Creative Nonfiction Kids Holiday

New/Old Gift 

By: Haripriya 

“Dear Santa...,” the little girl wrote as she was very excited for the holidays.  

Christmas was her favorite time of the year. The joy of bells ringing, singing, the love of families coming and visiting each other. Everyone having a bright on their faces. Everything she loved. The little girl also liked to give presents and receive them. This year she wanted a video game set. She was so happy, thinking that she was going to get it. Of course, she always got what she wished every Christmas. Why would this Christmas be any different, right? 

“I want a video game set, or a virtual doll! I don’t know if the elves make them, but if they do, I really want one! I am so excited!! I can’t wait for my friends to come visit my house because we can play all sorts of fun games on the video game controllers! I really hope I was a good little girl this year. I was nice to everyone and made friends with them. I helped around the house, and even learned how to do laundry and wash the  dishes! Isn’t that amazing! Also, I got an A on my annual report  card this year. My teachers told me that my grade was improving, so 3rd grade will be a little easier for me! I have started to read more too! I read 20 books during the summer break! I really hope I get a video game (or that doll, either is fine!). Thank you so, so, so, so, so, so (is that enough so’s?) so, so, much, Judy.” the little girl wrote.  

She did struggle with writing at first, but now was slowly improving. Judy hopped along and quickly took some cookies to eat for a snack. The little girl felt so happy and cheerful when the holidays came rolling around the corner. Just as she was about to go up to her room, her mother called. 

“Judy! Come down, we are going for a visit to your grandfather’s house! Come along, now! I am waiting...Judy!” her mother had hollered from the front door. 

“Yes, mom! I am coming! Wait...grandfather’s house? Well...I have never been to his house before, why should I go now?” questioned Judy. 

“Judy, it always good to visit family! Especially in the holidays! You grandfather is very excited to see you! Please don’t make a fuss about this and come down! It is very cold outside so make sure you take your hat, winter boots, scarf, and gloves!” replied her mother. 

Judy sighed and groaned, “Fine! I will come.” 

She soon came down the long stairs. Slowly and dragged her feet on each step she took. Judy didn’t really understand why she had to visit her grandfather’s house. He had always come to their home. But she didn’t argue with her mother because she knew that wouldn’t do any good. Instead, she listened and slowly came down. Looking so uninterested at everything around her, she finally reached the last step. Her mother quickly ran along with her until they reached the comforts of their car. She slowly and carefully stepped in. The ice was very slippery after all.  

Judy fastened her seat belt and looked outside. She marveled at the gorgeous sight of the gracious powder of white spread down on the ground. It looked like magical crystals falling and making everything around it look a little bit more...wonderful. She tried to block out the horrendous noise of cars honking and blaring.  

She scoffed and said in her mind, “Ugh! What a terrible sound! It’s almost like the cars are yelling at each other. “  

Suddenly, the thought about that made her laugh. Again, she continued to look at the amazing sight. She could see all the lights, and welcoming decorations in front of people’s homes. If she squints...hard...she could spot families celebrating inside their warm and comfy homes. She blew and air came out, causing the windows to form a mist-like condition.  She loved when that happens because she could draw on the window using her finger. Suddenly, the traffic rush was gone and now their car was moving a lot faster. In about 10 to 15 minutes they reached her grandpa’s house. He too, had everything festive and decorated.  

“Judy, get up! We’re here...come on now, get up quickly, it is even starting to get cold inside the car! Quickly!” her mother whispered quietly.  

“Yes, I am coming mom and dad! Wait, I’ll just quickly unbuckle my seat belt and be there in a jiffy, I promise!” Judy yelled. 

As she had promised, Judy quickly ran behind her mom and dad. They were right, it was getting colder in the car. Squishing her hands inside her pockets, she ran even faster. It was not that she didn’t like her grandfather, she loved him. It was just that she loved staying home and playing with her friends during the holidays. Though many of them do go to vacation, or their family's houses. Finally, the three of them reached the front door. 

Ring. Ring. There was no answer. 

Knock. Knock. Again, no answer. 

Before they even got a chance to ring the doorbell or knock on the door, Judy’s grandfather himself had opened the door. 

“Come in! Come in my children. Oh, Judy! You look so thin and pale, and you’re shivering with cold! Come my granddaughter, I will get you something to eat and some hot chocolate. “her grandfather told. 

“Oh, no dad! Judy is fine! She had just eaten some cookies before leaving the house! It’s fine, I will help you dad. No need for any rush. You just sit there and talk to Judy while the both of us will make you something.” replied Judy’s mom. 

“Come on! I am not that old! But I love anything you make for me, my daughter. Also, I can spend and bond with my little, and beautiful Judy here! Guess it’s a win-win situation.” responded Judy’s grandfather. 

