December 31, 2019

           Adam Parker reached for the large box of specialty chocolates when another hand quickly snatched the box from the shelf. Irritation filled his mind as he turned towards the chocolate thief, when he saw the perpetrator. His eyes grew wide with annoyance, of course, how could Adam expect anything else.

"You!" growled Adam standing up to his full height of 5' 6", "I should have known it was you when the air froze!"

"Did you really think I would allow you to have the last box of specialty chocolates?" scoffed Toby Johnson his hands tightening on the box, "I need this box to celebrate the New Year...I will not allow you to take it from me!"

Adam grabbed onto the box and tugged it towards him "I had it first!"

The glaring match began...

 15 minutes later...

They stood the in the aisle, both gripped the large box of chocolates tightly, both refused to let go. It seemed like time slowed down. An older woman reached around them and grabbed a large box of specialty chocolates, tossing it on top of her already over flowing cart.

"There's another box?!" sputtered Adam reeling in shock

 "Duh!" muttered Toby grabbing a different box of chocolates

Adam watched his nemesis scurry down the aisle; he shook his head and shoved the box into his basket.

Meanwhile in the parking lot...

 "Stop in the name of the law!" demanded Sarah Johnson

"Ha! Never!" laughed Anna as she shoved her sunglasses back up her nose and slammed her foot against the gas pedal.

 "Seriously, you guys! Toy cars..." whistled Adam as he and Toby approached their wives

"Johnson issued a challenge!" explained Anna shoving the toy car back into her purse, "Obviously, I couldn't refuse!"

"I'm so proud of you, my darling! A Parker never refuses a challenge...did you win?" grinned Adam kissing her forehead

"Of course, I did sweetheart!"

 "Gag!" coughed Sarah causing her husband to laugh

  "Grow up Johnson, you weirdo!"

 Toby grabbed his wife's arm and held her back. 'Oh boy...she really needs to stop issuing toy car chases with a Parker.' thought Toby. Almost as though she read his thoughts, Sarah turned her evil glare on him, Toby gulped loudly and slowly backed away.

 "You’re the weirdo...I mean, seriously though who doesn't celebrate New Years?" spat Sarah scornfully, "Our firework show is going to be bigger and better than ever!"

"Not if I have anything to say about it..." whispered Adam as he and his wife watched the Johnson's walk away

 The Parker's shared a knowing look, they began to cackle as they loaded their goodies into their sleek black car.

Later that night...

 Adam looked out the kitchen window, he looked across the street where the Johnson’s resided. Words escaped him, the spectacle before him was far too much for him to bear; spluttering he stormed into the living room where Anna was preparing for their quiet night in. All he could do was splutter, his hands waving wildly in the air. Anna froze while she was placing the bowl of chips on the coffee table, her mouth dropped open. ‘I always knew he was a little odd…but seriously?!’ sighed Anna shaking her head

 “Wha…humfni…Johnson…mbolnxilsi…fireworks” muttered Adam pacing back and forth wildly

“Parker! Dude, snap out of it and tell me what has you so riled up!” snapped Anna waving her hands in front of her husbands face

 “Johnson’s…fireworks…front lawn!” spluttered Adam waving his hands in the direction of the Johnson’s residence

 “Oh, you have got to be kidding me!” roared Anna storming out the front door with Adam close behind her

 Adam almost crashed into his wife when she suddenly stopped walking, the look in her eyes frightened him a little. He began to really worry when he saw an evil smirk lift her lips into a terrifying smile.

 “This means war!” chuckled Anna rubbing her hands together, “Excellent!”

 Adam followed her back inside their house, he knew what this meant; They spent the next few minutes dressing in all black clothing and gathering a few supplies.

“Did you see the look on the Parker’s faces?” cackled Sarah when she saw their neighbors’ storm back into their house, “This will show them not to mess with us…like they did last year.”

 “Why is it they don’t spend December 31st celebrating New Years Eve again?” asked Toby walking into the living room, his arms overflowing with balloons and streamers

 “Because they are weird and clearly don’t know how to throw a party Toby, duh!” responded Sarah rolling her eyes

 “And why does it matter us that they don’t celebrate…” asked Toby his question trailed off when he received the most terrifying glare from Sarah

 “They will not sabotage our New Years Eve celebration this year…they do it every year Toby!” growled Sarah pouting, “Not this year, do you hear me?”

 “Yes sweetheart!” agreed Toby as he dumped the supplies onto the couch

Later that night…

 Adam and Anna crept towards their neighbor’s house, both husband and wife were clad in black. They plastered themselves against the side of the house, inching their way towards the cords that would allow the dozens of decorations set on the lawn to light up.

“Seriously, party flamingos’…I knew she had tacky taste…” muttered Anna peeking around the corner, “Coast is clear and in 5 minutes, our quiet evening will continue…”

 Adam army crawled his way to the where the knot of cords lay by the front porch. All was quiet and still, when all of a spurt of water crashed into his face! Adam wiped the water from his face as raucous laughter exploded from above him.

