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Reality can be draining to the writer’s soul because obligations can rob creative energy. Every time I think about doing what I love, thoughts about the endless tasks I’m behind on get in the way, and it feels like I have no right to delay them. Ideas and opportunities are always conflicting. Tsunamis of ideas hit me at inopportune times, then trying to dream on paper is like waiting for rain on a sunny day. Stirring the overfilled mind is frustrating. The best step I’ve taken is relating my coursework back to my creative pursuits, doing research on businesses in the self-publishing industry. It’s time to decide that creative projects are equally as important to complete as assignments, so I’m going to set myself deadlines. 

Fiction is one of the many art forms that tends the garden of the world’s imagination. Completed projects are the first priority, because you can’t sell what you don’t have. However, it’s so hard to create in the chaos of everyday life. I've been thinking about problem solving lately, and my lightbulb moment was in brainstorming what would enhance my creative surroundings. Dreams are like movies produced by your subconscious- adaptations of your real life. Their purpose is mysterious. As for me, they show me the places I need to bring my readers to. I keep finding myself in a different place when I go to sleep, and writing is the only way I can take you there.

I need a place where reality is not permitted to enter, a place of quiet impenetrable alone time, time that I lose track of in deep focus. I can picture my perfect studio- just a tiny house on wheels, except I wouldn't need all of the home features. My personal items would be in the main house to keep it clean and organized. A few mirrors across from the windows would multiply the view of the trees. In front of my parked house would be a lovely garden with solar lawn ornaments and a fountain.  I could listen to the birds and the swaying plants, or I could turn the music up loud to destress my mind, concentrating on activities with set processes before diving into complexity. I don’t always have to be alone in here- I might invite you in for some coffee because conversation expands ideas. This would be my area to write stories and lyrics, dance, record audiobooks and songs, and create cover art. Creativity brings meaning to my existence. Alone time is beautiful. 

Writers’ block proves we are not in full control. Assuming we are the producers, it’s quite strange how we must wait for ideas to arise, wait for our mind to start producing them, hoping activities and efforts will bring an abundance of thoughts for each project. As I’ve wrestled with ideas and blocks, I’ve learned that there is a limit to how much production can be put on demand. We have to work with our flow of thoughts with movement, fresh air, sound, literature, and images. This place would give me the freedom to think about life- how it only feels long in the moment, but then is only a memory. Memories aren’t meaningless. They in part act as determinants as one day connects one situation to another. I love thinking about my projects and feeling confident in myself. In fact, writing about my goals can inspire me when I’m feeling jaded. I knew I wanted to do all of these things from a very young age. 

Music makes me emotional in the best way. It calms me down and makes me thoughtful, freeing space in my head. Lyrics, let’s remember, tell a story. Once I’m inspired, I listen to the music inside my own mind and write down what it tells me to. Another funny thing about inspiration is it hits me at random moments, moments where I’m not trying to be inspired. 

Words rain down on the page when my imagination is set in a specific place. In darkness, it is freedom, and in happiness it is excitement. Creativity rises and falls like the tides, and the writer is either a skilled surfer enjoying the intensity or a swimmer struggling against the opposing force. Fiction, whether it be written or read, is as peaceful and profound as dreaming. Writing about sadness doesn't hurt- it's painless pain relief. Building a world is like a building a house. Although we want to rush it, the story tells itself at its own pace, through compilations of light bulb moments, each at separate times. 

Dance also tells a story, as exemplified by musicals, but dance is a global form of expression, a way of performing how the music makes people feel along with the descriptive lyrics. What all of these things have in common is they are outlets that bring the imagination to life. Fiction uses realistic examples to carry on a fantasy that knows no limits of possibilities. In order to tell the story of my dreams, I need to think about them deeply and decide what kind of plot I can form out of their framework.

My sense of purpose as an author lies in symbolism. An author’s story emits from an extraordinary mind which turns ideas into words. The mind becomes magical in the process of creativity, having the ability to visualize new worlds, better situations, or daunting alternatives. Writing is the true window to the soul. It is

the author’s reaction to life’s experiences. The mind’s ability to process symbolism in writing is a formidable weapon, which is why storybooks have been banned throughout history, censoring ideas that were thought to be harmful to society. One idea has the potential to alter the course of history. An author has a

powerful mind. Having a plan for how to complete the projects starts with small goals leading up to long term goals, and it is refreshing to know exactly what you need to do. Sharing a few projects and networking is a good starting point, but taking the time to relax and create as if responsibilities, money, problems, and challenges were nonexistent is what will create the light bulb moments in fiction.

June 20, 2020 03:45

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Deborah Trahan
22:51 Jun 24, 2020

Beautiful ideas expressed in a lovely way. But, I must ask. This is an essay, right?


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