“Hello grandfather! I am so happy to see you! Can I tell you what I wished Santa to get me?” shrieked Judy with joy. 

“Of course, my dear child. I am only here to see your face.” said grandfather. 

“First things first. I asked if he could bring me a video game set! You know that would be amazing! Me and my friends could all play on the controller! Won’t that be spectacular! I am just so excited! I can’t get video games out of my head! The other gift which I wished for was a virtual doll! I don’t know if Santa’s elves can make that, but it is worth a try! Isn’t it? What do you think grandpa?” asked Judy curiously. 

“Oh, it’s all right, I guess. All you kids think about these days are technology. Back in the olden days, I had real fun! Getting that sunshine all day by playing outside! Those were the golden days. Now that all these Wi-Fi came, all kids know is how to play on these tacky gadgets.” told grandpa. 

“Well... that’s not true! The internet is useful to the world, nowadays. Not every child only looks at their phones, tablets, or other devices! I play outside! It’s just I like both: playing, and technology.” told Judy. 

“Can I show you my favorite toy when I was kid? Back in the 50s if you had one of these, you were the coolest kid in town. I had begged my mum and dad for this, though they didn’t have that much money, they still bought a present for me and my 2 brothers and 1 sister. That 9th Christmas, I had felt so happy that I got that toy. Even now, I still love that toy the most. I have it up in the attic, in an old, probably dusty box. Come, I will show you.” grandfather signaled Judy to follow her. 

“Wow, grandpa. I never thought about asking you what your favorite was. What is it?” asked Judy. 

“I’ll tell you when we reach there my little Judy.” replied the grandfather. 

Finally, the two of them had went up the tiny stairs and opened a little flap on the wall. As they moved it, they slowly climbed up to see the rusty attic. Her grandfather had helped Judy rise to the top of the attic floor. As they both reached, they saw a lot of boxes, and as guessed, dust particles and cobwebs on everything. 

“ Aaaachoooo! Aaaachoooo!” sneezed Judy.  

“I’m sorry little one, I haven’t really bothered to clean this part of the house for a very long time...” her grandpa laughed sheepishly. 

“Now, where is that box.... Antique items, no. Umm....bulbs, no. Where is that...aha!” her grandpa finally exclaimed with enlightenment. 

Judy quickly rushed towards him. Her grandfather had pulled out a box labeled, “TOYS”. He swept all the dust with his bare hands, and Judy had to flinch at that sight.  

“It is called Colorforms. My favorite one! I used to love drawing and art in general when I was about your age. When I had saw that toy come in our little television, back in the old days, I was very intrigued and amazed. It was quickly getting out of sale because of the popularity of the toy back then. As a little kid myself, I too wanted to get one of those Colorforms. I tried to persuade them by promising to buy the groceries and taking care of our farm. Finally, they agreed and bought it for me. I felt like the happiest kid in the world.” her grandpa explained. 

“My gosh! Really? It feels so crazy, how the years and generations change, but kids still stay the same. The way we act and behave, I guess that is the best part being kids. Getting our parents to buy that toy or getting in trouble! That is the joy of being a kid.” remarked Judy. 


One week had passed since their visit to her grandpa’s house. It was finally Christmas! Judy was so excited to see what everyone got. When she rushed down with her family to open her presents, she found lots. But her eyes quickly glanced at her parents’ and her grandpa’s. She decided to open her parents’ present first. She saw the video game she had wanted. She hugged both tightly and whispered “Thanks You” to them. Then, she opened her grandpa's present. To her surprise, she saw a box which read “Colorforms”.  

“Mom, dad, is it fine if I donate the video game please? I really feel like I don’t need it right now, besides, I have everything I need and more.” requested Judy. 

“Wow...Judy, are you sure? You have been asking for this specific game for almost a year now! Do you really want to donate it?” asked her mom. 

“Yes. I am sure.” replied Judy confidently. 

“Well...I am so proud of who you are becoming, Judy. You made the right decision.” told her mom. 

“Thanks. Anyways, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and play with my new set of Colorforms.” Judy said excitingly.  

~The End~ 

September 26, 2020 21:38

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P. Jean
18:28 Oct 08, 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice if that were possible. Not likely but the writing was good. A few grammatical errors but the content flowed and was an interesting story.


Thanks a lot! I means so much that people are taking the time to read my stories!! :)


P. Jean
20:00 Oct 08, 2020

You are very welcome I learn from all I read!


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A. K. Wilson
20:01 Oct 03, 2020

I love the scene building and the emotions you put behind the story great job!


Thank you so much A.k. Wilson! I appreciate you for supporting me!! 😊


A. K. Wilson
20:46 Oct 03, 2020

No problem you earned it thank you for sharing such a great story


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