Adventure Science Fiction Friendship

Sitting on the soft sands of the beach, I was watching the stunning sunset.

It was finally time to go to work!

Wearing my favourite swimsuit, I leaped into the vast water of the sea. I was an underwater explorer and I loved diving.

A new species of fish was expected to be found in the ocean and I wanted to see it lively. The first person to find out the species to see it live had the opportunity to name the species. Thus, I wanted to be the first one.

I put on my oxygen mask and swam deep into the ocean. The water was always murky, but I loved it that way.

Nobody had ever examined the new kind of species. Merely the size and height was known then.

That's what got me excited. I loved exploring new things.

On the spur of that moment, my oxygen started leaking. I found a knife stuck in my oxygen cylinder.ย 

I wondered how a knife could put a hole on a aluminium cylinder.

The sea hunters! They were on my tail!

Their knife could pierce into anything because they were made up of diamond. They were a group of creatures who ate anything in the ocean. They were very primitive creatures also called underwater tribes.

I had to swim fast. I couldn't hold my breath for a long time. The oxygen cylinder had an output of pressure which pushed meย downwards. Thanks to my trainers, I knew how to handle the situation.

Suddenly, I saw a man who had an oxygen cylinder. He was unaware that the sea hunters were coming near.

I swam straight atย him and took hold of his hands.

"What are you doing?" he mumbled. He showed some hand signals and I understood.

"Don't lose your breath. I am an underwater explorer. The sea hunters are approaching," I said and used hand signals. Sign language was an important thing to learn for underwater explorers.

"But, I have to encounter the new species. I am an underwater explorer too," he mumbled. This time I heard him right.

I thought I should escape, leaving him there, because he also wanted toย name the new species.ย But, I knew that it was not the right decision.ย 

It was almost impossible to elude the sea hunters in the water. Only, they won't come out of the water. They had a man's body and shark's tail.

I swam as fast as my legs would go. I had to save the other underwater explorer. But, my oxygen was quickly running out. I was tired and could not clearly see where the land was because of the murky water.

Then my companion took charge.

"Just climb on my shoulder," he mumbled and waved his hands at me. I had no choice. I was starting to faint as I had no supply of oxygen.

I choked out the water andย woke up.

He saved me! As I was lying in the soft sands, I looked on for him. I saw him in front of me, watching the blue skies.

"Thank you. Do I know you?" I said.

"You are welcome. I don't think you know me. I am Willie," he said. He was one handsome dude, very muscular!

His brown eyes looked sharp like an eagle while his hair was curly black.

"My name is William," I stated.

"Our names are almost the same. You look awesome, William," he said, laughing. I also started to laugh.

He gave me his hand and made me stand.

"How did you save me? No human can swim faster than a sea hunter, " I asked him.

He didn't answer. But, anyways he had saved me.

"Friends?" I asked him. He just nodded and smiled.

"We have to start again and find that species," he said, looking for a place to dive.

"Are you insane? You wanna die so young. We had narrowly escaped from the sea hunters," I said.

"We escaped, right?" he asked me.

He loved adventures more than me!

"Do you have another oxygen cylinder?" I inquired.

"I possess a small cylinder. It will provide oxygen for just an hour," he said, taking a small cylinder from his backpack.

"Thanks," I said.

"And keep this in your ear. It's a radio transmitter for us to communicate, " Willie said, giving a small earpiece to me.

"Would we hear our voices clearly with this?" I asked him.

He shot me a look and I understood. He slipped on his red coloured fins and I donned my blue coloured fins. Fins made it easy to swim.

We leaped into the sea again. I trusted him a lot.

The sea was beautiful as we swam deeper.

The fishes were floating smoothly in the shimmering water. Even octopuses looked cute as they filled their air sac and expelled it. They were very fast. But, we should not get fooled by appearances.

I switched on my water glass. It was an amazing device. It measured the height and size of a particular species. I had set it to the size and height of the new species.

Suddenly, a huge creature floated above us.

ย It matched the height and size of the new species!

I called Willie and pointed to that great creature.

But, he was terrified. He started swimming in the opposite direction. I accompanied him.

"That's not the new species. It's a blue whale," he said as water bubbles came out of his mouth.

"I suppose so," I said. I was charged up when I saw it had the same categories of the new species.ย 

As we proceeded in search of the species, I asked him, "What would you name the species if you'd find it first?"

"Willie whale. What would you call it if you find it?" he said.

"Nice name. I would call it as William fish," I said.

"Wonderful name," he said.

Suddenly, something took hold of me and Willie. It appeared to be a rope.

We tried to liberate ourselves from it. But, it was really strong.

Then we heard some voices, "hu ha hu ha."

The sea hunters again!

I was very scared. But, I couldn't see any fear in Willie's eyes. He just floated calmly with the rope in his waist. He didn't even try to escape.

I loved his confidence.

I didn't want to become dinner for a sea hunter. I couldn't even imagine it.

They dragged us deep into the ocean and lit up the magical flame which can light up in water.

I had read in a book that sea hunters ate only in the dark. If they could understand my language I would have said that I was not tasty. But, they wouldn't understand.

We had less time to live. But, my oxygen supply would cut in a few minutes. I thanked God and all of them who had helped me. I knew this job was a pretty risky job, but still I loved it.

As the sea hunters were sleeping, I tried to escape but the rope they used was very firm.

On the spur of the moment, I saw it.

The new species! Drifting smoothly in the sea with its fins.

What a magnificent sight it was!

We were tied only in the waist. So, Willie pulled out his water camera from his backpack and clicked a photo of it.

"We will not even get out of this ocean alive, what is the purpose of taking a photo?" I asked him.

"We are getting out alive, I promise," he said confidently.

"But how?" I asked him.