 “Curses!” screamed Adam scrambling to his feet, “We will not be foiled!”

 “Your words are empty Parker!” laughed Toby aiming the water gun at him again

 “Where is your gremlin of a wife?” asked Sarah suspiciously

Adam knew he had to throw them off their trail! It was tradition every year, this little battle between them and the Johnson’s. Casually, he pointed back at his house.

 “My amazing, beautiful wife is getting our movie ready.” answered Adam smugly as he sauntered back to his house, “Oh by the way, your party flamingos are tacky!”

 “Why I oughta!” screamed Sarah grabbing the water gun and attempted to hit Adam who ran faster laughing

Anne stifled her laughter when she heard Adam insult the flamingos; she quickly returned her focus on her task. She waited until she heard Toby and Sarah close their front door. Once the door shut, Anne began to army crawl towards the pile of cords; she made it! Quickly and with skill, she unplugged each cord and duct taped the power bar, smiling at how easy it was to fool the Johnson's. The next part of her task would prove to be a little more difficult; she had to be fast and as stealthy as the night.

 As quick as lightening, Anne sped across the lawn and grabbed the large and heavy firework that was going to be lit at midnight. Panting, she finally reached her house and burst in through the front door.

 “Dude, you were supposed to open the door for me!” howled Anne as sweat poured down her face in tiny rivulets

 Adam froze as he looked at his wife, his hand was half way to his mouth to deliver a handful of chips, ‘Crap, I forgot!’.

 “The most important thing is that we were successful! they cannot disturb our evening again this year!”

 “Your right…now let our evening commence!” cheered Anna as she put the firework down and jumped onto the couch.

It wasn’t long until a mighty thundering pounded on their door, the Parker's exchanged an amused smirk. They slouched lower on the couch in hopes of not being seen by the infuriated Johnson's.

“We know your in there! We can see the light from your TV!” screeched Sarah pounding on the door

“We want our firework back! I paid a fortune for that thing man!” screamed Toby furiously

 Sighing, the Parker's stood and dragged their feet to the door; slowly they opened the door and stood face to face with their nemesis.

“You nearly blew up our car the last time you used fireworks! Clearly you don’t know what your doing.” said Adam calmly

 “That was 5 years ago and we paid for the damages caused to your car…and house.” spluttered Toby flustered

Anne and Adam allowed them into their house but stood protectively in front of the fireworks that they had stolen.

 “Please, we are about to start a new decade! We promise we will be careful this year!” promised Sarah grabbing onto Anna, “This firework is the coolest thing, we have ever purchased.”

Groaning, Adam picked up the object of desire yet held it close to him; he saw Toby staring longingly at the fancy firework.

“Anna, I can’t take the puppy eyes anymore!” groaned Adam turning his pleading eyes towards his wife

 Huffing and puffing, Anna rolled her eyes and looked down at her watch: 11:55 pm.

 “Fine you can have your fireworks back on one condition…” started Anna pausing

 “What?!” sighed Sarah

  “You let us help you so that you don’t ‘accidentally’ damage anything!” bargained Anna slyly

 Toby and Sarah glanced over at each other and then begrudgingly agreed to the deal. The couples went back outside and began to set up the firework. Once it was securely fitted and aimed at the night sky, the women cautiously backed up while the men prepared to lit the fuse.

Toby lit the fuse while Adam backed up to join the women; without warning the firework began to topple to the side. Toby grabbed the firework and shoved it lopsided into the ground with just seconds to spare. Running to his wife he turned just in time to see the firework shoot towards the Nelsons car! Gasping, Adam and Anna held their breath while Toby and Sarah’s jaw dropped open.

At the last minute, the firework smoothly changed directions barreled towards the sky; they all sighed with relief. The firework exploded loudly; magnificent colours lit the sky while a very large 2020 appeared in golds and reds.

“Hmm, you were right…that was cool!” acknowledged Adam glancing at Anna

“Maybe next year we will actually celebrate New Year’s Eve with you.” stated Anna awestruck

 “Oh goody! I can help you decorate…” squealed Sarah

“Whoa! I said nothing about decorating!” clarified Anna holding her hands up

 Sarah smiled widely knowing she could finally convince Anna to join her in celebrating the holiday. Anna wisely chose to ignore the overly exited woman standing beside her and simply held her husband’s hand and watched the sparkly lights disappear. As soon as it was over, Anna pulled Adam back towards their house before anything else could happen; she was excited to plan next year’s sabotage on the Johnson’s.

“Planning the great Sabotage of 2020?” asked Adam smiling

“Of course, dear…we have a whole year to plan something great!” laughed Anna

 The couple settled back on their couch and continued their quiet evening, they smiled as they watched their movie.

The New Years Eve Feud will be continued…

January 04, 2020 03:58

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