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Updates and random info: Tendonitis never got better. Full time left-handed now. ;( Posted Teaser 'trailer' to Exodus! It happened: I actually got (Still have) writer's block. Never happened before but now it did and I hate it. Also: I'm learning Swedish! And now German too! __ Official officer of the Reedsy Writing Police Force. Founder: __ Previously known as Endellion. And Tetricus Cobra. And Titan Strider. And Jagger. And Whisper. and Jaecar Crypt. And Black widow. And Bucky barnes. 😆 __ Reedsy is addictive, that's the truth of it. __ My comrades: 😎😎😎 Thanks to Wolf warrior/lone wolf for being the coolest christian I've met in a long time. She's awesome, ya'll, check her out! 😎 Another awesome person and author who is my vbff (I think) : Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Abigail Cross! 😎 Celeste is awesome, too! She's writing a Reedsycast and my character is Galen. Check her out! I just met Jack Crisis, but I can tell first glance that he's a cool dude. I can't believe I forgot: 𝔊𝔲𝔞𝔡𝔞𝔩𝔲𝔭𝔢 𝔗𝔢𝔩𝔠𝔬𝔫𝔱𝔞𝔯 An amazing writer whose stuck by me through all of Genesis! _____ 📝 A random poem I wrote once, tell me what you think: What is the point of writing? Well, it's different for everyone. For some, it's fun. For some, it's work. Timelines, page lines, and deadlines. For some, it's all about rhymes, those stories with no time, rarely a reason besides bedtimes, with mother goose and sheep on the loose. But, for me, it's different than all of these. I discovered these new worlds inside my mind, and I could not decline. That first word, hesitantly written, and those pages were smitten. With badly written sentences and poor punctuation, but it didn't stop me, I didn't give up. No, instead, I became the mason. Building, gluing, mending those holes to build a haven. For those little pieces of me who came out and became close friends, for those creatures who, elsewhere, might have been fiends. Werewolves who don't eat people, minotaurs with manners, all the characters with a cause gather here, inside my head. There, dwells space and earth, universes and dimensions, a multiverse of so many possibilities, even ones that, maybe, have yet to be read. And this is why I write: Without The Mason to mend the holes and tend to the roles, The haven would collapse and fade away, Become ruins of some forgotten way, that I used to live and love. Without the haven, those friends, those people I have made come to life, will slowly die off. That is why I will stay, inside this dream, which I see every day, to keep alive the tales, the worlds, which dwell inside the haven created by the Mason. ____ Ya'll... Don't like my stories and just leave without reading it. I know I kinda do it, but I've been realizing it's like lying to like a story and not even know what the story is. How lame. Don't do that. Read the stinkin' story or leave. ___ My random quiz ___ And a bit about me: Name: Classified. Age: Classified. Gender: Classified. Address: Classified. I am the quiet person on the edge of the crowd who's wearing a leather trench coat and fedora, carrying a sword and a dagger and watching silently through dark eyes over a black mask... But, I'm actually really shy and nice if you talk to me. Lol, I just like dressing like a warrior and carrying weapons. I'm obsessed with all things warrior-like and tough, which is the opposite of me. There are some people my age who gossip about their boyfriend or girlfriend and the latest meme or celebrity. Not me. I gossip about the coolest weapons and do not care in the slightest for the news, memes, or celebrities. Literally, if you ask me who my favorite celebrity is, I'll say Jesus. ____ I believe no matter what you look like, the real beauty is inside you and that's the beauty that matters. I do not support lgbtq, but I will not hate on anyone who thinks it is right. It is God's job to judge, not mine. I do think that all lives matter. Black, white, asian and every other race. We are all God's children. ___ I love writing, obviously. I started a few years back and haven't stopped since. I got this skill from my big brother. I also draw, mostly people's faces. I got that skill from my other big brother. So yeah, I have my parents, five brothers, a sister and two cats, and we all live in a tiny house, but I love it. _ I was raised christian and believe in God who died for our sins and who watches over us every day and night. So, as this bio winds down, you have learned a few things, I'm a book in which the cover is nothing like the contents, and I'm terrible at writing bios. Lol, G'day mate. (I also love aussie's accents)