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"No", Sam groaned as he slumped on his friend's bed.

"Please", begged his childhood friend William as he rubbed his poor red nose vigilantly.

"I said 'no'"

"Please just this once", pleaded William in a dry voice after almost dying from his recent coughing fit.

"You know how I feel about blind dates. They are creepy", a visible shudder rocked through his body.

Sam turned to his sick friend on the bed and propping himself on his elbows said, "How many blind dates are you on? Some fifteen? And what did you get? Nothing.

They are either desperate creeps, salespeople or weirdos with yellow teeth"

He shuddered again as he remembered his first and hopefully last blind date. It was a complete disaster.

The girl had dark yellow teeth and seemed to hate brushing her teeth. With no manners to speak of, she spat every time she spoke and at the end of the horrible time he suffered, she had the audacity to ask him to be her sugar daddy and pay for her expenses.

For three full months, she stalked him popping everywhere he went, even at his work and he was not in the least interested to suffer and risk the same fate again.

"Please, I don't want the poor lady to be stood up, especially on a blind date. You don't know how devastating it feels. Please", William said, trying his best at puppy dog eyes.

William was a thin fellow with a tendency to catch a cold every other week. Aside from the fact that he had poor self-esteem, social anxiety and a hate relationship with the gym or healthy diet, he was brilliant.

Sam on the other hand was devoted to his body and adventurous in his pursuits. He was outgoing and never understood why William was so awkward and chose blind dating, but he was and even after he tried a million times, William was still the same especially with Blind Love growing strong.

Blind Love was a new service launched in their area that matched people together for a blind dating experience. There were good reviews, no doubt, but most of it was crap. Sam and William's experience proved the latter too.

"Fine, but only because you are sick", said Sam and with a quick goodbye, he went to go get ready.

On the other side of the blind date, Riya was sitting in front of her vanity mirror perfecting her already flawless makeup. Dressed in her favourite green silk dress and silver strappy heels, she was the definition of stunning.

She was a beauty but she kinda had a problem with it; it overshadowed the rest of her qualities and she didn't like it.

She had tried and failed, over and over again, to build a long relationship and the only explanation that came to her head was that she choose the wrong guys. They weren't interested in her, just her body.

But Riya wasn't one to sit around and wallow in her sadness, she decided to go on a blind date. A literal blind date.

She could feel eyes on her as she stepped into the glamorous restaurant Blind Love. Approaching the receptionist, she shared her token and was led into a private booth but not before they placed a blindfold over her eyes.

On her request and a little extra tip, the service had accepted to blindfold the couple and she was glad to see -or not- that they did it well.

Smiling in contentment and budding hope, she sat down in her seat as she waited for her date.

Sam arrived right on time and was surprised to know William's date was already here. But imagine his surprise when he was blindfolded before someone led him to a private booth.

"Hello", he greeted as he stumbled in awkwardly in the weird darkness that covered his eyes.

"Don't you think it's a little too much? With this blindfold and all?", he asked as he sat down with the help of a waiter.

"I don't think so. This helps us understand each other a little better without looks clouding our judgement", a cool voice carried to his ears and he smiled. He was gonna enjoy this conversation.

"Oh so you are one of those that believe love should be purely personality-based?", he scoffed and added, "That is friendship. A romantic relationship should have some physical attraction between them."

"Oh, I'm not denying that, but you do know that the more you like the person, the more attracted you are to them and vice versa?"

"So you are saying, if I like how you are as a person I will like how you look, and if I don't then I won't?"

"To some extent, yes, that is what I'm saying. Physical attraction can easily be detected, but the real attraction? Not so much"

"That sounds reasonable", he agreed, though a bit grudgingly.

"So, since I can't see you, I don't really know how to proceed. Tell me something about you", he asked as he relaxed in his seat.

Riya crossed her legs over one another as she leaned forward to answer, "That's too vague, I'm a vast subject."

"True. What do you do?"

"Content Creator"

"Oh, the career that's so hyped on Instagram?"

"Yes, what do you do?"

"I run a start-up company that helps people start their careers with a definite foot. Give them the required knowledge, skills and overall help", he said and in his voice, she could detect the passion.

"That's exciting. Do you extend the help for businesses as well?"

"Yes, it's for everyone. Why, you interested?"

"I might be", she said suggestively.

"Gotta warn you though, we are not into blindfolds", he said as a soft chuckle slipped from her lips.

They talked with occasional laughs, seemingly pleased with their partners. Their conversation flowed easily, without any room for awkward stops.

"What's your biggest pet peeve?", she asked.

"Yellow teeth, oh how I hate them", he shuddered as he thought of his last blind date.


"You okay?", he asked.

"You like me so far?", she asked, a little hesitant in her tone.

"Yeah, had no real expectation for today but you pleasantly surprised me. I like you and I'd love to spend more time with you", he replied and she could hear the smile in his voice.

"Even if I have yellow teeth?"

He pushed himself upright, and slowly, very slowly asked, "You don't really though, do you?"

"I do"

"Oh, shit", he groaned, "At least tell me it's not because you don't brush?"

"I brush", she said and he slumped into the seat relaxed, a little.

"I think I can work with that. But....", he paused and stuttering added, "would you mind terribly, if you know, in the future, I asked you to get a teeth whitening? I'll pay of course, but you know, I can't...."

"It's okay", she interrupted, "I wouldn't mind"

"Oh, thanks! SO, do we remove the blindfold now?", he asked.

"Yes, on my count, 3...2...1..."

He opened his black eyes just as she did her brown ones and staring right into each other's eyes, they smiled.

She noticed the light in his black eyes shadowed by his long thick lashes, his broad shoulders and a body that said, he definitely worked for it. Over a strongly defined jaw sat plump smiling lips that showed the straight white teeth underneath.

"You are handsome", she whispered but he heard it and gave her a smile that melted her heart instantly.

His black eyes moved down her body. Her beautiful brown eyes that moved through a small, straight nose that led to her red lips. Her lips were inviting and her body was made for sins.

She looked like a devil that tempted him to surrender.

"You are gorgeous", he said as he blatantly checked her out.

"Thanks", she smiled.

"I'm glad I got to meet you", he would make sure to thank William profusely for this night. What a beautiful lady she was, and would you look at that, she had a great personality too.

Seeming to realize something, he stopped and stared at her, his brows furrowing,

"Wait... you don't have yellow teeth", he uttered confused and she laughed at the confused boy who just stole her heart.

August 28, 2020 17:24

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Ishika Kataria
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Thank you


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Ishika Kataria
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Thank you


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