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The chilly air of winter was hitting the gray shadows of that concrete building, where a local radio station occupies its five floors.

The first four floors are occupied by the functional departments, like financial and personal ones.

There are many rooms for that purpose.

But, it is exactly at the top of this edifice, fancy glassy door is divised.

it introduces the visitor to the main office: the office of the radial transmission happens, together with the mixing and dubbing department.

- it is forbidden to get in this office - said the secretary of the young engineer in charge of all the transmission and all the expensive equipments for it.

- i it is going to rain tonight – said the weather forecast during its radio transmissions.

' it always does - said the engineer, looking to the window , where she - yes ! the engineer is a woman - could see the massive black clouds coming from the red north.

- yes! it is true! - said the secretary, looking at her wristwatch, but a little hesitating to say : it is seven o'clock - wearing her most dreadful face, full of anxiety.

- Your two kids ? - asked the engineer, trying to figure it out that a mom should be worried with her children , the trafic jam, the meal time, the bed time and so on.

- you can leave if you want. I will stay a little longer, as I have to finish these mixes..

- thank you , madam ! - and the secretary took her croco leather purse, her long sleeved coat and run away, together with the other forty employees, fighting to reach the elevator, as itnis faster.

- the storm is coming - the bunch of people were saying, going also down the stairs, in a frenetic human flow that went out of that place.

So, the engineer stayed.

Aline, wearing a pair headphones, so she could mix songs and even advertisement.

- well, I think it is quite good ,right now - she said, a bit satisfied with the results of her work.

She looked at the window.

And she saw thunders in the sky, illuminating all that room, suddenly coming to be a strange room with all the shadows the thunders were creating.

- It is winding, now ! Faster, stronger and I think.it is going to rain - she concluded, sipping the coffee she had in a cup in front of her desk.

Ig is exactly in that moment when she was trying to relax, that she saw a super massive white ball hitting the window of the office.

' what the hell! - and she was forced to kneel down, due to the heavy strength of the impact of the white stone, a snow ball, over the window, making a huge noise as if there was an earthquake: the expensive equipments fell off to the floor, the headphones disconnected, and her desk turned upside down.

She tried to stand up, looking at all the mess in that room.

- this is not my room anymore ! It is a room of the snow - taking a handful of snow.

Smelling it.

Tasting it.

Smiling with it.

Like a child.

- I have never played with snow when i was a child.

So, she started to throw snow through the whole in the window.

She saw the traffic jam stopped and many

hiding people into the main entrance of other buildings.

Some other people were led by curiosity on their ways and the explosion made them stop, to see it, in astounding.

the police officer on duty in that area, run to the place of the accident and immediately looked to the deep hole in the structure.

- the snow ball! - said some people to the policeman, calling the police force to help.

- it can not be a snow ball - he said, taking his glasses from his eyes and opening it, like all the rest of the people - it was probably a stone.

- it is a mystery - said one peasant.

- No, it is not. I will check this out.

So, the policeman got into the building, together with the security guard from the building.

- What is happening ? - asked the policeman - Did it break the window ?

- the snow ball ! it hit the window with such a violence and speed that it broke the window, that is pressurized .

- it looks like an extraterrestrial attack.

- well, I have already called the police force to help clean all this mess, and the futeman in case we need to rescue somebody.

- well, i guess there is one or two people still working over there.

It is in the exact moment that she started to ask, with her face wrinkled in exasperation, - induced by the people shouting, waving and the inner presence of the police.

-       And , which us worse: I haven't finished my report ! The owner is going to kill me !

She looked back to the room with her eyes lost in doubt.

' oh! lord- she remembered that it should be useful.to start praying in a situation.like that - please, help me ! - she cried out loud, with tearful eyes, an accelerated breath that was trying to save her expensive equipments on the floor completely full of all her working stuff broken, destroyed.

That sudden apocalyptical change of her office, as a matter of fact, the room where she used to spend more than fourteen hours a day, was a key part of her life.

- if is my equipment! , why do you have to take my life away? - she shouted, with her face covered in tears, her fashioned clothes covered in dust of destruction.

The slippery snow was everywhere.

- what can I do now ? - what? I have lost everything!.

so, in that situation, she started to think.

deeper and deeper.

more and more desperate, searching for an answer in her mind.

was it so difficult to get to the solution.




where is it ?

then, it came.

, she tried to reach her cell phone, under her desk.

- I have to call the fireman, I have to call to the police, or anyone that could help me !

she dialed, and dialed, and dialed

As it is normal in several institutions, she started to pray to a God she had never seen , but to one she had to trust.

- so why are you not answering me? - she looked at the sky, trying to find some clue, an evidence , whatever.

She started to pray.

-       I think is the only thing that I can do : say goodbye and ask some forgiveness to all my employees for my bad temper during this six years.

Wait a minute ! Did I say employees ? Sure ! My employees! They do have families, and if I die, what is going to happen to their families, their kids? - she thought, thinking through the hole in the window.

-       No way ! - she exclaimed, looking at the sky again - look, wholly father, this time j need you ! - she finally begged , covering her wet eyes with her hands - I have many families under my responsibility. So? Are you going to help me ?

And she looked at the sky again, waiting - your last chance, wholly father, at the count of one, two, three!

- Nothing.? Is that the answer that I deserve ? is that the merciful God that I am looking for ?

So, the light of the lamp post in front of the building, lit.

Some noises came from the other side of the wall.

She tried to hear it.

- god? is that you ?

- 'c'mon, babe. This is the fireman service, and we come to rescue you.

- The policeman?

yes. he said you needed help.

Are you alone ?

Yes I am.

well, be careful, but like many other people during this storm, we are going to take you out from this room.

She looked back again.

The losses were there.

But her childhood too.

- that's fine, mister. I can go back home by myself.

Are you sure ?

yes, I am totally sure . I have no wounds, just some equipments on the floor, and an incomplete report.That's it.

- fine, if you say so...

- don't worry I will be o.k.

The fireman, the guard, and the policeman left the building, saying that

- there are no big damages, nor injured people. Go home.

And the engineer, stayed in that room, playing with snow...

- .

January 16, 2021 19:05

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