The Secondary Likelihood.

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It's another boring day working at the supermarket. Ever since this pandemic, it's either an empty dull place or a place so packed with people that you can't even imagine. We have been low on staff since we cannot keep a lot of employees on grounds. Unlucky for me one of my co-worker caught the virus and is in the hospital, so I've gotta work for all 6 days instead of working for alternate days.

"Thank the stars, my shift's finally done. I'm gonna spend all weekend on the couch binge-watching the shows I missed during the week", I tell Darla, she's my only friend at work. Everyone else just pretends like they're too great to mingle. And not like I'm dying to talk to them. They work at a supermarket and the attitude on them is as if they're some company CEO.

"I've still got three hours more", she groans.

"It'll all be over soon", I assure her teasingly and she huffs jokingly while putting the customer's toilet rolls in the paper bag.

As soon as they leave, I make my way to the locker room and change out of my uniform. When I'm done applying my lip gloss, I check my hair and leave the room.

On my way out I make a goodbye wave at Darla.

Waiting at the bus station, I put on my earphones. Scrolling through the different playlists I made on Spotify, I find the perfect one for my mood.

Bobbing my head to the tunes blasting in my ears I looked around at the dry scenery I pass every day. I'm blessed that I leave work at a non-rush hour, so I always get a window seat. Soon my stop arrived, I got off and made my way to the front door.

My apartment wasn't a big flashy one like they show in television shows. It's a small one-bedroom house. Where my couch is my bed. I go for a quick shower and once I'm completely comfortable I sit on my bed. Already with my bag of chips, a cold drink, and remote control. The curtains are drawn so the outside lights don't trouble me.

Switching on the T.V., I munch on my chips.

Time passes by and I've already sat for four hours straight. My bladder and stomach force me to pause it and go for a small break. I get up and stretch a bit before I run to the washroom. Once I was done, I went to the kitchen and grabbed the few leftover slices of pizza from the fridge, and reheated them in the microwave.

While I waited for the 'ding' of the microwave, I checked my social media feed. There was this new video of a girl from the neighborhood who got to meet a celebrity on a talk show.

Let's just admit it most of us have tried being on a T.V. show. The Eden show was popular for having stars show up and if you were lucky you'd get a chance to be close enough to smell them. Not only that you always get great goodies to show off later.

It's all about luck.

However, lately, there's been another show that has been rising on top, The Second Chances Show starring the all-time public's favorite star - Jennifer Ashley. She's a real babe if you know what I mean. The show is mostly about giving people second chances. It goes from setting relationships to allowing a 60-year-old attending college to build a new career.

It's quite entertaining though. They have a website on which 

people can write their requests and only a few special ones get selected.

Just then the microwave and the doorbell rang together. Quickly I switched off the microwave and went to open the door. A crying Darla stood with a duffel bag at my doorstep.

"What happened?", I asked worried and took the duffel bag from her while pulling her to the couch. She sniffed and sat down as more tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Rob cheated on me", she cried more.

I bit my tongue before I could say I told you so. However, I put my arms around her and let her cry it out. When she settled down, I got the pizza slices out and put the T.V. show on.

"Let's get drunk", Darla suggested and rushed to the kitchen before I could say a word.

She put three bottles of cheap wine and two glasses on the table. Then she sat down and started to pour, she didn't stop at the normal amount of wine in a glass but keep pouring till the brim.

"Cheers", she grinned and drank it one short. Shrugging, I decided to join her by following her footsteps.

N number of glasses later we were both laughing at all the interviews playing on T.V.

My recorded show was over so we were watching this show called Second chances. We made fun of everything, the people, what they spoke, how they sat, every small comment seemed funny enough to make us laugh so hard that tears fell out.

"What would you say if we sent an application too?", Darla suggested.

"What would you say?", I laughed.

"How I wish I never met Rob", she whined.

"Pretty sure they can't do anything about that", I opined.

"What about you?", she asked.

"I would ask if I had a second chance to go to the Haywill Music school. I got accepted into it too but I couldn't go".

"Why not", she slurred.

"My dad was a drunk. My mom was a waitress at a diner and I worked part-time at the library. Money was tough, both of us had to work to be afloat. He thought I was running away from my duties so he burnt all the papers. I got the beating of my life that day. My mom tried to save me but that man was too strong and he pushed her away. Somehow I ran away. Later when I came back I saw some fire trucks and ambulances around my house".

