I only have one hour.

Only 60 minutes to be outside.

Way too sweet more than it had to be, my popsicle. The pink color added the sweetness to the popsicle I made last night.

My expectations were to find some human company and yet no human company and after at least more than one year of being alone, one dark year of anxiety, one shady year of losing my loved ones, I forgot to meet any human until last night.

Last night I imagined to find what I saw in the starting of last year. So many business men off to their business and their wives at home cooking healthy dishes unlike me.

56 minutes.

I glanced up at the sky which I could not have seen without my only pair of sunglasses I have because the rest are either thrown out or I have stepped on them and ruined my feet.

Sky seems like a way too luxurious word for the anchor cedar atmosphere above my head. A sweat trickled down my face and I know it's getting late but I'm not feeling well to perceive everything with a boom my face. Each destroyed house reminds me of at least one family.

Like mine, ones.

I ignore the overwhelming feeling and close my eyes.

Black, black as dark ash.

I can see nothing and feel alot. I can imagine plenty. I can imagine a little girl making small delicate drawing, only to attach to the pieces of metal and call them key-chains.

I picture an old couple. The lady is so alike me that now I realise she is my own mother. I snub my back being a little too damp due to the imprudent amount of heat.

49 minutes.

My mother's hair were brown, or a bit in details, she had exactly ginger bread hair, and mine are actually the twin copy of her hair, big green eyes with a slim body. A middle age adult man towering over me, my sister and my mother, with an unshaven jaw.

46 minutes.

One second, I see them cooking in the kitchen and the other second, they are blown and I immediately open my eyes to find an adult dog on my feet.

He had those hopeful eyes and strung out tongue that it made me realize, he was staring at the already melted popsicle I held. My hands were sweaty and I threw the popsicle on the other side, not too far, and he leaped on it.

He ate with such ceaseless urgency that I stepped backwards a few steps and watched him and his tag, which was hanging from the chain tied to his neck too tightly, fidgeting constantly.

41 minutes.

I ducked down to check it and it said:

Vulcan's property.

I stared at the name and repeated it several times in my head to place a person but I couldn't. The name was familiar but my brain could not place two and two together.

I held the dog's chain and he gave attention to me. The dog had stopped eating, or drinking the popsicle, and I gazed once again to the two fireballs in the sky.

It seemed they were too close just a few kilometers above and at that moment I knew I had to take him, the dog, to my home.

I reached home and closed all the windows I could find to block the excessive sunlight. I untied the chain that was tied too roughly around the dog's neck. The chain had properly carved its pattern around his skin and it occurred to me how could he even be breathing.

After cleaning him up and feeding him I went upstairs to my room to change my clothes.

My room, or rather an old man's study, is nothing more than six bare white walls structured in a way to make a room. A chair and a table plus a bed and an armoire, all, seems like my only friends these days.

I opened my armoire which was full of clothes from the beginning of the last year because after that time, the most unspoken events took place and from four my family became one.

I grabbed a top and a pair of shorts on my queen-sized bed which said Valentina on my side and used to say Valeria on the other side but I tore it off and it's no longer there.

I not only tore it but mostly all the things which reminded me of any human a knew just one and a half year ago. All the toys and the shirts of Valeria, my little sister, and her handmade key-chains are all dumped in some type of trash bin instead of some precious key-chains in my drawer.

There are no pictures or drawings in this house, only the things which are present are some old furniture and edibles. After getting dressed I went downstairs. In my head, I hoped to see the dog's eyes fully opened and him jumping up and down but reality is always too bitter.

The house was firmly still and speechless. My eyes were shocked and wide but my mouth, being a little too stubborn, wanted to laugh.

"Not again, God." I chuckled. I was partly scared about the dog but for me it was a second time. This seemed like a whole situation being repeated. Something going missing when I just located it on the place a minute ago. Without thinking anymore I ran to the door and opened it.

My previous footsteps were erased, disappeared and vanished but instead I was blessed with the same pattern as my shoes outsole but the only difference was that it was leading to the other direction.

Before moving on I lingered to feel this feeling.

This feeling.

I started hearing voices some random voices but yet so familiar.

"Step back, You can't just let them suffer, all day long." Neptune offered his proposal with earnest eyes and grave face.

He stood in front of the round table which was loaded with uneaten posh food and lavish dishes. And around table stood few chairs for the ancient Roman people, considered to have the highest status in humanity.

I looked from right to left and found nothing more than my kitchen. This feeling was weird and hard to gallop. One by one question started popping in my head.

"You know what they did! You know what people did to us! They abandoned us. They should be punished. Severely punished." Cassius spoke in a ghostly tone and smirked at the last two words until he moved out of my vision and then I could only see my house.

My head started throbbing and my stomach twisted just a little, to remember all the people when I was 16, when I stood behind the main iron door to listen the conservations of the ancient Roman people.

