Erica a fair and beautiful girl. Her long dark hair was another feature added to her beauty. She was a smart girl who loved adventure and one of her hobbies was trying "something new". Erica in school would create funny objects using her exercise books and sometimes her pen. Growing up with her little sister Vee she would always want to take her to the river and watch the fishermen and also the old women who always come to the river to wash lots of clothes. Erica loved the beauty of nature and for that reason, would always what to go for sight seeing. Taking her kid sister along side with her. Things like visiting the zoo, cinemas, museums game shops and also libraries were places of interest for the beautiful Erica. Her mum was a lover of adventure I guess Erica took after her mum. One day, in school it was announced that there would be a competition in a far away state and only but a few students were eligible to go for the competition. Erica unfortunately was not selected to go for the competition reason being that she was having a boil in her left eyes. This was as a result of reaction in her body that later developed into a boil. Though, the boil tried to make Erica look like a one eye queen but she still managed to keep herself off the weird look the boil brought to her face. To tell you the truth, the boil was big. The pains sometimes made her cry like a cat and that did not only get the parents and kid sister Vee worried but also she was asked to stay at home until the mass was out. This also put the life of adventurous Erica on hold and she could barely get a grip of herself when the pains starts. As time went by, they were meant to go for surgery to remove the mass. Erica was scared that her beauty will be ruined but her mum promised her that everything was going to be fine after the surgery. They visited St Paul's Hospital in Los Angeles and was asked to wait for another four weeks before coming back for a scan. This put Erica's father in a more worried state that he couldn't bear to see his daughter cry every passing day because of pain. Erica was a strong girl no doubt and the love she got from her family also pulled her through the trying times. It was four weeks and two days after, Erica was taken back to the hospital and a scan was done on the affected part and was discovered that their was a hole in the boil. This was quite weird according to the doctor. At that point, Erica was scared of losing her eye to the surgery but trust a father who will rather give his life for his child. He hugged Erica and promised her more adventurous trips after the surgery. She was very happy and could not hold back her joy and said "Doctor am strong and I can do this" After that, their was a smile of relief from her parents and kid sister.

It was April 1st 2018. The surgery was carried out and miraculously, Erica had her eyes intact and this was a huge relief. So, after some weeks of healing, Erica was back to school. Of course she has really missed school and everything that had to do with her studies. A girl who had a big dream of becoming a doctor. She continued from where she stopped and did all she could to meet up with her lessons. Her dad hadn't forgotten his promised he made to her before going into the operation room(theatre). But he wouldn't want to say anything yet or remind Erica of it so she could focus more on her studies knowing for a fact she had really missed out in studies and would want her to perform better in her upcoming test. Erica too had not forgotten about who she really was the girl that liked nature and always opened to going out and seeing things. Her mum too never backs down when it comes to going out with them when it's really for the fun of it. Examination was approaching and Erica had to let go the mind of going on adventurous trips and focus more on the examination. So she concentrated more and obviously, what else would one be expecting from a smart and beautiful girl with brain to bring back home after an examination if not a good result.

After the examinations, few days afterwards, the results were issued out to parents to see the performances of their children. Of course Erica would always make mum and dad proud. She came out with good grades though not top of the class but one of the three best in the class and one of the five best in the whole school. Yes! She did it! That was what Erica's father said out of excitement when he opened the result sheet to check the grades. Her mum too was blushing and her kid sister Vee wouldn't want to miss out in happy moment and held her sister firmly saying "I am proud of you when you make us proud". This put her dad in no choice but to break out the news of them visiting beautiful places and for the first time, Erica would be in the elevator. Wow! It was an exciting moment for them all and seriously, Erica was acting all sweet and nice so daddy doesn't change his mind. She was over joyed that she had to call her friends. Jane and Cynthia to tell them she would be going on beautiful sight seeing and for the first time she won't be using the stairs to go on the top floors. " I will be using the elevator'. This was her Statement as she hangs up after her call. Days went by and the preparation was going on smoothly. I could say Erica couldn't wait to see herself in the elevator so she really prepared herself very well for the trip. It was a picnic. Few days to the said day, her father received a call from the headquarters that his attention was urgently needed and so the preparation was pended. Though Erica was sad at first but did not let her hopes get dashed as her father promised to make it up to her when he returns in two weeks time. So, her dad travelled to South Korea for the business meeting and it was like Erica would always go to the calendar to circle each passing day so she would know when it exactly 14 days that her dad said he would be spending. Good thing, she never gives up and so made it a duty to always go to the calendar and circle the days as it drew closer to 14 days and anxiously waiting for her dad to come back.

After two weeks, her dad returned as promised and of course would always keep to his words. He asked them to prepare again and this time, nothing would stop it. So the joy was back again and Erica would want to do everything so they could go together. Erica wouldn't for a second want anything that would stop her from entering the elevator. So it was the D-day!

And of course they set off for their journey. Erica as usual, brought out her camera her daddy bought for her when she celebrated her 12th birthday. She started snapping things she saw as the car was on motion. When they arrived, they first got to the mall to buy more things they would be going to the beach with. As they entered, the receptionist did the best job by putting up a beautiful smile to welcome them and afterwards, Erica reminded her dad of she entering the elevator and not going through the stairs to the top floor. Wow! It would have been an exciting one for Erica but sad, she got the shock of her life. It was in the third floor that there was a power outage and so Erica and her family were trapped in the elevator.

Sad as it was, it was never a good experience for her.

When finally they where helped out... She screamed and said, " It was my first time". Trapping in an elevator, it's never a good experience"!

September 10, 2020 22:13

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