It was cloudy that day and Timothy wasn’t in the mood for a walk. Usually on his mornings walks he was always cheerful and friendly but today he felt differently. Lately, Timothy felt moody and groggy. His neighbors and co-workers complained to Timothy that he wasn’t his usual self, he always responded “I don’t know what it is, I just haven’t been feeling the moment.” People always smile “Don’t worry it will get better” or “Been there before” and Timothy’s favorite response is “You gotta find the spark and make your life more bright.”But, the past week Timothy woke up startled in his sleep; his dreams seemed so surreal. He had trouble falling back asleep when he had these dreams.

  Timothy grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father, his mother was constantly in depression and emotionally neglected Timothy. He helped protect his mother from his abusive father as a kid. He decided to save up money and go far away from his toxic family. He changed his identity and started a fresh new life and never looked back and reached out to his family. He never missed them and was always grateful that he didn’t have any siblings. Although he wished he craved for a family but for a good one. The ones he saw on Hallmark movies while he was growing up. The families that fought, but were happy and were always there for each other. But, he knew most families struggled and never had a happy ending. He promised himself that he will never be like his father and be a family man who will love his family deeply.

  Timothy is happily engaged with a beautiful girl named Fiona. Fiona loved Timothy genosority, his kindness, his go-getting personality. Timothy loved Fiona upbeat, independency and her down to earth personality. They were an inseparable pair. They were in love and everyone believed they made a great couple. Fiona and Timothy met in college, Timothy was struggling in their class and Fiona helped him pass. They were 18 when they met each other both majoring in Computer Science. Timothy caught his eye on Fiona and thought she was a beautiful girl. But he was nervous to say anything. Fiona noticed Timothy and thought he was cute and approached him. One day during his college days and when Fiona and him were close friends, Timothy felt terrible he was on the verge of breaking down. He overhead someone talking about how depression killed his mother. Timothy instantly at that moment thought about his mother and her depression. He remembered seeing his father always coming home late drunk and his mother always crying and begging him not to drink. He saw his mother right there and saw her eyes full of sadness and begging him to get out of the place. Timothy was sweaty and twitched a little bit he couldn’t believe his eyes that he was seeing his mother. Fiona noticed Timothy worries and hugged him from the back and whispered in his ears “Don’t worry I’m here for you.” Timothy was startled and noticed it was Fiona “oh it’s you, you scared me” Timothy was stuttering. Fiona noticed something wasn’t right with him and asked What’s wrong. He told her that he overheard someone talking about depression and killed their mother, he told Fiona when he was a kid he saw his mother depressed and dealt with an abusive. Fiona had tears in her guys and hugged him tight and told him she was here for him. Fiona noticed that Timothy was a sensitive guy and he noticed Fiona was caring. She leaned in and gave him a kiss.Ever since that day they have never left each other side. They were there for each other for the good and the bad days.Timothy couldn’t imagine finding another girl in his life. Fiona was perfect for him and Fiona felt the same; every struggle made them stronger. They decided that they wanted a small ceremony between family and friends since they weren’t fond of big parties.

  Ever since Timothy and Fiona have been planning the wedding. Timothy noticed changes in his behavior. He was losing sleep waking up in the middle of the night. Sometimes he felt like his past still haunted him, especially memories of his abusive and alcoholic father. Also, he felt when he pauses for a minute or take a break it seems like the world around him is doing the same or frozen. Timothy was concerned because he never experienced this before. He wanted to tell Fiona but he didn’t want to worry her, he didn’t want her to assume that he was getting cold feet because they were about to get married soon.

 Timothy always hoped he would never be like his father and never have a marriage the way his parents had. He got up from his sleep and sat down in the living room on the sofa with his legs slouched. He was still shaken about the dream his father was in. This time the dream was a past memory that disturbed him and always made him feel uncomfortable. It was the last memory he had of his mother and father. Timothy poured himself a drink and revisited his memory.

