Sad Fantasy

Note- This is just a random short story I had to write for school so I'd thought I'd share it with you!

Skylar soars through the sky, her shimmering wings sparkling in the summer sun. She glided gracefully past birds, the smell of autumn slowly approaching. Skylar closed her eyes and let the wind toss her hair around. The wind makes swooshing sounds as she passes by. Skylar bursts through a cloud, little raindrops clinging to her hair as she goes by.

Skylar goes in for a landing, the dewy ground wetting the bottom of her shoes. She let a smile escape her face. Skylar’s life was quite wonderful actually. The only thing was, she was different. She was born with translucent angel wings. No, neither her mother nor father had them. Not even part angel. Full human as far as she’s concerned. 

They had always told her she would fit in, yet she never did. She was chosen last for soccer at school, no one wanted to sit next to her at lunch, everyone gave me weird stairs as she walked by them. No, she  can’t just hide them. They’ve gotten bigger every year. Mom calls Skylar her little angel.

She walks inside the cute cottage home in the woods. It had ivy lining the sides of the front door, which was made of wood. She steps inside, taking her shoes off and laying them carefully by the front door. Her mother hated when she wore shoes in the house. When she was little, she had a sparkly pair of pink shoes that Skylar loved dearly. One day, she tracked mud in the house, and mom had a spaz attack. Ever since then, no shoes in the house. 

“Skylar,” her mother called from the kitchen. Janice was cooking meatloaf and listening to country music as she squirts ketchup into the putting like meat.  Skylar walks into the kitchen and grabs an apple, tossing it in the air a few times before taking a big juicy bit out of it. The juice dribbles down her chin as she chews slowly. 

"How was your flight?" Skylar's mom asks. To be honest, Janice was rather worried when Skylar first told her she wanted to fly. She couldn't sleep for 3 nights after she brought it up. Today was the first day that Janice decided it would be ok for her to take the fight. Being a mother of a daughter that is half angel is not easy.

"It was alright, I saw some cool birds," Skylar responds. She was so excited when she had permission to finally teach herself to fly. She had told her parents that she was born with wings and so they must be a gift from the spirits. 

"That's fun!" Janice gives a small smile. She was still scared for her when Skylar waved away and flew off for the first time. 

"I think they were geese," Skylar replied through chews.

"How about you go ahead and check then," Janice suggests. 

"Good idea!" Skylar heads over to the dusty bookshelf and sneezes a little bit when she pulls the book down from the shelf. She dusts it off with her hands, the musty smell of the dust filling her nose. The residue clings to her fingers as she finishes brushing it off. She opens the pages and sees that it was an eastern goose. Her brother walks into the room and nuggies her hair messily. 

“What you lookin’ at?” Daniel’s shining brown eyes stared down at her as she flipped through the pages. 

“Just a book,” Skylar replied. She loved her brother, he was always there for her when she was down. Daniel peered over her shoulder and looked down at the book. He was six foot, and his sister five eight. He would always be taller than her, but he never teased her about it.

“Birds huh? Since when?” On top of Daniel always being there for her, he would always know her latest trends, book genres, favorite color, and personality. If there was one day when she was off, he would be especially nosey. 

“Since now,” Skylar replied, placing the book carefully on the shelf, “also, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight. You know, just me and you.” Skylar loved hanging out with her brother more than anything. He had treated her like an equal.

“Sorry Sky, I promised Febi I would hang out at her place,” Daniel said with much sympathy. 

“What is with you and Febi? It's always Febi this, Febi that, never Skylar,” Skylar almost never got jealous. 

“She’s my girlfriend that's why. I also don’t have unlimited hours to hang out with you,” Daniel was now getting angry. It was always about her.

“You promised you’d hang out with me,” Skylar sounded hurt. 

“I know, I know, I will tomorrow ok?” he lifted her chin so she could look into his eyes. 

“No! You promised me!” Skylar was furious. Her wings spread wide and knocked over glass in its path. It makes a shattered noise and mom gasps from the kitchen.

“Skylar?!” her mother calls.

“No!” She shoved her brother away from herself and ran to the kitchen. 

