Wise counsel should prevail.

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Dhanu and his wife Lazy are deeply in love with one another. They have three kids. Eldest one is Neer, younger to him is Heer and youngest is Leel. The eldest Neer is PhD in English literature and is serving as a professor in a leading college in the city. And his wife Nez is also serving as a professor in the same college. They are happy working couple.The second son Heer is Btech from MIT and is serving as a research scientist in The Pines Lab. And his wife Hex is a social worker. The third son Leel is a struggling writer and is always in search of a work so that he can make two ends meet. He is still batchlor and trying to establish himself among the writing fraternity. Both Dhanu and Lazy has a companion ship of more than 30yrs by now. Their love story begins just like any fairy tale. When they were kids they lived in the same city but not familiar to one another. As they grew and came into higher classes of the school, they started knowing one another. But they hardly knew this will turn into a love story. As both Dhanu and Lazy came into college it was a love at first site. Both first met in a Freshers party and both danced together for few minutes. When everyone was busy and enjoying the party, Dhanu took Lazy to a side and took her mobile number and gave his. And asked her to give him a call. After the party every one left and Dhanu also came back to his home. But he was not at peace with himself and was checking his mobile time and again. Finding no call from her he was getting restless. Even he couldn't concentrate on his best love books. After taking dinner he came back to his room but sleep was miles away from him. His mind was just struck at one ponit, why no phone from Lazy. As he was trying to sleep, suddenly his mobile rang and he was thrilled to find Lazy on the other side. Dhanu asked her, I think you resemble to your name. Atleast you should have called me by now. Than this love story developed further. Dhanu past out of the college and got decent job. Than married his sweetheart Lazy and bore her three lovely kids. Both Dhanu and Lazy spend lot of resources in getting them educated in the best institutions so that all their three kids could face this world better.

Eldest one Neer is very hard working and after doing PhD, found a job in the well known college in the city. He married his classmate in the PhD Nez.She also found a job of a professor in the same college. The second son Heer and his wife Hex are both scientists and social worker. Both eldest son and eldest daughter in law being professor couples has a very hectic schedule. They are always running from pillar to post. Even they couldn't find time for their kids. So their lives are quite stretched out. Similarly second son Heer being scientists is always busy in his lab. Even he sometimes misses out to come home. His wife Hex being social worker is always busy in the crisis situations wherever they occur. So even they couldn't find time to attend to their kids. The situation in this home is even quite messy. Third son Leel is a budding writer. So he was also busy with his laptop. Always in search of new ideas and giving them shape. But fortunately he was batchlor so he don't have any responsibility of a wife and kids. But he is trying to get foothold in the writing fraternity, even he couldn't find time for any other activities. Therefore the family is going through lot of stress. Even situation came to such a pass that minor quarrels started happening in the eldest two son's families. The daughter in laws Nez and Hex always complaining to Dhanu and Lazy that their husbands Neer and Heer are not helping in the households any way. They feel that to bring up children is sole their responsibilities. Due to their daughter in laws continuous compalints both husband Dhanu and wife Lazy now retired, almost in the senior citizen bracket are finding very hard time. Getting no solutions in sight. Ultimately Dhanu and his wife Lazy decided to talk to a family counsellor. They both went to the cities famous counsellor. And narrated ther problem. The city counsellor seeing that family is getting spliitted told them that they should stay with their eldest son. It would great for them. As they will have nice time with their grand children and also their son's and daughter in law's worry will reduce. Both Dhanu and Lazy like the suggestion and went onto stay with their eldest son Neer and daughter in law Nez. Now eldest one is happy and his quarrels with is wife has reduced upto large extent. But Dhanu and Lazy are not so lucky. Now second son Heer is also in the same boat as eldest was. He also has Tiff's almost daily with his wife. Due to these Tiff's at home he is not able to concentrate on his job better. So his assignments are getting delayed and most of the time very late in submitting. The situation came to such a level that he started remaing tense most of the time. Now Dhanu and Lazy are in a fix what to do. They again went to family counsellor and narrated whole of the problem. The family counsellor found this situation very tricky but was failing to find solution. Ultimately he suggested Dhanu I have one remedy for your problem but if you don't mind. I know you both Dhanu and Lazy are in deep love and in this juncture of life needs one another more than anytime in life. But if you don't follow my remedy your whole family will suffer, it will come down like house of cards. Than the curiosity in Dhanu increased and he asked counsellor, what's that. Please let me know . I am ready to make any sacrifice for my family. Simply I want to see my all the kids happy. As for as I am concerned, I am a old man, I think not much time has left for me and my wife in this world. Than counsellor took a deep breath and told Dhanu and Lazy that to save your eldest two son's families, you both have to split. One of you should remain with the eldest and other person should remain with the second son. But Lazy is not ready she immediately opposed. And said come what may. I never separated from my husband for a second in life. How can it be possible now. But counsellor told dear Lazy, I am sorry. Now you run loss of solutions. This is the only wayout left. Choice is yours.

Ultimately Lazy gave in. The Dhanu went to live with eldest son and Lazy went to live with second son. But it is agreed that they will spend every Sunday together.

February 17, 2020 07:54

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