 George came stumbling in the house, he was drunk, he had a Jack Danielsin his hand. He had a strong smell of alcohol and the strong scent filled the room. He stumbled in the room. Sylvia saw George “For God’s sake, you need to stop drinking all the damn time. We don’t have any money for food and rent and you’re wasting it on this stupid bottle.” “George get your act together you have a family to take care of.” George slapped her and pushed her against the wall and held her face in his huge hands “Mind your damn business and don’t tell me how to raise my family. We have enough food more than I ever had as a kid. We have a big enough house, so both of you need to stop being ungrateful and appreciate what you have.” Sylvia pushed him back “We will appreciate it more once you get your act together, all you do is mess around. You don’t think I know George, meeting those other woman behind my back. You give them more money and more attention than to me. My life was perfect before I met you, you made my life miserable. I don’t know what I saw in you.” Sylvia slapped him, George took a big gulp of his drink and wiped his mouth. He grabbed her face again and pushed her down to the floor. He put his face near hers so she can smell his breath. “Well those other women satisfy me more than you ever do. They are prettier and make me feel like a man. You make me feel worthless Sylvia. You offer me nothing, you're a dumbass ugly person.” He slapped her again and threw the beer bottle towards her. Sylvia was in tears.

  Timothy was upstairs in his room listening to the argument, he slowly came down the steps and saw his mother sitting on the floor sobbing. His father grabbed his mother's face and shouted at her. “George, please stop Timothy upstairs if you don’t care about me, at least for his sake stop drinking.” Timothy was shocked to hear that he thought his mother didn’t love or care about him because she barely spoke to him. George laughed almost as a howl “You don’t even care about him, ignoring his ass just like you do with me.” George had rage on his face, slapped her and pushed her towards the sofa. “You don’t even come near me that’s why I’m after those other women. I’m a man who has needs to fulfill and desires too. I come home and see your ugly face.” Sylvia pushed him away “Then why marry me George and called me beautiful when we were dating. You changed George.” She kept on hitting him on his chest. 

  Timothy slowly took a few steps down the stairs to see what was happening. Timothy was crying and was scared he had a phone near him and didn’t know what to do. George grabbed her face again “I was an idiot to say those things but now I’m tired of seeing your ugly face.” Sylvia pushed him away but he came near her again “I’m tired of seeing your ugly, broke and alcoholic ass, I’m leaving you George, you can mess around with those other women. I’m gonna live my life again and without you. I regret loving your useless ass. The only good thing that came out of this marriage is Timothy. I’m gonna take him away from you and raise him to be a better man and never be useless like you.” Sylvia got up and walked away but George pushed her down the sofa and held her down. “You ain’t going nowhere and you in no way of hell gonna take my son away from me.” George held her down and ripped off her clothes and slapped her. Sylvia tried pushing him off “George, STOP I HATE YOU.” George covered her mouth “Shut up you should be happy about this, no one wants you. Enjoy this because you will never get any.” George laughed and leaned towards her again. Sylvia was sobbing and pushed him away but he was too strong. Timothy saw this and picked up the phone and ran upstairs.

  Timothy startled and went upstairs with his drink he saw little Timothy calling 911. He saw the cops coming in through the door, but by the time the cops came in it was too late. His father was gone and his mother was pronounced dead. Adult Timothy was panicking when he saw all of his, he saw little Timothy going out the door with the cop. Timothy couldn’t believe his eyes. Little Timothy looked towards him “Don’t worry you’re nothing like George. You’re a great man.” Timothy was scared he quickly called Fiona.

  She quickly came over and told her everything. Fiona never seen him like this before, she held him in his arms. “Oh baby, you’re nothing like your father. You are the most loving and kindest person I met. Timothy held her tight. “I’m just always worried and scared that I will be like him; miserable. I can’t imagine hurting you.” Fiona laughed “Babe, you can't even yell at me properly, we have the most calmest arguments.” She kissed him “I love you and I understand your worries, but I promise you we will make a good family.” Timothy smiled and gave her a long tender kiss “I love you too and I promise to never hurt you.”

March 14, 2020 02:38

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Sam Ho
11:35 Mar 19, 2020

Hi, Sarah Y. I was given your story to read as part of the ‘critique circle’. I enjoyed your story. It was quite dark and moving. I really like Tim and Fiona’s blossoming romance. I also found the dialog in the flashback very real and it hooked me in. I think you would benefit with more of a storyline with Tim and Fiona. Make something happen to them, to maybe try and parallel Tim with his father. Or another idea would be Fiona coming home drunk and Tim over reacting because of his memories of his drunken father. There are a few typos as w...


Said Y
20:32 Mar 19, 2020

Thank you Sam I like ideas you gave me about Tim and Fiona storyline. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Yes you should it helps the reader understand the character and gets the reader hooked when you give a back story.


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All Rounder
23:33 May 05, 2021

Amazing ...love it ,


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