need strong message and you need others who want the same thing. With out the basic things to strive, you’ll collapse and will have to start all over again.


I decided I need to do better and to help others help themselves. I posted signs of messages on social media and on the streets. I started one by one and built from there.

Day 1***

“When you do something, do it out of love.”

Day 2***

“Find hope and cherish it, but don’t seclude it for there need it too.”

Day 3***

“Have faith, carry on, so it again, and repeat.”


Day 16***

“When you believe there’s something wrong, try to fix it. Don’t do it alone. Do it with purpose or don’t do it at all.”

Day 27***

“The message of being kind isn’t something you can just read and forget it or read it and do it once. You should carry that wherelever you go, so when some who isn’t, needs it, you’ll have their back.”

Day 45***

“Love yourself so when you look at others you can love them too.”


“Why do you believe in life being so good and rainbows when theres nothing but pure hate.”

“Thank you so much for these messages. I needed it :)”

“If you care so much about being good and stuff, why don’t you do something about it instead of throwing all your stuff on the web.”

“We should all think this way, Nelson. Thanks for being the gold in the pot.”

“You really made me think of what I was doing bad. What I can do better to make our city better. Tnks.”


When you do something that is so small it can change people’s thought of this world or even themselves. You won’t always get the bright ones, but you’ll take into someone and that’s what counts.

The stars will slowly start to form and gather to one big supernova. When it explodes we’ll just have to pick up all the pieces and put them together again. Be that star that shines, the weird creature that lingers in the back, or the spiderweb full of thoughts stuck together where no where to throw them. Gather yourself and disperse the good I know you have.

March 13, 2021 20:20

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TJ Squared
15:29 Mar 14, 2021

so, I saw your bio...does that mean you want to collab with me? If so, I wonder how I would have known that without reading your bio...you never asked so...


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