Prisoner 2912

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Friendship is the only relationship which you chose by yourselves. If you made a good one that's a life time achievement but if it is bad one then it's the worst disappointment. Why I am saying this because I experienced this worst disappointment. Being intelligent and wise are two different terms if you can understand. Your intelligence may get rusted in sad circumstances but your wisdom will never let you fall in one. We were of the type always helping each other. I used to help her in lessons of classes and she used to teach me lessons of life. Hope you understood who is intelligent and who is wise between us.

But no friendship is evergreen so even we experienced the bitterness of hating each other. What will you do if you saw your friend accidentally hitting someone resulting in death of other person. Flying in the air to land in front of your car. You being cautious get out of your to check that person's heart stopped beating and in dilemma you raise your head to see that your friend fled away.

As for me, I became crazy instead of running away from there I started crying and then got arrested. But still I was not stupid enough to take blame of that person on myself who killed someone and ran away. I fought for myself against my rich friend who had highly reputed lawyers of the country. Money cleaned entire evidences one by one but them I got a call from stalker of my friend who recorded happenings of that day. For the first time, I thought paparazzi are not that bad because as I used to stay with my rich and famous friend, along with her even I used to face a lot of difficulties. But my relieved moments got interrupted by his greed. He demanded a lot of money to which I surely agreed as no person would like to lose freedom. It was tough but not impossible to collect that much amount within a day. Next day, my lawyer told me he lost that recording to opposition. Conclusion, my friend manipulated the case with money.

And I ended up at this place from where I am narrating this story. Hell of earth and simply prison. It was not at all easy to survive over here with real criminals around me who used to threaten and abuse me badly. Even the jailer supported their actions, in fact she tortured me all along. For them I wasn’t a person, I was just prisoner 2912. I don't look like a human anymore and it's reason was the leader of prison Elisha. She filled my whole body with bruises and she even threw my food and even water was in her custody. The only thing she couldn't conquer was air which I don't want anymore. I wanted to die and with time my eyes got tired of crying. I don't have any tears left inside me. Being beaten, hungry and thirsty all I was wanted was Elisha to die.

And she even died one day, I went to see her body which was filled with bruises same as mine. Now there was no one to stop me from drinking and eating as the leader died and bullies scattered but the problem was, now I was already habitual of surviving without food and water. Death of Elisha was already mysterious and to add more to it jailer also died and that too like Elisha. Rumours were there that a ghostess entered the ward but how this is even possible. I never saw one. And I don't even want to see one because now I am use to myself and loneliness and what I love most is darkness. Elisha and jailer made me look so disgusting that people gets scared when they see me.When everyone hides during night it’s me who wanders maybe because inside a chamber whole day is really boring and maybe because I am done with living. I am already broken so even if I saw that ghost encounter it won’t be a big deal. But believe me there was no one. I was fan of Scooby doo as a child so finding the person, who was acting as that ghost, was not scary.

Even though I never met that ghost, I managed to flee out at night. As such there was no such purpose left outside but I thought finishing unfinished business is worthy of coming out. Well, intelligence was god gifted to me and with my experience I gained wisdom. I reached house of my friend and turned on the T.V so that on seeing me when she would scream no one could hear her. Volume of T.V disrupted her sleep and confusion along with horror covered her face, which was amusing. She woke up and closed it and as she turned towards her bed, I switched it on again. This time grave expression covered her face. Instead of switching it off; this time she ran towards the door. And at that moment her phone rang, “He...he...hello...?”

On the other side it was me only calling from landline of her house, where we used to stay together earlier as I was not having enough money to rent an apartment in the city. Instead of greeting I asked her the only question which was stuck on my mind since the day of betrayal, “How your concise allowed you to do this to your friend? Did you ever feel sorry for...”

“You......” she screamed while she was standing just behind me.

“You scared me. Who screams like this on seeing a friend after months?”

“” seems like  she was scared enough to see me to utter a word.

“Do I look that much scary?”

“Please, go away. I am sorry, go away.” She was pleading in the same way as I used to plead when I wanted to prove myself guilty. She was shouting loudly and I was afraid someone will hear it so I pushed her and her head hit the corner of table and she died. I started running back to prison so that they can’t find who did it. I was scared and now I am back to where I used to stay when I first came here, where I used to cry alone both hungry and thirsty. Last time, I came to this part when Elisha was alive as after death I never needed to hide again because people used to hide after seeing my disgusting looks.

But here I am back again and in front of me is a dead body which seems to be dead months ago and it’s rotting awfully wearing same clothes as mine and also with same prison number as mine that is 2912.


February 01, 2020 11:44

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