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Clent is going to hate that I decided to write all of my thoughts down. If she finds this I am utterly doomed, all of my hopes and dreams will be flat-out annihilated. So let's hope she doesn't find this.

If this is any other person please continue with the meager story of my downfall.


It was a lush morning of February 8th. The wind twittered against my house instead of birds. The sun glared through the windows after it was filtered with the thicket of gray clouds. And the grass was as green as a piece of paper.

I was busy getting warm against my useless heater as I was painting random read hieroglyphs on yellow strips of paper. The occasional doorbell would make me slump over to greet my customer and lead them to Goddess Cleotia. Her real name is Clementine but she finds that too lackluster and unsophisticated.

Then I huddle back to the heater and continue to paint. For each strip, Clent sells for 10 bucks and some godforsaken old lady buys a staggering amount to hang around her house, her children's homes, and everywhere they find an empty spot.

It's like a child once they get a new untouched set of shimmery stickers. They stick it against the wall and their parents scold the child whilst trying to peel the relentless tack from the walls.

It was clear we were scamming every customer and was a believer of superstition. But with me and Clent on the verge of poverty, we had to do what we had to do.

I could hear the loud chimes of the bell she would ring that would anger the landlord. Her loud Sanskrit prayers would echo throughout our placid abode.

So once I blacked out after she decided to use a real prayer we both were pissed.

I woke up at near 12 am with the nipping wooden floor waking me My face was imprinted with red paint in the shape of a hieroglyph. A customer walked out of Clent's room and noticed my muddled attire and scoffed.

Clent was wearing her usual traditional clothes except with a peeved glare directed towards me.

Jesus, she can't even do a simple task. I'm going to take half her cut and buy some clothes.

"What?" I squinted from the lack of movement from her thinned-out lips. How could she make a sentence that elaborates without moving her mouth?

"Wash your face." She suspired as she tugged off her attire and she headed into the bathroom.

"Also grab some stuff from the store. Maybe some more red paint. I made a list in the client room, it's beside the table, take it and pick all of the things up." She barked from the bathroom.

I wobbled from my previous position and yanked the door open to reveal a traditional room with incense sticks and waxy melting candles decorating the scent of the cramped room.

I snatched the folded paper and pulled my puffer jacket on as I headed out.

I locked the door up and noticed the landlord eyeing my attire. I was wearing a random sweatshirt and some cow print pajama pants with fuzzy socks stuffed into my sandals.

I tightened the puffer jacket around me as I greeted the old man and he greeted me back, vexed.

Skipping down the stairs, I reached the cool night slapping me awake.

I made sure to grip each step of the slick sidewalk with my toes clutching the degrading sandals. My hands stuffed deep in my pockets.

The fogged door of the convenience store almost hits me in the face as a grumpy child stomped out, slipping on the thick ice.

I hid my cackle with a pout as I clutched the metal handle and pushed it open. The warm breeze made me sluggish but I peeled open the folded note.

Red paint


Yellow Construction Paper

Fake Stones


Incense Sticks

Traditional Sweets



I headed towards the craft section. Grabbing the thick pile of packaged neon yellow paper along with saturated red paint, bloodlike. I settled with the purple glitter glue, just to piss Clent off, and the netted bags of clear faux stones. Small candles and jasmine incense sticks pummeled my olfactory senses.

As I trudged towards the food section a man with beautiful brown hair, bags my concentration.

What's with her pants? What is she five?

His once handsome flora eyeballs were tangled with judgment and disgust.

But he never said that directly to me? I thought enthralled with my imagination.

He snickered as he caught my gaze, my face flushed so the last stain of the paint was nowhere to be seen.

I must be losing it.

As I clutched my forehead, massaging my temples, the woman with bright strawberry curls began to ring me up.

"Wait one moment," I said as I rushed towards the back and grabbed the 5 of the packaged sweets sets and some snacks and drinks. I jogged back and I handed the rest of the items to the beaming woman.

Her hair is so pretty!

My ears echoed, "Thank You." I replied. Her startled expression confused me.

"Did I say that out loud?" She whispered her manicured nails fiddling with her glossy lips.

"I think so?" I said unsure myself.

She scanned the rest of the items her lips pressed together before she said bye.


As I punched in the code I could hear a faint voice.

What is taking her so long, that little-

"Clent?" I asked as I swung the door open.

"What took you so long?" She whispered- shrilled, her cranky scrunched-up face greeting me.

"Traffic." I shrugged pathetically.

Lame excuse

"Lame excuse?" We said out loud at the same time in different tones. Mine was questioning and hers was crabby.

My eyes flung wide-eyed as she put away the groceries.

"I can total read minds." I howled astonished with my achievement. She glared at my implausible sentence with judgment.

As she puts away the snacks she snapped.

"Ok, so what am I thinking ab-"

You rat, making fun of my job.

"You rat, making fun of my job." I mocked her snobby, nasally voice, huffing at her acidic remark.

"Plus you're a fraud anyway," I said my hands clutched my hips in defiance.

She scoffed and her thoughts changed.

Are you serious you can read minds?

"Duh." I blurted out.

Her face lit up with shock.

"We could sell this!" She shrieked excitedly.

I could see the vast bundles of cash swimming in her mind and I snorted.

"I'm going back to my Mom's house I don't want to live with you anyways." Her crestfallen face which led to anger gave me whiplash.

I began to stuff my sparse closet and other things into boxes and a suitcase. We never had real furniture and the rest was Clent's anyways.

She snared my wrist, her face taut.

"You're staying here." She said in a strict tone. It wasn't playful.

I definitely had to leave. I thought.

She pushed me onto the ground and I could see her punch me in her mind, blurry, but clear enough for me to dodge. I threw a messy jab to her abdomen making her choke on a cough.

Her fist knocked into my jaw and I winced at the contact.

The top of my foot meets her sunken cheeks and she fell. Her eyes closed and her moans filled the silent room. The series of events made me panic as I took my belongings and I hailed a cab.

As I reached the apartment complex I handed the man some wrinkled bills and took my things into the apartment complex.


"Thanks for letting me stay Z," I said looking down in embarrassment. He scoffed coldly, handing me a warm cup of tea.

Z or Zane has been my crush since the 5th grade when we worked on our science fair project, as partners the teacher chose of course and we've been best friends since then. Or that's what I thought.

I warmed my frigid fingers over the steam released by the tea.

How cute.

I froze. My eyes slowly meet his worried expression looking from the tea to me.

"Is something wrong?" His face scrunching for the answer

"NO." I disclosed abruptly.

"Just show me where I'm living." I sighed. He led me to a guest bedroom and I flopped onto the dusty comforter, the dusty flying out, making me cough.

"What happened to your jaw?" His fingers grazed the forming bruise made me flinch.

"I hit it against the table," I murmured. He nodded and left the room his thoughts making me dizzy.

Liar. Did she get into a fight with Clent? That rat, I should teach her a lesson.

"Z?" I said. He whipped around.

"Can we order some pizza?" He scoffed a grin creeping.

"Sure." He said shutting the door behind him.

I unpacked my clothing and changed into some shorts and a sweatshirt.

I met him on the couch with cheese wafting into my room. Grabbing a slice I plopped next to him, his body radiating heat.

"How are you so warm, it's literally 3 degrees outside-" I turned away from the window and our faces are centimeters apart, our breaths heating our pink faces.

I noticed then how plump his lips were as he watched as he got closer. Once our lips brushed, he deepened into a kiss.

We parted with the only remnants being the strand of saliva connecting our mouths.

I blushed and ran to my room, my hand over my mouth.

My thoughts unholy

January 04, 2022 20:08

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