“What’s going on in there?” Her mother said sweetly.

“Go away mom!” She shoves her mom to the ground and runs outside to escape the chaos behind her. Taking flight, crystal-like tears run down her face as she flys. Someone was watching her, that she knew. She landed in what looked like an abandoned forest. She sits on a tree stump and sobs into her hands. 

She was so confused. Why doesn’t her brother want to spend time with her anymore? She sits in confusion and anger and sadness for a while. Swimming in a pool of tears.

Daniel sweeps up the glass with a broom, guilt painting his face. He didn’t mean to hurt her like that. Febi had texted him and told him that she couldn’t come. His heart was as heavy as a person who just lost a loved one. 

Mom was sobbing outside. No one knows if Skylar will come back. Now that she knew how to fly, she could go anywhere she wanted.

Skylar had calmed down now, but it was late, and she was scared. She hears small footsteps approaching her. She lifts her head briskly. The girl was wearing white clothes, and two translucent angel wings were sprawled out on the sides of her. Skylar shakes her head and rubs her eyes. They opened again but her eyes were not deceiving her. The girl was smiling. She had a very thin frame and sparkling blue eyes.

“Who,” Skylar paused, “Who are you?”

“I am a spirit from the stars, sent down by the spirit of life. I am here to guide you to the right path,” the spirit looked at Skylar with loving eyes. The spirit seemed calm, angelic even.

Skylar said nothing, and instead stayed quiet. She looked at the dirt covered floor and tears stream down her cheeks. The spirit glided over to Skylar and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. She didn’t know how long she sat there crying, all she heard was a gentle, “Go home Skylar, go home.” 


When Skylar lifted her head, it was morning. She looked around and sat up. The spirit was gone, but she still felt its warmth on her shoulder. She started for the walk home, looking around at the cotton clouds and the sunny sky. She came to the door and it was unlocked. This was a surprise to Skylar, for her mother never left it open. She pushed it open and her mom was laying on the couch, a blanket neatly placed over her, stopping at her neck. 

“Skylar?” Daniel looked at her with teary eyes. He looked as though he hadn’t slept, and Skylar was right. He didn’t sleep all night because he couldn’t shake the feeling that this was all his fault. Skylar runs to him and hugs him tight, her sobs filling the air and waking her mother up.

“Skylar!?” Her mother ran over to her and hugged her tightly. They stayed there for a while, all sobbing in each other’s embrace. Her mother then pulls away and takes a deep breath. She was so glad her daughter was finally home. Daniel looked at her and kissed her head. 

“Never run away again,” Daniel said looking at her still sobbing sister. 

“I won't, I was scared. Then a spirit came and guided me back to you guys,” Skylar responded.

“What did she look like?” Her mother asked curiously.

“She had wings like me, and she told me she was a spirit, then comforted me,” She replied with a shaky breath. Daniel and mom looked at each other with saddened eyes and kissed her head. Skylar smiled and hugged them both tightly. 

The world was different to all of them. Being different doesn’t make you different. Just because you look and act different doesn’t make you any less unique than anyone else. The world is unique in all of our eyes. You just have to love them until they are happy again.

November 19, 2021 15:12

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Creed .
19:04 Nov 29, 2021

Hey, I really love this story! I have just one thing that is probably too late to fix, but just for future reference. You wrote: "everyone gave me weird stairs" I think it's supposed to be 'stares' How have you been?


Creed .
19:05 Nov 29, 2021

This is Whisper, btw. In case you didn't see my new username.


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20:42 Nov 30, 2021

Okie! thanks for letting me know, and thanks for helpin' me out :3


Creed .
21:13 Nov 30, 2021

How have you been?


14:45 Dec 03, 2021

Good, bout you?


Creed .
15:35 Dec 06, 2021

Pretty good, really excited about christmas!


14:49 Dec 15, 2021

Yeah, its coming up quickly! (sorry I didn't see this)


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Penny Nieman
07:41 Jan 11, 2022

wow, this is so good! You should be so proud!


13:21 Jan 11, 2022

Aww... Thanks!


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