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Drama Mystery Sad

Ten years ago we lost our baby girl Emma she was a very sweet young girl, so loving and caring but it was so unfortunately that we lost her to the cold hands of death and since we loved her so much after her death we decided to keep her in her room and three months later she was reanimated and become a zombie at first we didn't know what to do with her cause we were scared we thought she was gone eat us but later on we found out that she was still the sweet little girl she was before she died.

First forward 15 years later today we have been living with our daughter Emma as a zombie and this is our family secret that we have to hide from our new neighbour Mrs drofy who will be coming for dinner in two days time.

Two days later. Oh no it is 6pm already and in about 2 hour or so our new neighbour Mrs drofy will here she's coming to join us for dinner, so we need to figure out what we are going to with Emma because our new neighbour Mrs drofy can not find out that we live with a zombie, she will freack out and she will vacate this place immediately cause no one wants to live with a zombie, and we can't afford to lose our new neighbour again cause we have lost four neighbours already and if this continues we will lose our daughter Emma for good and we don't want that to happen.

So what are we going to do? Any suggestions?

I think I know what to do! Yes go ahead tell us what should we do, I think we should lock Emma during dinner then will let her out when dinner is over, while that's a good idea but you know how Emma is we can't lock her up she will start screaming and you know how scary the sound of the zombie is and Mrs drofy will definitely find out that we have a zombie in here.

Huh mum I think I have an idea we should just let Mrs drofy meet Emma, that way she will know that we live with a zombie and will explain to her that Emma is a lovely and friendly zombie and that Emma will not eat her. Jefferson we can't do that this is a secret that Mrs drofy our new neighbour should not find out, she should not know that we live with a zombie because human beings don't live with zombies we can't do that, have you forgotten what happened with our previous neighbours we had, they left the moment they found out that we were living with a zombie.

30 minutes later oh my gosh !oh my gosh !what to do !what to do! It's already 7:30 pm and we still haven'tfigured out what we are going to do with Emma before Mrs drofy comes, she can't see Emma at least not today there is no way we are going to allow this to happen no way.

Honey calm down she will not find out about our secret, but honey am scared if Mrs drofy finds out that we live with a zombie here she will think that we are evil poeple and she will vacate this place and I don't want that to happen again we have lost four neighbours already because of our secret.

Okay everyone for today I thank I know what to do with Emma oh grand ma you do that is so nice cause right now am freaking out cause I don't know what to do with Emma. Huh alright so here is what I think we should do with Emma, we should put in the car and play her favourite song that way she will stay there then we can bring her out after dinner. Mmmm that sounds like a good idea I I don't think it will work because Emma doesn't like cars.

Okay guys we only have 40 minutes to figure out what to do with Emma before Mrs drofy comes any one with another idea? Me yes dear what do you think we should do? I thing we should all dress and act like zombie and when Mrs drofy comes will tell her that it's our Halloween costume since it's time for Halloween. Wow that's a great idea I think we should all dress up now and everyone remember when Mrs drofy comes we should all be acting like Emma that way Mrs drofy won't know that Emma is a real zombie okay great.

40 minutes later door bell rings. I think she is here is everyone ready yes we are okay.

Oh hello Mrs drofy welcome to our house, you are just on time dinner is ready. Oh thank you so much for inviting me to dinner this evening, what a lovely family you have here. Welcome Mrs drofy we are your new neighbour the zaza. Oh you guys you look lovely in your zombie Halloween costumes thank you Mrs drofy.

30 minutes later oh I better take my love now thank you so much once again for inviting me to dinner the food was nice oh you are welcome Mrs drofy looking forward to having dinner with you again buye good night.

Huh thank God mrs drofy has left you guys did a good job acting like zombies , Mrs drofy didn't even know that Emma is a real zombie.

Three days later. Graaaaagh graaaaagh graaaaaaagh graaaaaaaaaaagh Emma you better stop doing that. That sound you are Making is so terrifying and Mrs drofy might here you. We don't want her to know that we have a zombie I here.

Graaaaaaagh graaaaaaaagh graaaaaszz, oh my god what are we going to do it seems like Emma won't stop making these zombie sounds. Mum Mrs drofy is calling you oh no Emma please stop.

Graaaaaaaaagh graaaaaaagh graaaaaaaaagh graaaaaagh.

Oh good morning Mrs drofy, good morning what is happening in your house am hearing strange noise coming from there oh it's nothing it is just our kids playing oh I see kids.Graaasaagh graaaaaaaagh graasaaaaagh are you sure it is the kids playing that sounds like a hungry zombie about to eat someone. Huh huh no no that's not the sound of the zombie. Are sure Mrs Jefferson huh yes am sure okay then okay buye.

Honey where are you what are we going to do with Emma? If Emma continues screaming Mrs drofy will know our secret, she will know that we have a zombie.yes I know but what are we going to do graaaagh graaaaagh graaaaaagh oh my God honey Emma is outside and I hear Mrs drofy' s voice

Oh no I hope it's not what am thinking.

Mrs drofy help me help me there is a zombie in my yard huh Mrs drofy calm down she won't eat you this is Emma our daughter, no she is a zombie yes she is a zombie but she's our daughter also she died a long time age and then she reanimated.

Oh God you guys are evil you kept this from me all these days no wonder that day I came for dinner you were all dressed like zombies it because you were trying to hide this from me. While your secret has now been exposed you don't have to hide anymore.

Huh we are sorry Mrs drofy that we kept this from you it is just that we didn't want to lose you. we have lost a lot neighbours already because of our secret, so since we don't want you to live this place ww will take our daughter Emma away from since this is no longer a secret anymore. We are sorry.

The end.

October 23, 2020 07:19

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Hello there!! Great story! :)


03:31 Oct 25, 2020



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Princemark Okibe
22:19 Oct 24, 2020

I know that the contest has ended and you will not be able to edit this story, but my edits is to make your next story even better. You have a unique and good story. The problem is that the grammatical errors and lack of dialogue quotes detracts from the beauty of it and makes it harder to read. In order to know how to use dialogue quotes and properly punctuate them, you can read this article below at


03:32 Oct 25, 2020

Okay thank you


Princemark Okibe
10:09 Oct 25, 2020

You are welcome


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