"Wait and watch, William," he said and closed his eyes.

Suddenly, the new species approached us and licked Willie.

It was like a miracle!

A huge creature had licked Willie! He just patted the species and whispered something to it.

"I possess the power to talk to animals, buddy," he said, triumphantly.

"Wow! Now, I know why you took this as your job. We should escape from here as soon as possible, Willie," I said.

We climbed along the large creature. But, the sea hunters woke up. They threw their weapons at us. But, to our luck, we were far away from them. Again, no sea hunter can swim faster than a fish.

"I am gonna leave this job, Willie," I said.

It was a smooth ride and the new species dropped us close to the beach.

I saw my car parked near the beach. Journeys into the ocean have always been crazy and adventurous.

ย I was grateful for Willie. He had saved my life once again. I would never forget him and his amazing power.

"Goodbye, William," Willie said, handing over the photo of the new species to me.

"Goodbye. Wait, who found it first? Who's gonna name it?" I asked him.

"I will miss you, Will...," before he finished his sentence, he just passed out.

A red fluid was coming out of his body. That is when I realized that a knife was sticking on to his body and he was bleeding very badly.

The sea hunter's knife had struck him!

ย I checked his pulse rate, but it was barely felt. I was not ready for that shock. That is when I understood that his goodbye was completely different from mine.

ย I wanted to see his eagle eyes again. I wanted to hear his confident words. But, he wouldn't turn back. My eyes had started to water after years.

I couldn't save him that day. I had not been grateful to him.

"Willie," I cried at my top pitch. I couldn't share my grief with anyone.

I rang the ambulance and he went, taking part of myself with him.

I went to the Species Organization and showed the picture of the new species to them. They asked the name I wanted to keep.

I said, โ€œWillie whale."

August 26, 2020 16:39

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Amogh Kasat
06:16 Aug 27, 2020



06:25 Aug 27, 2020

Thank you for reading.


Amogh Kasat
07:01 Aug 27, 2020

yor welcome


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Katina Foster
04:13 Sep 07, 2020

Nice work Keerththan! Very imaginative premise. Who wouldn't want the chance to name a new species? Keep writing!


04:27 Sep 07, 2020

Thanks!!!!! Everyone wants to name it ๐Ÿ˜„. Thank you for reading.


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Karen Johnson
16:12 Sep 05, 2020

Your story was imaginative and had a twist at the conclusion - always good things. I'd like to know more about the main character - was he older or quite young, what did he look like? Work on your structure - combining sentences to make fewer paragraphs. Keep up the good work.


16:49 Sep 05, 2020

I need to work on my descriptions. Thank you for reading.


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Maria Callender
02:13 Sep 05, 2020

Great story! You are very imaginative. I would have liked more descriptions on the chase scene and the new species though. Keep writing!


02:18 Sep 05, 2020

Thanks. I will try to put more descriptions. If you have some, would you please read my new one and give some feedback? Thank you fo reading.


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Charles Stucker
18:41 Sep 04, 2020

Their knife could pierce into anything because they were made up of diamond diamond does not make a great blade- say "a tough form of obsidian which only formed deep underwater." I know it's too late for this one, but keep in mind- diamond does not make a great edge by itself. It is inlaid on some drill bits because the grit is very hard, but a large edge is not stable. This is a lot better. I approve wholeheartedly. You are improving and will be a great writer if you keep at it.


00:31 Sep 05, 2020

Thank you for your suggestions. I understand your point. Thank you for reading. Would you mind reading my new story and giving some feedback??


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14:16 Sep 04, 2020

Well done!! good twists and turns.. Maybe a little more information about the sea hunters. Who were they,


15:19 Sep 04, 2020

Thank you for reading. (would you mind liking my story?)


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Ann Rapp
23:04 Sep 09, 2020

This was a wonderful story Keerththan, or can I call you William? I enjoyed all of it. You are good at keeping an adventure moving along, with lots of action and dialog. I liked your characters too, except for the sea hunters. But Will and William are the sort of characters people love, and want to read more about. I hope to see more of your writing here on Reedsy. Good luck!


00:41 Sep 10, 2020

I am glad you liked my characters. Thank you for reading and good luck for you too!


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Kiruthika Mohan
07:34 Sep 09, 2020

This is an amazing story. You really have great imagination. Keep writing more stories..


07:36 Sep 09, 2020

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!


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Javith Hussain
06:45 Sep 09, 2020

Good story i liked this story amazing


06:48 Sep 09, 2020

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Devanshi Garg
17:03 Sep 13, 2020

Hi, I read your story. It is I would say pretty imaginative and is a good story.


03:11 Sep 14, 2020



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Sabine Loire
18:56 Sep 11, 2020

This is an amazingly written story!


02:58 Sep 12, 2020

Thank you!


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The Cold Ice
03:02 Sep 09, 2020

Please read my new story. The dragon warrior part 2


03:03 Sep 09, 2020

I am a little busy. I will try to read it ASAP.


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01:55 Oct 07, 2020

I loved it so much


04:19 Oct 07, 2020

Glad you loved it!


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Noa A
21:28 Sep 26, 2020

It is an excellent story.


02:48 Sep 27, 2020

Thank you!


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22:20 Sep 19, 2020

This story was great! There seems to be a grammatical error I noticed both you and your brother came back to often. When writing a sentence, you shouldn't start with 'but' unless it's to show a chain of thought. "But, I knew that it was not the right decision." You could replace the conjunction with something like: "However, a small voice in my head told me that that was not the right thing to do." Same-ish meaning, just a nicer flow of words. You could do that with all the 'buts' in the story. Simply omit it and replace it with another phr...


04:03 Sep 20, 2020

Thank you. I will work on it. I will check out your story now..


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