Adventure Sad Romance

I lived on a small island within a small community. I had dwelled with my parents and five other siblings. I was 16 years old and my name was Ivy. I had three sisters and two brothers. I had a younger sister named Lily who was 12 years old. Lily had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. I had another younger sister named Lucy and she was 8 years old. Lucy had dark brown hair and blue eyes. I also had a twin named Maya who was the same age as me. Maya had red auburn hair and green eyes like me. I had a younger brother who was 3  months old named James. James did not have enough hair to tell what color it was yet. James had brown eyes. I had an older brother who was 18 years old named Lucas. Lucas had dark brown hair and green eyes. 

Even though Maya and I were twins, we had very different styles. I liked to exercise and liked to dress up. I also loved mysteries and liked to read. Maya would wear whatever was comfortable and did not like to do any physical activity. Maya was talented in music and played the harp. My whole family liked to listen to her play. For the most part we got along. We fought over little things now and then. 

We had a small government that was a democracy similar to the government in the United States. We did not have a military. But at that time we never had to go to war. We did have a few police officers and firefighters. We rarely had any crime. 

One day a tourist came to our small island. We usually did not have tourists. Everyone was friendly and greeted the man. He was very handsome. He had jet black hair and hazel eyes. He said his name was Damon. Damon looked like he was 17 years old. Damon came from America. Damon heard about our island and wanted to see it. He planned on staying for a year.   I offered to give a tour of the island to Damon and he accepted. Damon told me that he rented a small cabin for his stay. Over the first couple of months Damon and I had become close friends. We did things together every day. Maya also joined us sometimes.  I was starting to have a crush on him. Everyone in my family agreed that Damon was a nice young man. Luckily for me Maya had no interest in Damon than just being friends. 

A few days later, we were at a nice place for lunch and Damon asked me to be his girlfriend. I was excited and said yes. Soon a year went by and Damon had to go. He promised he would come back as soon as possible. So a couple months had passed and I missed him. I could not stop thinking about him. 

A huge group of tourists soon came to the island. They said they were from America and they called themselves the Red Crew. They had weapons and announced that they were going to be taking over our island. They captured all our government leaders. We were defenseless against them. We were under strict watch of the Red Crew. They came up with a list of rules we had to follow. We had a curfew at 10:00 every night. We also had a limited food supply. We were only allowed in certain areas and were to stay away from the rest of the areas. We also were not allowed to say anything bad about their group. They controlled the media and all the major newspapers. Anyone who broke their rules would be shot. The whole community was scared and listened to what they said. 

The Red Crew was searching for treasures on the island. They found several valuable diamonds on the islands. Soon a lot of people on the island started getting sick and dying. The Red Crew had passed on a virus that we had no idea how to control. I was wishing Damon was here with me. Soon the deadly virus came to my family. We all soon had the virus. Then before I knew it all my family was gone. All of them were gone. I was the only one who survived the virus. 

I soon became depressed. I was all alone. Then one day the Red Crew finally announced they would be leaving. The whole island was relieved. There had been a lot of deaths and losses on our island, but after a few years the island was functioning normally again. We also built up a strong military for the island. 

Then one afternoon Damon came. I jumped for joy when I saw him. I said “I have so much to tell you!”.  I told him about everything that happened while he was gone. I then asked how he had been and what took him so long to come back. Damon said that he came into big financial problems and could not afford to come back. Damon said he started saving money so he could eventually come back here permanently. After a few years he finally was able to buy a house on the island and find transportation to the island. 

When Damon got settled in, he found a job. I then became a detective.  Damon was really good at art and everyone admired his work.  Damon was very successful in his business. A couple years later I fell in love with Damon. We went to a really fancy restaurant that was quite expensive. Damon painted an amazing picture of a black horse and gave it to me after we ate dinner. It was a lovely picture. Then Damon got down on one knee and proposed to me with a green emerald ring. I said yes! I was so happy. We both had fallen in love with each other.

 I moved into his house with him. We often ran together. Damon also taught me several things about art. Damon also frequently gave me roses and wrote me poems. I missed my family dearly but was lucky to have such a loving husband. He comforted me when I was grieving. We were a happy couple. 

Then one day Damon started going somewhere for long periods of time. When I asked where he had been, he would always say “I was at the library”. I was wondering what he was doing for so long at the library. I let it go for a while, but it kept happening more and more often.  Damon was spending less time with me. I finally decided to follow him one day. I followed him as he went to a house. I could not see what he was doing so I went to the back of the house and the window was open. Damon was kissing another girl. He was cheating on me! I was so upset. I cried the whole day. 

He eventually came home. He asked me why I was crying. I just told him that we would be getting divorced. He acted upset and asked why. I told him I caught him kissing another girl and I discovered where he  actually spent all his time when he was supposely at the “library”. He was surprised and said he was sorry. Damon had betrayed me. We finalized the divorce. From then on I did not trust anyone. I spent more time on my career and soon my business was popular among the island. 

February 02, 2021 17:15

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