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Maria has lived her life alone with her cat. Her husband long dead. Her children have forgotten how their mother had cared for them. Her little cat Nina is all she lives for now. She makes sure she is fed and groomed, and leaves out every Saturday to buy Nina her favorite food. She sits in her chair little Nina on her lap as she watches whatever soap opera is on. 

One day she left out to buy Nina her food and without noticing she left the door open. Just a crack. Barely noticeable. After a few minutes Nina saw the crack. She started wondering what it would be like to go outside. She looked out the window to see a cat staring back at her. He is strong and sleek staring right back at her with his shining black coat. Nina can hardly believe he is a stray. 

She sneaks outside and meets the stranger. He shows her around the neighborhood. Let's her meet his friends. She's having the time of her life when it gets dark. She forgets all about the old lady, who is probably in a fit of distress, and goes home with this handsome fellow. 

The old lady comes home and fills up Nina's bowl. She calls out for her beloved cat her voice shaky and frail. She walks all around the house in every nook and cranny pleading for sweet little Nina to come out. She searches for hours and hours until she retreats to her chair and weeps. She weeps for hours until she runs out of tears. Her eyes are red and sting. She falls asleep with a broken heart. 

Nina is warm and cozy in an abandoned basement curled up next to the handsome cat. As the next day breaks she is full of excitement for what the day entails. They walk around the neighbor hood together and find some food behind the butcher's store. They walk past the town and west into the city. Life here is so fast paced and bright with more rats that you could ever eat. 

The cat who's name she learned is Neal. Such a lovely name Neal is she thinks. He teaches her how to hunt down a rat and gives it to her for dinner. He nuzzles her neck and they find a nice cozy place to rest for the night.

 The old lady is desperate to find her cat now. She goes to the library and prints out fliers of her little tabby cat and puts them everywhere around the city. You couldn't even turn the corner without seeing them. This time she goes to bed her heart full of hope. 

Nina and Neal keep heading west a old mangy munchkin cat walks up to them he has his eye on Nina and Neal was having none of it. They got into fight claws flying and blood spilling. Neal had beaten the munchkin death. Nina was horrified but Neal was able to comfort her with a few rats and touches his nose on hers.

They've made it all the way from Virginia to Kentucky with nothing but the love they have for one another in their hearts as they find a new place to call home for the night. This is the life always new adventure always in a new place.

No one had found the poor old lady's cat. She feels her body becoming more frail and weak. Her will to go on fades. She calls everyone in the phone book desperately trying pleading to anyone who would listen to bring her little Nina home to her. She goes to bed tonight full of despair.

Nina wakes up her body feels funny. She sees a little bump on her stomach. Neal wakes up and sees it and looks at her in horror. She's pregnant! Neal runs off leaving her alone with child. Nina is devastated. Her handsome street cat is gone and the old lady is miles away.

She makes her way east pregnant and alone. Trying to make her way back to her home. The old lady is frailer and sicker than ever not even able to get out her chair.

Nina makes her way back to Virginia when she feels and immeasurable pain. She lays down and pushes before she knows it a little kitten that looks just like her is brought into the world. She grooms the little kitten and lets it feed. She names it Theodore. She puts the little kitten on her back and continues her journey.

She makes her way back to her town showing little Theodore everything just like Neal showed her. She makes her way to the old lady's house sits little Theodore down and scratches at the door. The old lady stumbles to the door. When she opens it a faint smile crosses her face. A cute little kitten that looks just like her Nina. She picks him up and takes him inside.

Nina had hid in a bush not ready to go back to confinement of her home. She spends the next few days watching her little baby through the window. The old lady takes good care of Theodore grooming him feeding him and taking extra care with him since he is so young and without a mother. Her health starts to improve as her heart once again becomes full of love.

Soon Nina's little baby isn't so little anymore. He has grown to be more handsome than his father. Nina finally decided it was time to come home. She scratches at the door once again. The old lady's smile is brighter than it has been since Nina left.

She washes Nina's coat until it is as bright as pretty as the day she left. She feeds her a bowl of her favorite cat food. She shows her little Theodore and Nina is ecstatic to finally see her little baby boy again. The old lady puts both her precious cats on her lap and pets their heads and she watches her favorite soap opera. Once again her home was full of love and happiness. No more heartbreak and despair only pure undeniable joy.

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