"I'm so sorry", Darla hiccuped and put her arms around me.

"So I took out my savings and came here. The only place hiring at that time was the stupid supermarket", I muttered.

"This is the exactly kind of show that you need to be on", Darla words were filled with excitement.

"No no no, I don't think so. Enough of T.V. and wine for you. You're going to sleep", I got up and took the plates and glasses inside and started washing them. There were a couple of extra vessels to wash too for which I was super lazy earlier to do them.

By the time I finished washing everything and went back, Darla was already fast asleep. There was a little drool on her chin and she snored lightly. Switching off the lights I got under the sheets.

The next day I woke up with a slight headache, I rolled over to find Darla snoring with her mouth open ajar. Quickly I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of her to tease her later on. I freshened up and made a glass of instant coffee.

Sitting on the floor, I grabbed my laptop and switched it on. Every weekend I checked my email, mostly just deleted all the spam. As soon as I opened it, a notification popped. SECOND CHANCES!!!!

Nervousness crept up my spine as I clicked on it. The email read -

Ms. Emma Palmer, 

we have read your story and we are delighted to inform you that you have been selected to be on our show - The Second Chances Show starring Jennifer Ashley. Kindly revert if you are interested. The following are the details to be maintained.

1) Kindly be on time for the dress rehearsal and the actual show.

2) Kindly note the dress code is semi-formal.

3) Hair and make up will be done on set.

4) You will receive a hamper after the show.

After all, we are here to make your experience a pleasurable one, so don't forget to have fun.

Thank you.

The Executive Producer.

Alaska Williams.

My eyes bulged in their sockets. Quickly I went to sent email and checked, someone had sent an email to them while I was washing the vessels.

Oh that sneaky little Darla, how could she type so nicely and quickly despite being drunk.

I shook her shoulders until she got up. "What's gotten your knickers in a twist?", she groaned holding her head.

"You sent an email last night?".

"I don't remember", she huffed and laid down covering her face with the sheets.

"Oh, you know!".

She giggled a bit when I pulled the sheets off her and dropped them on the floor.

"You should be lucky that the God's favored you and you got selected", she said dramatically waving her hands like a lunatic looking at the sky.

"I've said yes", I said and moved away before she could jump on me.

"My friend's gonna be on T.V. I'm gonna be popular", she sang and I laughed at her.

"Let's go out. My treat", she said and ran to freshen up.

Days passed by and it was finally rehearsal day. I had already been there before to work on the script. Checking my top to make sure it's not ruffled, I grabbed my purse and left.

"So you did read over the final script sent to you?", a man with a headset asked me.

"Yes", I answered and he made a follow me action.

He led me to the set where Jennifer Ashley was already there. They were doing some final touch-ups on her. Quickly and smoothly I took my place on the opposite couch.

The rehearsal went by effortlessly.

It was the day of the show.

I sat in the green room. The makeup artist kept brushing my face with different brushes. I tried breathing in and out to keep myself from being nervous. Although it wasn't helping as I was aware of every sound made. I could feel my heart beating and the breath on the makeup artist. My palms started sweating.

"Oh girl, you gotta stop being so nervous and all. You're sweating a ton!", he exclaimed.

"I'll try". I gave him a small smile and he left the room. The clock ticked slowly as I waited there.

I was in the middle of giving myself a pep talk when a person ushered me to the set. Sitting in the seat, I squirmed a bit.

"Oh, honey! Don't be nervous. There's no live audience because of the pandemic so it's okay", Jennifer reassured me giving me an encouraging smile. 

"Do you know why they selected me when there are a ton of people who deserve this opportunity?", I asked.

"Yes, we go through all the applications received, yours stuck out and that's why we selected you".

"And in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.", someone yelled in the background. Bright lights hit my face as Jennifer started with the usual introduction, a small joke, and then she introduced me.

"So Emma, tell us about yourself, about your dreams and ambitions", she started riling up the questions.

I answered her as per the script and with a ton of emotions on my face. 

"I'm 18 and I recently lost my parents in a fire accident. In a split of a second I lost my family and everything I held dear to me. Since I had no relatives living near by, I decided to come to this little town and start anew". 

"How did you handle yourself after facing such tragedy?".

