the choice that could change my life

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Hi! I am Sarah Anila Sharma. I have always wanted to start a diary, but I never seemed to have the time. Now with my college classes ending, and Winter Break starting, it seemed like the perfect chance. I live in Nashville Tenessee, and I study Animals at Belmont University ( well, I am graduating tomorrow!). I am 22 years old, and I was born on June 21, 1999. I live in a 4- bedroom apartment with my BFFs: Aashna, Anne, and Sophia. We have been friends since 1st grade, so our history goes WAY back. We call ourselves the S&A squad, and I know it sounds cringy for pretty much-grown adults. I also have two amazing parents, named Bethany and Anil and an annoying brother named Phillip.


Today was graduation! It was awesome, but I teared up on stage. I can't believe this era of my life is over. I love education, so at least that's not ending. Since I am on track to become a veterinarian, I still have many more years left of college. I want to go to Cornell, because of its amazing vet program. For now, I am doing an internship for a semester to learn more. Anyway, back to our graduation day. Before the ceremony, all of my roommates, my family, and their families walked around the beautiful campus. We all pointed out classes, buildings, and monuments we were going to miss. Then, we went out for lunch, and it was delicious! Anyway, I got to go, some of my mom's family is about to come over for my big graduation party!


Last night was awesome, and for the first time in years, I slept at my parent's house! It was nice to see some of my extended family. Even though they live in Nashville too, it seems like we never see them. My mom has had a long-time feud with her twin sister. But anyway, last night we stayed up so late, so I have just been chilling here all day. My parents have suggested I sleep here again because they have some big news for both me and Phillip. I am nervous about what it could be!


A lot has changed in the past day. My parents told Phillip and me to sit on the couch for a "family meeting". My dad then said that he is retiring from his tech job. But that wasn't it. He said that his parents in India were having a hard time keeping up their shop, so he wants to go help them. So, my family is going to move to India, but I have a choice. Since I am 22 and live/pay for an apartment they said I can stay here in Tennesse. But, my mom, dad, and brother will all be moving back to India. I was born in India, but we moved right before Phillip was born, so he's never been. I love my life here, but I don't want to be so far from my family. What should I do?!


My parents are now making it very clear that they want me to move. My dad picked me up and took me to their house. Then, he showed me a 1 hour documentary about my Indian heritage. He also showed me a family tree, for his family. Then, my mom made us all lunch full of traditional Indian food. My friends, on the other want, are begging me to stay. After lunch, Aashna picked us all up, and we walked around the landmarks of Nashville. Of course, both my family and my friends say it' s all my choice, but I am not so sure. They are pulling me in two opposite directions, and I just want some time to think. They are giving me a headache!


I think I've made my decision. I have researched and thought about the opportunities with my degree at both places. Even though I have always dreamed of being a vet, there are other career paths available while still working with animals. Because I value my family so much, and I want to stay with them, I will be moving! I haven't told my family yet, or even my friends. I want to, of course, sleep on it and wait for the PERFECT TIME, if there is any.


Today I broke the big news. My parents are overjoyed, and my friends, well they're not too happy. They are being super thoughtful and want to throw me a huge going away party. I just want to chill and hang out with them, until I move in about a week. I just want to make the most out of my last time here.



March 21, 2020 01:57

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Kathleen March
15:25 Sep 06, 2020

my parent's house ---- parents' The conflict you have set up is deeper than many might realize. I personally understand the two worlds decision, because I have faced it myself. The ending is a bit unattached to the rest of the story, but I get why you included it. Maybe it comes too fast at the end? I see this as the basis for an entire novel!


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Emma Friedman
02:04 Mar 21, 2020

Hi, this could've also gone with the big change prompt. I couldn't decide, so I just put it here!


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