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Suspense Adventure

This story contains sensitive content

Trigger warning: contains blood and violence

“He’s bleeding out,” A man named Jason yelled over the sirens.  He put down his gun and ran past the other bodies and towards the bleeding man. Almost slipping on the marble floor slick with blood. The man’s lab coat was drenched in blood with it also soaking his red curly hair making it matted. His blue eyes were moving rapidly trying to figure out whether he was going to survive or not. Flex of it mixed in with his freckles. Jason knelt and started to put pressure on his thigh. You’re not going to die. He thought blood was soaking his navy blue lab coat. Flashing red floodlights illuminated his olive skin. “James, grab a tourniquet. He’s starting to look pale,” he yelled over his shoulder. A bald man in a gray lab coat with a black pack came rushing over with a black tourniquet and put it on his thigh. As soon as they put it on his thigh the bleeding immediately stopped. Jason sat back and let out a massive sigh of relief. 

“Is this him? I mean it matches his description.” James asked. He looked at the man on the ground, his green eyes piercing into him.  

Jason immediately got up and walked over to the man and took his ID tag on his lab coat. His blood soaked hands made it almost impossible to read it. He looked down for a quick second. The tag says Lux Nova head scientist. With there being a picture of him smiling his warm ivory skin making it brighter. “Ya this is him,” and tossed the ID ​​haphazardly. “We have to get him out of here. We have to find out what he knows about the plague bomb. Is Emily still at the top of the building waiting for us at the top?” 

James reached into one of his lab coat pockets and pulled out a radio. “Emma, are you there?” He spoke on the radio. 

Right away the radio crackled to life. “Ya I'm here did you get the head scientist?” 

“Ya we do. But, we might have a slight problem.” 

In an instant her voice took on a more serious tone. “What did you guys do?”

“Well,” He reached up and rubbed his head. “I might have shot him in the thigh.” His voice started to deflate. “Now.” I know that I’m in huge trouble.” He shrugs his shoulders. “But, he’s alive we’re heading up to you. So, start up the helicopter.”

Emma let out a huge sigh. “Okay. But I’m telling the higher ups.” As soon as Jason put away the radio the blaring sirens turned off. And was replaced with voices echoing throughout the stairway.

Jason threw lux over his shoulder in a fireman's carry.  “Those doors are the only way to the roof.” He pointed to the metal door that had the red neon exit hanging above. James dashed to the door and held it open, so Jason could slowly walk over there. 

“I’ll stay behind you,” James pulled out a pistol. And stepped back to let Jason through. The footsteps on marble grew louder. “Go!” He yelled. I’ll hold them off. As soon as he said that he stormed down the stairs. Jason looked up at the infinite amount of stairs.

“This is going to take a while.” He muttered to himself and started marching to the top. 

Gun shots rang continuously through the air as he walked. I’m almost there. Jason thought to himself. Beads of sweat obscuring his vision. All of a sudden the gun shots stopped. “I’ll tell everyone what you did James.” He muttered through his teeth. As he continued, footsteps grew louder and louder behind him. I’m so close. He thought as he gently put Lux to the ground and fumbled with a knife out of his right pocket. If I'm going down I’m going down swinging. He started to take a defensive stance as the footsteps grew louder. Vision blurry, he started to count down to prepare himself. Five. He thought about how close he was. Four. He thought of James for the last time. Three. The footsteps were quickening. Two. He took a deep breath. One. He lunged, but quickly he realized that it was James. He immediately drops the knife as James collapses into his arms. Sweaty, bloody, and bruised he puts on a weak smile. 

“I killed a lot of them but there are so many more coming for us.” Footsteps were still echoing a few feet below them. “Where’s Lux?” Jason points behind him. Lux relaxing peaceful on the wall colour finally returning to his skin. “Alright let’s keep going.” James said. But there was a sharp PINK sound as if someone pulled the pin from a grenade. A second later, a grenade landed right behind them. Jason’s eyes were wide as saucers as James dives forward pushing both of them as far as he could without falling off the stairs. BOOM the grenade explodes. Shrapnel flying everywhere pieces of the stairs sticking into James’s arm, Lux’s face and Jason’s leg. As soon as the dust settled and the ringing stopped in Jason’s ear, he realized that James and Lux were separated  by a five-foot gap. Men in tactical gear closing in fast. The door to the top of the roof was just out of reach for Jason and he could see the light shining through. “I’ll toss Lux to you,” James yelled panicked, bullets whizzing by his head. Before a second could pass James picked up Lux over his head and stepped a few feet back running as fast as he can before the gap and launches. Him as far as he can with Jason running to the edge and grabbing Lux as he hits the ledge. As Jason was pulling Lux up, James took a deep breath and ran to the wall and took a deep breath and bolts faster than he did last time and leaps over the gap. Nearly passing out as he hit the wall. Jason dragged Lux and James up the few stairs they had left bullets chipping the concert walls beside him. As he gets to the door he kicks it open, sunlight rushing in. A helicopter sitting outside ready to go. A woman in a green aviator jumpsuit and a blue flight helmet gets out of the helicopter and helps drag Lux to the open side door.  And, tossed him inside while Jason pulled James inside. Jason crawls inside a moment later, the helicopter takes off. Jason looks at James and lux passed out but both breathing himself laying on the ground realizing how lucky they were to complete the mission.

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