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His curiosity brought him back. It was an instinct that had always led to his demise in the past. This was lucky life number seven though. If there was one thing Simon (from the tribe of Bleu) knew volumes about - it was the magic of lucky number seven. Even the people on this planet felt that tinge of an electrical excitement when rolling a lucky seven. The lucky sevens are what kept the curious coming back for more. The Pitt boss knows this - Snake eyes even the score.

His keen independence to self and soul drives him to protect those he senses as a whole, possess the quality of a wanderer even when at home. He offers much greater protection than a garden gnome!

He has wandered far from his planet he calls home (in a galaxy ironically shaped like a dog's bone). It had been a long time since he had smelled the fresh heaven scent of Siam1. The superstitions and magical beliefs whispered in dark corridors and in the shadows of the cathedrals can still bring goosebumps to children of any age around a campfire's burning blaze.

This silent ninja can creep through small darkened passages with ease. He has no fear if a black cat is near because he knows black magic is a fable. The black cat is just as willing and as able as he. Just another branch of the feline's family tree.

Their strong family ties even extend to different species. In one special family, the bond was so great, the lucky blue-eyed Siamese cat used his ninja skills against a phantom virus. Through love and friendship the two dueled it out with intention. Simon used words with conviction, without contradiction. He stayed tried and true to the friends he had made old and new. His devotion remained the strongest and longest to one little girl. Her eyes of brown were different from her family the Blue-Bells.

Even though this story has already started, the true "hero" of the family was of the feminine mind. She let the cat have his say, before he ambled off to laze the day away.

The truth was they were both from the same planet. He was her guardian- left behind by an old family friend. She saw him as a partner in kind with her heart. The gift she had inherited at the age of fifteen enabler her to use her mind and heart to intertwine. She was able to feel the emotions of those of kindred devotion. The gene that traveled throughout the history of her human vine traced back to the holy days, as far back as the crusades. She learned to hear her inner voice and put that tongue to paper. For the human one she had received was forever destined to intercede.

She had learned to practice the rules of the different tongue through memory of verse, lyric, rule, and sum The facts they tumbled in one after the next. There was no volume too large. The fiction was her addiction but the lore was never a bore. Learning words increased her score. It was a battle of words but who also knew that Science and Latin would be a lucky attraction for the girl who could never forget one night to the next.

It had seemed like a dream, the night before she turned sixteen. She had a silver locket she pretended to keep her dreams in. She could always hold the little heart as close to her own. She considered it her "dream pocket". When she was alone at night or feeling scared, she whispered her prayers into the little locket. The prayers she kept safe in her head, she would recite each night in bed. She then spent those idle hours in bed, learning every body part from her toe to her head She knew she was different when she looked in the mirror. The eyes looking back at her were not the sky blue as the others in the city so close to the surf.

As soon as she learned to read she had great intention to find out with what invention had caused the Mommy she once knew to go away into the sky so blue. It had taker her very breath away to discover her Mommy with no breath as she lay lifeless on the kitchen floor. At the feet of a stranger, she learned the truth. She had no clue that this stranger was from where legends had grew. It was not her famed sword that had decided her mother's fate though. At the time she did not know she was also looking at the face of her father's killer.

That was a face she would never forget though. Her long blonde hair and evil smile Deep into the forest she was taken to hide. Heir to family fortune her future already decided. She learned to hold her inner peace like a dove.

The power came, in the surface of a dream. She heard the knocking at the front door and went - though the meek in heart - such an attempt should ignore. She went willingly enough and when she peeked through the hole in the door and jumped back in fright. Standing outside was a ghostly light. Luminous in form but an old woman peered back through the door. The woman pushed through the still closed door and grasped the girls hand tightly.

"I know who you are" the old woman said "and this now belongs to you".

The young girl awakes with great alarm to find that there must be harm because there is DEFINITELY something still clasped in the iron grip of her hand. She slowly unclenched her hand and found her middle finger had been folded so tight she had lost feeling to the very bone. She thought at the time the sensation would return after the first night and that was when she realized she could see from Simon's view instead. Her ability to hypnotize came later. It took some practice but in a matter of minutes she was soon able to destroy an archnemesis most vulnerable spot and leave them defenseless.

July 02, 2020 00:38

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Brittany Smith
17:42 Jul 10, 2020

Intrigued by your story line. I really felt the impact of the last paragraph. Good job.


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