Crime Contemporary High School

Being a curious 14 year old and looking for adventure I decided to join a club. Not any club, A club named as "The Crime Club". Many High schoolers and some Middle schoolers knew about this club , but none of them actually knew what happened inside this club and who were the members of this club. I had to go to this club , I knew a girl named Jessy ,who knew about this club . At the moment I was trying to find her and yes I saw her standing near her locker ,turning the pages of a book.


"Hi, Do you want something ?" She said still turning the pages of the book hardly seeing at my face

"Umm,Yeah" I replied

"I wanted to know about "The Crime,she abruptly put a finger on my mouth stopping me in between

and said-

"Shush up , Don't talk about that here"


"Just don't " She said looking around with concerned eyes.

"Well how will I know about it without talking to you "

"JUST DM ME IDIOT!!" She said while turning away.

"But what's your," She had already gone.

So finally after school I'm home . And as she didn't told me her instagram I'd, I'll have to find her . Got my laptop , opened my Instagram , Found her! Let's DM her.

Hi 👋

Hello Betty , you wanted to know about "The Crime Club"


Ok , so see . The Crime Club is NOT a silly club where you read crime stories, watch crime shows or discuss about them. No one knows what happens inside.

So how do you know it is not a silly club for reading or discussing crime stories?

Cause then I,May or Viola would be in it and it wouldn't be a thing to not talk about

But it's not like they kill somebody or hurt somebody.

Kill ,I hope not . Hurt,yes

What do you mean by that!?!?

They HURT one of the Editor of The School Newspaper.

How ???

By beating her on the school premises

Any reason??

Because she went to their spot of selecting members and collected some information and then published an article ,well it did not have much information as she was going to write the 2nd and most important part the next day,but on the day the first part got published she was hit with a baseball bat on her knees ,which caused her to collapse on the ground

OMG, is she okay now ?

Yeah .

Did she publish the second part?

Sadly no,she received threats via phone calls and texts.

And is she still in the school.

No , she switched schools the next year


Do you want to know something else?

Umm.... How do I get into the club?

Did this freaking fascinate you ????

Absolutely not!!!!

Then why do you suddenly want to join the club ??????

I wanted to join the club from the starting of this conversation! Why do you think I wanted to know about the club???

I thought that you just wanted to know about the club like ten other students who came to me this week!!!

Okay,well now you know I want to join the club.

Betty , you are a nice girl.

That was the problem , I was a " nice" girl.

can you tell me or not?

You know they HIT a person

Yes but its not a big deal in High school, I have got beaten up 2 times.

What about the threats?!?!??

Well they might just be kidding. They didn't do anything.

Alright ,I loose.See, To get in you have to do a task , I don't know what but, not everyone is successful in doing it.

Where and when do I go to do the task ?

Today 10PM, at the house no.10 in the street behind the woods which are in front of our school.

Listen, be safe.


And just at that moment I heard the door of my room open .

"Hey, lil sis"

"Please knock before coming in " Big sister" '

"Enough of the drama , I am going to get a Starbucks you want one"


"Your regular"

"You know me well" I said laughing

"Yes I do " She marched away .

It's finally 10 , I have to go. But I'll have to sneak off.Let me quietly open the door ,close it, go down the stairs on my toes ,go out using the almost falling back door and here I am out on the streets.

It's not too late,the distance is not too much , I've got my phone and a fork and pepper spray for my safety, I'll be safe.

After walking for about 15 minutes I can finally see house number 10,it's a corner house . It doesn't look occupied - the lawn is not mowed, Most of the lights are turned off ,the hedge is not trimmed,lots of webs are there, And as I went close I could see that the windows had no curtains and it was dark inside, I felt frightened. The door is boarded up so I can't possibly get in through the front door ,I have to check the back door. I started going towards the backyard guided by the flashlight of my iPhone, which I had to turn on because it was pretty dark .

I think someone is walking behind me but I dare not turn around. I felt a hand coming towards me I reached for the fork in my pocket but it was too late the person had already caught hold of my hands with one hand and cupped my mouth with another. I think I'm going to get killed.

