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I was in trouble with the queen. When l reflect at this, l feel so immature and know that in the past l moved with my eyes closed. My lips never hesitated and they dared to speak such threatening words to the queen. My mind never thought about the stories l had heard. It was said by many that she was a hostile and ever commanding queen. I had felt very fortunate when l was given the opportunity to meet the queen. My drawing talent reached me that far.

The wind blew with all it's might that day and at that moment. I ran at high speed looking for my black horse. How deeply and greatly l needed it at this moment. At this time, what l could think of was a way to rescue myself. I ran and ran and ran till l could run no more.

Was this the end of me? I wondered.

I was the only person there to tell myself that l could still live and that l was right. I sat amongst the maize crops because l had no strength. Nothing could revive my strength, not even fear. I was trembling like a reed in the river.

The healthy green looking plants were the only living things that surrounded me. How l wished they could talk. How l wished for their comfort. I could not eat the raw maize. If the maize was ripe, l would have eaten it and it would have given me some comfort and some strength.

I laid down and searched for the sound made by the galloping horses. I heard a silence that predicted death. A silence that was never wished for and never welcomed. It visited and yet was never invited. What would become of me? In the processing of listening and thinking sleep took me by surprise.

I was woken up by a drop of rain that landed on my skin like it was landing on a dust ground as l felt like a hole was created by its landing as the cells of my cheeks displaced.

I remembered that l was in a serious situation. I strained my ears to hear some horses and l heard galloping horses that seemed to be nearby. Without much thought, l stood up and realised that l had strength greater than the one l had before this mess. I ran straight, turned at sharp corners and at other times saw that there was a dead end. How l longed for the God that l worship.

This situation had exhausted me that not even one drop of tear was willing to escape my eyes. They preferred to be jailed inside my very small eyes. A tear from the sky flowed down my body to my feet.

What kind of a tear was that? It was a raindrop. As the rain landed on my head and flowed down to my feet they pretended as if they were my tears.

I stopped running and stood panting for breath. I lifted my eyes and lo, my very own black horse walking afar off. What a wonder l saw. In her l saw a very mighty strength. Without wasting much time, l whistled to her and she galloped towards me. I mounted my horse and because she sensed that there was danger she quickly resumed to galloping.

At that time l looked and noticed that l had helped them to track me down. They changed their direction and made their way towards me. They wished to get rid of me there and then. Just by the appearance of their faces l could tell they longed to drain the blood, the life that was in me. My horse and l were soon protected and covered by the fully grown maize crops.

The road then split into two roads. I did not know where those roads led to but with confidence l took the road to my right hand side. I went and kept on going. The two tireless men also came to that spot. The water had washed away the prints so as to mislead the men. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for me they decided to separate.

Now, one man was tracking me down. His horse was as swift as the lightning. The distance between us was being reduced as my horse decreased its speed. My foe was very close to me that he could see me. It was time up to face him, to face my fear. He was going to tear me asunder.

His face did actually present death and even his horse was offering it to me. With the little strength that l was left with, l was trying to deny the offer. Some time back l had wished for death but it did not respond swiftly to my invitation. By the time it came l was already regretting why l had sent that invitation card.

He dismounted his horse and took large steps whilst trying to approach me. Without any notification, he pulled me off my horse. As l landed down. the mud of the ground rose and covered my skin as if it realised that l needed to be buried.

I quickly rose up and stood shaking. He took his gun and pointed at my head with it. I felt sweat rolling down my body like sand (if it was not rain). Had l already died? I knelt down before him asking for mercy. He kicked me hard and he said to me, ''I am here to give you a warning from the queen. The next time you spit out words like that to her know that you have to pay it with your life. You are fool.''

The rain stopped as if it could tell that l was no longer going to dye. The sun shone brightly and it's sharp rays began to wipe away the tears of water from the face of the earth. I mounted my horse and he directed me. I went down the road he told me to use.

How lucky l was. My God had heard me and answered me. I was saved. Now, l had felt and understood how it was like to beg for life. But when l reflect at this l fail to understand why l wanted to live and why l was very much afraid of death.

July 15, 2020 20:57

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נιмму 🤎
19:46 Jul 18, 2020

Awesome take on the prompt! I really like your description and detail; you have a way with words. You definitely got this writing thing down! :D


Mry M
12:29 Jul 19, 2020

Thank you Celeste for the wonderful comment. Just trying my best.


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Crystal Lewis
02:29 Jul 20, 2020

Nicely written with an unsuspected ending. :) Just keep an eye on typos as there were a few such as “dye” instead of “die.”


Mry M
07:12 Jul 20, 2020

Thank you C.J


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