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Inspirational Horror Mystery



      Quite natural for light, sound, air, and even mosquitoes to intrude into unbolted Windows casually. Certainly not serious trouble if somebody knocks on the southern side house windows to gleefully deliver a yummy pizza. Moderately unimaginable when an unruly ex-lover with his shattered heart was ready to shatter the ballroom window with a pistol, but the reason he ended up merely watching his crush dancing with rhythmic moves and steps along with her new partner is quite unknown?. Now a fair awkward question of this millennium “Can someone unexpectedly knock the moving Train window at 2:45 am-midnight?” The answer was unanswerable to Mark Genie who was sleeping in the lower berth beside the corner seat window. The Noise of knock traveled to the Genie's ears and at ease surpassed a small natural window placed at the midpoint of his both ears. The brain wires at last collected these bumps arising from the Corner Seat window. In mean time a hasty alert signal was transmitted by brain wires to Genie's sensory channels to right away stop the wet dreams he was blithely delighting with. Soon Genie’s motionless body under the blanket started stirring in an Air-conditioned Coach filled with full of 40 W lamps.

Genie under dark shelter unlocked his eyes screen and murmured, “Some Atman knocking the seat window?” Mark Genie though 26 years old son of a rich man yet he thinks of himself as a botch boss and so travels most of the time for relaxation in his jobless times. While Genie was thinking about who might be knocking on the window, the Window of Fear suddenly got cracked up in his brain due to a hormone adrenaline. A pop-up notification signal circulated by Genie’s sense of fear progressed towards his irregular subconscious mind. The ghost signal mischievously made Genie feel deep to the spine of his bones and then signal startled “You are nasty puny dude! Don’t take off your blanket to glance at the window, a demonic spirit is certainly knocking the window to own your trash body forever“. Once a full packet of Fear Powder through the Window of Fear sprinkled over genie's sensory channels, Genie's pulse rate upturned to 122 heartbeats per minute surpassing the express train speed of 120 km/per hour. Genie in lower berth at the brink of fear, he tied his eyes well with his strong-willed sense of fear, and then in lickety-split, he pulled up the blanket from his head to toe.

   Before Window of Fear closed by the brain and the hormones, the Window of Courage opened up inside the brain Circuit switch and presented him a motivational speech “ Genie! Get up, your valor is bigger than the mammoth tusk of Mastodon elephants, Switch on the light, free up the curtained window and face whatever cursing you behind the window? The motivated Genie opened his eyes filled with courage and determination. But, meantime and unexpectedly the Window of selfishness opened up inside in his soul through which an antipathetic wave progressed towards the delicate mind of Genie coding it as “Are you going to save all passengers from the Ghost? What just bothers you the selfish goose? Let whatever stay behind the window, you are safe under the blanket “. Selfish Genie then chose to bury himself under the white bed sheet. Genie felt muddled since in less than a minute, he allowed the Window of Fear, the Window of Courage, the Window of selfishness to open up at its Will inside his body house.

  The terrible noise emanating behind the window sounded like a ‘Dwoiye-Kwoin’ pattern noise particularly designed to break Genie's forehead into thousand hundred small parts. The chaotic Genie kept hearing the weird ‘Dwoiye-Kwoin’ noise for more than twenty minutes. The nervousness of Genie insisted the Window of Pain open up inside the forehead since his forehead was under attack by some variety of Spartan headache families represented by their General ‘‘Dwoiye-Kwoin’." Jeeni in severe headache thought himself how every passenger in this coach is sleeping like Rest in Peace? " Within the next tick of the clock, Genie's special Window called The Window of Future opened by itself losing its cool and temper from Genie's deep-rooted and worried-some soul. The Window of Future condemned Genie's Will Power for losing to Spartans and giving up his glass full of sleep to some anonymous thing to wash its face and to get freshen up to further hammer the window. The special Window of Future was found by Genie's willpower in a box of ambition that was mysteriously hidden inside his soul. The Window of Future opened up and let in the air of Positivism, a ray of Self-Belief, a smell of Confidence, and then a noise of triumph. As soon as the Window of Future opened up, whatever good characters and traits came in contact with the senses of Genie, those godly things first ignited the fire on every nerve of Genie and then charged up Genie's dummy brain wires and then his botch mind. The Impact of the window of the Future was so deep that Genie's conscious mind, his subconscious mind, his super-conscious mind, and all other sensory channels were all mesmerized by the wonderful mind-setting work done by the Window of Future.

  Genie once the window of the future opened up, got all his senses back to his control. Genie pulled out the blanket and then by erecting his body from a bunk bed, he switched on the lights of the train coach. He bravely dragged the curtains of Corner Seat Window from one end to another end to kick out the thing that remained behind the seat window. Genie got shocked to realize that the first Window of fear had correctly opened up and has alerted his guts and it has not sent any false signal to any of his senses. Genie further realized he has to learn the tricks of differentiating which are all the genuine alarms and the false signals emitted by each Window of senses. But a turn over the table is it is not a demon but the Ghost which committed suicide by going down under the moving train for reason when it was alive as a human, it couldn’t open the window of future to breathe the air of success and to hear the sound of claps for all its achievements. The ghost has tried to convey the message at 2:45 am-midnight to Genie through the corner seat window. ‘Dwoiye-Kwoin’ noise was due to scribbling work by ghost upon train glass window for communicating a message to Genie. For this sufficient cause, Genie alone was able to hear the 'Dwoiye-Kwoin’ horrible sounds. Genie as soon as he dragged the curtain of the seat window, saw the real poltergeist hovering behind the glass window of the train which has scribbled something in blood inks, and Genie without fear read the same by throwing his mobile lights on to the eerie black window. The Ghost scribbled “ Poor lad, you will end committing suicide like me if you don’t open the window of future ” The words scribbled in the Window glass disappeared as soon as Genie finished reading the phantom notes of a poltergeist. In a trice, someone from behind put hands-on Genie's right shoulder that created a heart attack for him since the Window of Anxiety exploded inside his frozen mind.

  Genie couldn’t believe what he just saw. Genie could either feel or sense fear or cry or laugh or show any type of reaction but his face was half laughing and half crying with no answers of what type of window has opened up inside him. Meanwhile, the thing which has put hands on Genie's right shoulder was not a ghost this time, he is a co-passenger who queried Genie, "For what hell you turned on the lights while all passengers in this coach are in deep sleep? “ Genie without letting his Window of angry to open up, he politely whispered, “Have you opened up the window of future hidden in your soul." Genie after putting forth this question turned off the light and ended his nightmare by opting to sleep. The Window of Mercy that revealed up inside the heart of Genie's co-passenger dispatched him false feelings,“Oh God! The pitiful boy has lost his mind, the poor guy needs good rest“.

***The End ***

June 11, 2021 18:29

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