Once there was a small family of five people living in a small town named Jeorge in the laps of Alps. The head of the family Rex was a small Govt servant and his better half Levy was house wife. His three son's were Ran, Dan and San. The family use to have very hard times because of meagre income but somehow family was pulling on. The Rex was working in a security dept of the state Govt so he was busy 24×7hrs a week means no holidays. So his pretty wife Levy had to carry out most of the family activities with the coordination of her three son's.

The eldest son Ran being eldest in the family was more responsible. He was studying in a reputed college of the city Jeorge with English, Economics and History as the combination. He was a very hardworking and outstanding student of the college. He was also underofficer of a NCC(National Cadet Corps) of the college. The IInd son, middle one Dan was studying two year behind the Ran. He was a very good orator and outstanding sportsman of the same college. The youngest San was little problematic, keeping not good health since born but too hardworking and studying in a leading school named Teresa Sen Sec school Jeorge town.

As the time passed Mr. Rex, the head of the family, working in a security dept of the state get promoted and becomes head of the security dept of the state. So he becomes overbusy due to more responsibility. By that time his eldest son Ran had passed away from the college and preparing hard to become civil servant. Similarly younger from Ran, Dan was in final year of the college. And yougest son San was about to join college and he was also getting treated from desease which he had since birth. The eldest two son's Ran and Dan use to help their mother Lavy in running the family. Similarly the eldest son Ran was also preparing hard to become civil servant. He use to daily frequent between different libraries of the town and internet cafés for updating himself on the day to day events.

Finally the day came when Ran appears for exam to be civil servant and he went on to do it exceedingly well. Therefore everyone in the family was happy that Ran was going to be civil servant. Mr. Rex and his wife Levy went to church and preyed before Jesus to ensure their elder son Ran's success. And younger son's were also delighted that Ran had done well in exam and hopefully he would be civil servant. And finally day came when result was out. Unfortunately Ran couldn't succeed. And whole family was very upset. Ran himself was agreived as his dreams were shattered. On seeing the condition of his eldest son, Levy called her husband on mobile and told him to talk to Ran and assure him that it's not end of the world still their are two more attempts you can make.

Fortunately Mr. Rex came early from office and told his wife Levy that today whole family will going to have dinner somewhere outside. Than cab was arranged and whole family went for dinner in a restaurant. Their Mr.Rex told his eldest son Ran who seems to be depressed because of his failure that he should see Mr.Rex's life and learn from his example. After lot of convincing finally a smile came on Ran's face and than everyone cheered him up. Than he took resolve that next time he will put every ounce of his energy into civil servant's exam and try and ensure that this time he brings cheers to everyone.

By now Dan younger to Ran passed out of college and he also decided to join him in preparing for competitions. So it was an great asset to Ran. Because both started complimenting each other in preparations. Now youngest in family San also joined college and he was a poet. He started reciting poems in college poetical recitations and in youth festivals. He went onto win certain awards in poetical recitations. He also overcame his disease and by now he has become absolutely normal. He also published his first collection of poems. Fortunately the book was so popular that it became best seller of the year. Now he was a renowned poet.

Now the time of the civil servant's exam had also arrived. Both the brothers Ran and Dan went to appear for it. Fortunately both cracked the exam. There was all around happiness in the family. Everyone congratulated Mr.Rex and his wife Levy for upbringing their all three son's so well. Now all the three were outstanding in their fields and moving a head in their professions.

The eldest son Ran after completing his training of civil servant was posted in a some remote town Mattiz. He was magistrate their.He was so dedicated to his profession that he soon win heart and minds of people. He was available 24×7hers whole week to the people. He was very courteous to his staff as well. He was full of integrity so the corrupt elements in the system were scary of him. He was very punctual but he found that some subordinates don't report on time. Therefore he decided to start biometric attendance.

While Ran's life as magistrate was going smoothly, certainly he encountered a problem. There was students agitation in the local college. The students went on to stall traffic and forced the shopkeepers to close down the market. The local police officer rang him and said that their is traffic chaos and market is closed. What to do. He told him wait and take precautions so that students don't do anything unlawful and I am coming. He immediately reached their and invited students leaders for talks. Firstly students leaders were adamant not to talk to the administration. But magistrate Ran told them that people were going through lot of harassment because of traffic blockade and market shut down. It had to be resolved forthwith. Otherwise administration had to take firm action as an last resort. Some of the teachers of the college also got involved and convinced students to talk to young magistrate Ran. Ultimately students came to negotiable table and things settle down. The demands of the students were accepted. Everything in the city Mattiz became normal.

Similarly younger brother Dan was also doing reasonably well as a magistrate. Mr. Rex father of the two Ran and Dan called both of them to visit home at Jeorge town. So both came at Christmas. It was a very special Christmas because God had given them everything what they wanted. So Christmas party began and their Ran became emotional and took his father and mother's hand in his hand. And reminded them for keeping his moral high while he was down for getting rejected in first attempt. He told his mother and father if that dinner had not been arranged, he would not had achieved what he had.

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