Science Fiction Romance Adventure

PLEASE PUT THIS STORY ON THE PROMPT"SOMEBODY PEERING THROUGH A TELESCOPE...THANKS"The mirror telescope was almost burning up, with the heat of both of thier hands. She couldn't believe, that there might be another inhabitable planet, in our galaxy. The images on the telescope, looked like there were buildings, skyscrapers, on this new planet, they had stumbled upon. Her associate looked like he ate a canary, when he told the news that his lightyear travel machine was already ready to test drive. The three if them had no idea that 2022 would go down in history, as the year that humans would probe another New Earth, with living things on it. These things were out there. Way out there, but not out of thier minds reach, because of the travel invention, they would soon try at the racetrack tonight.

She gripped the handle of his car. Having no seats and being able to stand, not strapped down, made her feel less claustrophobic. He handed her a helmut, and she put it on. He looked over at her and winked, pressing his fingerprint into the ignition starter. The whirling of the motor gave her no inhibitions, just the size of the interior, made her feel like they could die if they crashed. Really, it was a life or death, travel expirement, this day. She knew that her bravery in the testing of the car, would enable her to travel with her friend, almost anywhere in the earth's galaxy. The discovery of the New Earth, and its inhabitants, along with this vehicle, were milestones in history. They knew they were pioneers. They took off in a flash.

"That was incredible" she breathed,,"it took us three seconds to go from the Drumheller racetrack, to the Calgary racetrack. One hour and a half drive, was condensed into three seconds, it was an incredible day of discoveries. They both knew it. They wanted to see more.

They looked around them, gasping at the display, that was I'm front of them. Wondering if the ride to the New Earth that took ten seconds, had made them dillusional. Everywhere they looked, there were animals, and the large strutting skyscrapers, they had thought were buildings at first, were incredible. The things that they had misinterpreted as buildings, were actually huge, massive sky high amethyst, and topaz crystal clusters. Ruby red, huge crystals gleamed and the trees and foliage behind them, turning pink in the light. These beautiful, tall shiny natural gems, glistened beside them. Animals used some of the smaller ones as shelves, and as beds. They scurried along broken crystals, lying sideways. You could tell the heat, from the four suns, was too hot for all of the furry ones to sleep. The animals were amazing. Like no other animals on the thier former earth, these almost all had horns. They probably needed to use the horns, in various locations on thier heads, to forage food. A cat like one, with a furry mohawk, climbed onto the hood and peered inside, it's cute little horns, jutting straight out from his forehead. The dizziness from the trip had worn off, and the incredible vastness of this new place, intrigued them like nothing ever had before. They grabbed each other's hand. She asked him if he had anything on earth, that wanted him back. She could stay in this kingdom forever. He was a good friend, and the notion of romance, had never occurred in thier work relationship. She started to have a little place in her heart, for this intelligent brave man, that would invite her, to the greatest, of all great frontiers.

After arriving back, the two of them, and thier secret, became inseparable. They had done something, that the world had never done before. Light year travel had expanded thier minds, to the point of no return. Nothing could stop them from visiting the moon, on a regular basis. Thier dates involved frequent trips, to places on earth, that not very many people had seen before. Thick jungle scapes with fawna, were her favorite places. These earth jungles, did not compare, with the New Earth jungles. They just couldn't stay on the New Earth, in the jungle region, for long, because it was too moist. The swishing of the windshield wipers, and the limited vision, from inside the cab, made it a visit, not an exploration. These jungles of the new earth, and thier expeditions, were always interesting to them. Her degree in biology, warranted a real curiosity. The plant life, on the four sunned planet, was amazingly close, to being animals themselves. Many of the plants had long nashing thorny teeth, that the jaws on its other parts, would slam shut, on small animals. All of these animal type plants were shades of orange and dark yellow. The animals, that scurried around , and on them, thier lives over soo. Inevitably the small creatures, of the jungle, were trapped inside the carnivorous, horrifying plants. A balloon type of flower, floated on thin stems, growing out of the massive tree trunks. The colors were literally, out of this world. Browns, that looked more like purple, were alot of the leaves colors. Shades of green not seen on earth, also mapped out different leaves shapes. Many were hearts and stars. She wondered, if the four suns gave the planet any seasons, and if this was the lush, moist, summer season. All of these suns, made sure that nowhere on the planet, were there winters. They also assumed, that because the suns were, two on the top, and two on the bottom. It's equater was probably the most desired,for any living thing to grow. Massively, big deserts curled up, overtop, and over the bottom. Resembling south pole,and north pole, on earth. They wondered also, if the animals had adapted to the heat, and wished they could study these deserts more. The heat was unbearable. The planets ocean must contain fish, they mused. Knowing that an ocean that vast, probably had even more animals, than what were on land. There were many. Sea shells on thier one exploration, of the beach, showed hand like, shaped shells, never seen before, by anyone. The scent, of all the places they explored, was like fresh sea air. A flowery aroma, was present everywhere they went. They breathed in deeply always, looked at each other, and just smiled.

Everything in thier new relationship, told them that, this would be thier home, someday. Her attraction for him, grew, and grew. He knew she wanted more, and one day told her, to "pack her things, and rent out her apartment". They would be leaving for an extended stay, on the new planet.

The meter read the perfect combinstion,of oxygen, carbon monoxide, mix on the huge planet. The same as the earth, they came from. He saw her standing, on a huge piece of shard, that had broken off one of the humongous topaz skyscrapers, and had fallen to the ground. He knelt on one knee, and said that he wanted to marry her, and that all these gems, were hers, if she said yes. Of course she agreed, and they kissed for a long time. Planning a treck, in the jungle, the next day, excited them. The two explorers went to bed, in the vehicle early. They had considered a tent, but after seeing a fifty pound insect, a bright green spider like creature, the day before, they changed thier mind. They decided to sleep, in the cab. The noises of the new planet earth, were soothing and she slept well. The next morning, was eight hours later, but it seemed that darkness had never fallen, since thier first visit.

They were in love, and they were never going home. Her life had never been better. She was in love with the animals, the scape, the insects, and the plants. Mostly she loved this smart, brave man. She held his hand, and they felt like Adam and Eve, as he felt her swollen belly, months later. Full of his love child. Humans would inhabit this new earth, they had found together, and they would be the start of the new race there. Earth was for the rest of the people. It was thier secret forever, and ever, on the New Earth.

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