"It was hard at first, I did struggle. For days I crashed in a cheap motel. I was scared and lonely, I had no idea what to do. A week later, I realized that my money was getting over and I hadn't done anything. So I gave myself a pep talk and made a plan to move forward".

When she asked me the questions about what I would do if life gave me a second chance, I broke down talking about how I would love to go back to school and study music. Wiping a few stray tears that rolled down my cheeks, I gave her a small smile.

"So let's play a small game of charades", Jennifer announced. 

"You will see the name of a singer or song on a screen and you will sing a song related and I will guess", she explained and I nodded. 

Lucky for me I had a good voice so I wouldn't embarrass myself on T.V. The first one was a Bruno Mars song then Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Rihanna and we ended with Taylor Swift.

"This was so much fun, you have an amazing voice", Jennifer complimented and color filled my cheeks and the back of my neck.

She then told me she had a surprise for me and then brought out a big huge check with an insane amount of money scribbled on it.

"This is for you, to help you get through college. It will cover up fees money, rent, and food. Go live your second chance", she announced. I jumped up and gave her a big bear hug before taking the check and smiling at the camera. My eyes were all teary. But I managed not to cry.

The show ended after that and I thanked Jennifer for everything. A guy ushered me back to the green room where I would receive some snacks and collect my purse before I'd left.

Days passed by and I didn't let anything get in my way. I'd got a miracle at getting a second chance and there was no way in hell that I'd let it go. I didn't put all my prize money for the school, I saved money and got a job. Working and studying was not easy at all but I bust my butt off and made it to the top. 


Years later I looked back at the memory of the day I got to be the Second Chances Shows and how it changed my life. For someone who had no one and nothing, I now have a stable job, a boyfriend and an amazing best friend. 

I was now in charge of teaching music at the same academy and helping students like me discover themselves. 

August 12, 2020 19:05

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Amogh Kasat
05:48 Aug 16, 2020

It's an amazing story! P.S read my both stories


Lexi Robinson
07:16 Aug 16, 2020

Thank you and sure!!


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Doubra Akika
10:54 Aug 23, 2020

This was so beautiful, Lexi! Amazing job! The dialogue was everything and I loved their friendship! It’s amazing how an opportunity like that can happen to anyone. There were a few grammar related problems. I’d highlight them but I’m using my phone. You can use grammarly or ProWritingAid to help with these. Those are what I use. Overall the simplicity of your story was amazing and I’m happy I read it. Take care of yourself and stay safe!


Lexi Robinson
02:58 Aug 24, 2020

Thank you, take care and stay safe too☺


Doubra Akika
06:10 Aug 24, 2020

It was my pleasure! And I will!


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Show 1 reply
01:20 Sep 12, 2020

Amazing story! Really liked it! You have such an amazing writing skill, I would definitely advise you Lexi, to keep writing and maybe one day you could even be a legitimate writer, making a lot of money for each book you sell! Keep Writing! -A PS: put new story on here be sure to read it!!


Lexi Robinson
12:06 Sep 12, 2020

Thank you so much 😊❤


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Keerththan 😀
03:09 Aug 18, 2020

The friendship between the two was amazing. The dialogue was great. Great job. Would you mind reading my story "secrets don't remain buried?"


Lexi Robinson
03:34 Aug 18, 2020

Thank you and sure!!!


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Pamela Saunders
15:30 Aug 17, 2020

I love this simple story. Really easy to read and also to identify with and feel the emotions along with Emma. The scenarios were realistic and the voice believable. My mind went "whee" with celebration at Emma's success :) I have only one criticism, and that is that the tenses (past and present) are not used consistently, but that can be fixed.


Lexi Robinson
03:34 Aug 18, 2020

Thank you😊


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Lynn Penny
20:46 Aug 16, 2020

This was lovely! I loved the friendship you built and showcased how lives are affected by second chances. Great work!


Lexi Robinson
20:57 Aug 16, 2020

Thank you😊


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02:48 Aug 16, 2020

Nice job. I like the relationship between the characters and all the dialogue you put In. It read very smoothly


Lexi Robinson
07:15 Aug 16, 2020

Thank you so much (:


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Unknown Unknown
15:07 Aug 13, 2020

Way to go girl ; Your Second Chances coming Soon.Keep up the good work


Lexi Robinson
08:33 Aug 16, 2020

Thank you❤


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