Two Mothers

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Fantasy Fiction American

'A Mother is supposed to sing a lullaby without asking anything in return from their child,' said Sam to his mother.  

'Yes, my intelligent observer. But can't a son follow his mother's wish?' asked Sam's Mother.


'Then do one good thing tomorrow. You have to describe it and then only I will sing a lullaby for you. Promise?'

'Pinky Promise,' Sam interlocked his pinky finger with that of his mother's. 

'Mom, why you only come at night and not during the day. I miss you during the entire day. Before that car accident, you were always there with me.'

'Sam, it is hard for me to be around you in the day. That is why I constantly remain by your side when you sleep.'

'Okay, mom. Can you sing another lullaby?'

'Anything for my son,' saying that Sam's mother started singing another lullaby.

'Your voice is more melodious after the accident.'

'Don't talk, Sam. Close your eyes and sleep.'

After three more lullabies, Sam was into a deep sleep.

Sam's mother stood up from the bed and adjusted the pillow beneath Sam's head.

Sam's mother started flying, and in an instant, the five feet four inches tall human figure transformed into a one-foot pixie. The name of that pixie was Alicia.

'Don't give them what they want. They will never remember you,' said Avery, another pixie who was there all the time, invisible to the naked human eye. 

'They remember emotions, not the things. They will remember how you made them feel and not what you gave them,' said Alicia.

'But why are you paying for my mistakes?' asked Avery.

'Because I was the one responsible for your training and your mistake is on my shoulder.'

'I knew something was not right when you told me to perform a magic spell of the dear. Instead of calming it and sending him to deep sleep, I agonized him, and he ran towards the highway colliding directly into the oncoming car of Sam's parents.'

'Don't recall that. I am unable to bear the pain of recalling such tragedy.'

'Poor Sam. How much longer are you going to continue this night visit?'

'Till he is ready to distinguish between our world and theirs. I will imbibe good qualities in him every day which his mother wished at the time of her death.'

'But you have done enough for nearly two months...'

The door opened, and Avery could not complete the sentence.

Sam's dad peaked into the bedroom of Sam. He saw a smile on Sam's face. It was like Sam was enjoying his dreams. 

The first four days were hard for him after the accident. 

That accident was tragic, and it left a void in their life. 

Sam's parents were on the way to a Christmas gala. Sam's father was driving the car on the highway. A dear jumped in front of their car from nowhere. 

The impact was so severe that Sam's father lost control of the car, and it collided into the tree near the edge of that highway. Sam's father was safe as the air-bag, and the seatbelt did their job. Unluckily, Sam's mother flew outside from the windscreen as she was not wearing the seatbelt. 

She landed on the rock, and her head was severely injured. Blood started pouring out, and she began to lost consciousness.

A mother's heart is never away from his son. Sam was in his house being cared for by a babysitter. 

Lying in the pool of blood Sam's mother was murmuring the name of Sam.

Alicia and Avery came close to Sam's mother. They were both frightened to see the tragic turn of events that the single spell of Avery caused. 

A son would lose his mother. 

A husband would lose his wife.  

And a dear lost his life. 

'Alicia, can't you undo this?'

'Avery, this is life and death, not some broken piece of toy. Look, the Angel of Death is already here to take her. We can not do anything, Avery,' admitted Alicia with sadness.

The Angel of Death fetched the soul of Sam's mother. While doing so, she heard the conversation between Alicia and Avery. 

'You are pixies, right?' asked Sam's mother. 

'Yes, ma'am.'

'Can you do one thing for me?'

'Yes, ma'am.'

'Would you take care of my son? His name is Sam.'

'We heard that name. We are sorry for our mistake. But we will definitely take care of him.'

Before Sam's mother can say something, the angel of death disappeared along with her. 

'What we will do now, Alicia?'

'We will do what we promised.'

'What do you know about raising a human child?'

'Enough,' said Alicia.

The first four days were hard as the 'Enough' of Alicia was not enough to help Sam.

Alicia and Avery both decided that lullaby is the best way to interact with the child and at the same time imbibe them with moral values. So, during the night, Alicia would convert itself into the human body to resemble Sam's mother. 

Alicia would be with Sam in his room to sing a lullaby. 

Gradually, Sam accepted that his mother would meet him only at night, and during the day, it was impossible to meet her due to that accident.

Another condition was that he would talk about his mother to nobody, not even to his father. 

To hear the beautiful lullaby, Sam would have to perform good deeds, every day.

Alicia and Avery would accompany Sam to his school and make sure that one event occurs in the entire day around Sam in which Sam has to be caring, or humble, or honest.

If he somehow refuses to share a portion of food with the homeless on his way home, Alicia and Avery would know, and they would discuss it with Sam. 

Alicia would share the stories of Saints and other noble humans. The stories of noble souls that endured to make this world a beautiful place. 

Sam will speak the truth, show compassion, and be humble whenever the situation demands. Alicia and Avery created those situations to check that whether Sam can stick to goodness at any time. 

Sam's father was happy to see Sam excelling in school, along with no sign of sadness caused due to losing his mother.

Sam's father didn't know that although Sam lost his mother, destiny gave him two mothers to take care of him. 

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