But the person loosened his or her grip and brought his or her mouth near my ear almost as if to bite off my ear and whispered "Don't turn on the flashlight ". The person let me free and I did as told .

I looked at the person , He was probably a boy but I can't be sure as he had a mask on with a skull printed on it.He started walking and asked me to follow him in his raspy voice.I followed him . He entered through the backdoor which was wide open, I followed him,not that I wanted to. It felt wrong and scary ,at the same time it felt adventurous too,but is adventure worth my life. Sadly It's too late to run back home I am already in an unknown place with an unknown man,why did I not listen to Jessy why was I so stubborn and stupid. The man is going to the basement , I should not follow him right? But where could I go .

I went down to the basement it was decently lit . There was a lamp kept in between and flashlights were kept on all the tables in the room.There were almost 6 other people in the room wearing masks and a girl about my age who was sweating,maybe because of being scared to death or because of the fact that the basement had close to no ventilation or maybe both of the reasons were valid . I was told to kneel beside her. Then a girl , possibly the leader stood up and said "You both are here for getting into the Crime Club and you have passed the first half of the test which was reaching here"

Wait!!The voice sounded very familiar just lacking the joyfullness which was replaced by a cold chilling essence. but of course this could not be her . She gave the girl a knife and told her to make a cut on her arm . The girl started crying and said "I....I...a...am sorry ...I can't" the girl sobbed . But the leader didn't care . She shouted "I hate the words can't and no". The girl tried to but couldn't. A masked girl came ahead and hit the girl on the back with a bat and made a cut on her arm and told her to run back home. It was my turn, my heart was beating rapidly ,I felt as if my blood vessels would burst. A boy handed me the pocket knife whose blade was still soaked in blood of the poor girl . The leader said in a cold voice " If she refuses, hit her on the head and slit her throat ". I was sure she wasn't kidding. I took a deep breath , closed my eyes and the next moment when I opened them there was blood on my arm. The leader laughed wickedly and said " I knew you could do it ,welcome to The Crime Club ". They took off their masks . When I saw the face of the leader , I felt numb , I couldn't think, my mind went blank. They told me to meet them tomorrow at this place immediately after school.

I ran home , washed my wound ,wrapped it with an old shirt and locked myself in my room . I thought I'd feel safe . But I felt unsafe in my own home. I couldn't believe the face I saw , I felt as if my whole life was a lie . I cried and sobbed.

I opened my eyes, I might have fell asleep while crying. I showered and dressed up in a full sleeved baggy shirt, I ate my breakfast as fast as possible and ran out of my house,not because I was late for school, it was because I didn't feel safe at home.

School is over .The dreaded time has come and no I am not going to make the mistake of going to the club ,I am going to run straight to home and lock myself. After an hour or so I heard a knock on my door and a voice


I didn't reply ,I knew the voice had a hidden side.

The door nob turned and she entered she had a knife in her hand and said "Rules are same for everyone lil sis " .

May 21, 2021 17:42

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Ashutosh Kumar
08:48 Jul 17, 2021

A good plot and story. I liked the twist. Only, some punctuation mistakes, otherwise it was a good story.


Tarushi Parmar
16:34 Jul 17, 2021

Thankyou for your compliment and suggestion.


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Eric D.
18:49 May 27, 2021

Oh my god the plot twist, that was a really good and creepy story


Tarushi Parmar
04:43 May 28, 2021

Glad you liked it .😃


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Svara Narasiah
13:15 May 26, 2021

I loved the concept, it was very creative. However, there were a few punctuation mistakes--mostly around the commas and speech marks--which made it a little hard to read. It was a good story overall--3.5/5 stars :) keep writing and you will improve!


Tarushi Parmar
13:33 May 26, 2021

Thanks a lot for the honest feedback 😃. I'll surely keep that in mind 👍 .


Svara Narasiah
13:57 May 26, 2021

No problem :))


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