I sat in the big, red chair while watching the hands of the clock move around,dressed in my skinny and tight jeans waiting on my grandfather. Today is the best day in my life, my grandfather is not here yet as yet. I start counting my toes and fingers saying this little piggy went market,this little piggy went home and this little piggy went wee-wee all the way home. I really enjoyed playing that game,it was fun.

I learn that game in school from my teacher name Mary; she is a pretty,kind,funny person. Miss Mary when we do good in spelling and reading test, always gives us free stickers,pencils,crayons and candies. I love my teacher,she is the best teacher in the whole wide world. She makes reading and writing easy as Abc. In my school, I have a twin friend name Peggy and Piggy. They have mouth's that look like pig but their funny, kind and love to play with me. We favourite to play many games in the school yard.

It is now 12:30 pm. I read my favourite story book name Sofia,it is about little,beautiful mermaid girl name Sofia living in the deep ocean. when her best friend a talking fish name Rubis get sick and she needed to travel to the human world to find a magical flower to save his life. When Sofia came to the human world; she met many new friends,people,foods,animals and had a great experience. In the end she collected the flower and went back to the ocean to save her best friend life.

It's now 1:30 pm clock. I go into the kitchen, took a bar of chocolate from the refrigerator, yummy! delicious chocolate every child's desire to taste. I love chocolate even thought it is the reason; I don't have my two front teeth. My mother doesn't like me eating too many chocolates and sweets but I am a child, I can't refuse it just like; I can't refuse dolls.

It's now 2'o clock. I go playing with my best friend and favourite pet name Snow bell. Mommy and I took snow bell from an animal shelter into our home to give her a home,family and food. Snow bell was left alone, when her first owners moved out the country leaving her alone. She is furry,has blue eyes like the sky and loves when I feed her milk and play with her. I love,care,protect Snowbell.

It's now 3'o clock. I go back into the kitchen and make a cup of vanilla tea. I love vanilla tea,when I make my vanilla tea,I put 20 spoons of vanilla inside my tea. The tin of vanilla doesn't last three days in my house. Mommy told me, I would need to find a job soon. I am just a kid, I love to eat,sleep and play but I hate waking up early every morning to go school.

It's now 4'o clock. I go into mommy bedroom and play fashion princess. I love to play dress-up wearing mommy clothes,shoes and bag. My mother loves fashion,she has all the most expensive ,beautiful dresses in her closet. When I grow up big, I want to become a fashion designer. I have passion and taste for fashion. I even draw my fashion clothes,shoes and bags in my art book ,that I will design when, I become a fashion designer.

I now 5'o clock. I go back into the kitchen and made a peanut butter jelly sandwich.I love peanut butter jelly,its makes me happy and my mouth run water. yummy! peanut butter jelly sandwich. I love all the foods but I hate vegetables especially carrot,yuck! but mommy and teacher told me vegetables make me healthy.

I am just a child I don't care about healthy, I care about taste. I made some peanut butter spill on the table,mommy will clean it when she comes home. That is why I love my mommy with all my heart because she always takes care,protect and love me. My daddy die in a train crash,so it just mommy,my big sister and I now.

It's now 6'o clock. I go take a bathe,I love bubble bathes and my rubber duck. I love to splash the water up and down. While singing my favourite song named 'my little princess'. When I finished bathe I put on my lovely red dress and go wait in the living room for grandfather.

Finally, I hear the door bell ring; it is my grandfather his name is Charles but I call him Santa clause because he has a white,long beard and big belly like Santa clause. Grandfather always buys me anything that I want and I told him that, I wanted a Molly dolly.

Every girl child dream is to have a molly dolly,she can sing,talk and walk. Grandfather open the box and give me the dolly. I am so happy,excited I could jump through my roof top or jump up in space.

Yes!, I love you grandfather!. I am screaming so loud; I think aliens in space could hear me,let me calm down before the aliens hear me screaming and come to earth then eat everybody's brain like in the movie. I have many toys,this new doll will be added to my collection of toys. I am so happy, I can't stop smiling; I hear my little heart skipping beats. I loves toys, which child doesn't like toys. I have all the toys in the world inside of my special toy bag. When my sister name Katie leave to go college; she leave all her old toys for me and I promised to care them for her,which I do.

Grandfather is staying with me till mommy comes home from work. Snowbell and I are playing with my new dolly; while grandfather is sitting in the couch watching football on the television. My grandfather loves and enjoy watching football. Everything when grandfather favourite team name real Madrid wins ,he always screams.

It's now 7'o clock, mommy is home now.After a hard day of work, she is tired. I show her my new doll then she gives me a kiss on my forehead. I head to bed cuddle in my blanket with Snowbell and my new doll, then I fall deeply,peacefully asleep.

July 11, 2020 03:48

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Batool Hussain
04:14 Jul 11, 2020

Aww, this is so good!


Tyra Johnson
16:26 Jul 11, 2020

Thank you.


Batool Hussain
13:08 Jul 12, 2020

You're welcome! Mind checking out my new story and giving your views on it? Thanks.


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