"Cassius is right, you cant just let those people, out there, live their best lives and we on the other hand are powerless, we've got no dignity at all over them." Magnus supported Cassius for his idea of letting human beings and animals suffer from the extreme heat of Sirius, a new star, a brand new heat sphere containing more than considerable amount of lava and magma. An entry of another star in the Canis Major Constellation.

"Only two months. Only two months living things are going to face the difficulties provided by Sirius, if exceeded, then the conclusion for you all, will be scary." Neptune defended all the people but he does not seem pitiful when he stands above the humans and with all the other powerful personalities. He typically seems like rude and strong but that is only a false theory now.

This time I kept my eyes closed and became strong enough to face the reality that was introduced to me. I still regret listening and seeing what had happened in the main building of the whole city. The building which could be seen by miles. "Gold boils from the building" is what people say about the building.

Every one person or more than one inside the building wore gold chains and were surrounded by servants who will to help them at any rate.

"We all here can see your favourism for those cockroaches, why not you join them?!"

I bite back the urge to open my eyes in shock. The person who screamed these last words was no one but Vulcan.

Vulcan's property.

He raised his hands parallel to Neptune's chest and opened his mouth to say some words, his eyes closed.

"The husband of Lucia and the father of Valentina and Valeria will be longer here with us but he will be one of those human beings who will be dead till tomorrow's morning when Sirius will be known as the mighty in the Canis Major Constellation."

He formed a small fireball, which got hot and scorching, gigantic and big with each word he said. He threw it on a father named Neptune who couldn't bare the power so he collapsed and blacked out.


Dead by the God of Fire.

Conversely, his daughter, me, covered her mouth and tried not scream for the death of her father. I ignored the tears blurring my vision and my blood going chill. She ran home as soon as possible in the best opportunity she could find at the moment.

I couldn't bare it anymore, I didn't want to remember the death of my family members over and over again.

I opened my eyes and they landed on Vulcan. Everything was gone from my vision, all of it, the round table, the other ancient Romans but not Vulcan.

The God of Fire.

The creator of Sirius.

A electric shock went through my spine and I stood straighter as the charges tripled themselves in each of my bone and i opposed the wish to shiver.

His honey yellow eyes pierced through me as he saw me with unusual interest.

His features were made from the blazing fire.

"Can't go outside, huh?" He had a chilly voice and every part of my body is going through the marathons of scares. My heartbeat went inevitably fast and I looked down at my feet to ease my stiff structure.

"Why did you kill him?" This time my body went through a different sensation as I talked about my father. My body felt like it was made of jelly.

I tried to hide my condition when he spoke, "He didn't listen to me so I killed him and . . . Also ordered them to kill his wife and daughters." He smiled like he owes me one, "but differing my thoughts you are standing here in front of my eyes, nice and healthy."

"So you were the one who killed my whole family! You killed all of them!" I experienced numbness when tears went through my face and dropped.

"Hey little woman, this ain't the time to cry, just tell me what is this?" He threw some photos on the table beside me. My curiosity kicked in and forced me to examine the photos.

This person standing this near to me is dangerous. He is the God of Fire. Me however is nothing in front of his eyes. He is the killer, murderer and all of those words which explains one person to be brutal enough to kill people, are made for him.

"Where did you find these dogs?" The picture showed all the dogs who were dehydrated for days. Their stomach in needs of food due to immoderate starvation. Their throats parched on account of absence of any liquid.

All of the dogs were tied from the same chain I unbinded from the neck of the dog I had found. Each one of the dog had the same tag.

Vulcan's property.

"I don't know, one of them just came to me." I snorted and his eyes became over-sized. He pushed my shoulder with such force that I had to take a few steps backward, absentmindedly and surprised.

"Go away, what are you doing?" I asked but he poured his words on me, "I killed your father in case he was the God of Sea. He was competent and I didn't . . . I didn't know that it could be in genetics." I drank his words and took a moment to realize how Vulcan had attacked my father which caused him to crumple on the ground. I ignored that he was even saying something and his words went over my head and in my mind state only three letters

"Goddess of Sea."

I reaised my hands until they were parallel to the forebody of Vulcan and said the words which were automatically coming out of my mouth, as they were made and stored in my head to be utilized wisely.

"The person having his all power on fire, the person who claims himself to be the God of Fire. The person who destroyed my whole family and cursed this city. The person who left animals dying on the streets. And at last the person who produced Sirius to leave living beings die on their own."

And with I pushed my hands in the air in the same direction. My boney hands got supported by the waves and waves of water which came swirling vigorously on Vulcan. Bit by bit and scream by scream he disappeared. I realised I was seeing him through the water, my eyes opened easily in the water and it wasn't hard to breathe in water.

It seemed like I had got a missing part of my body and I breathed deeply and passionately in the water. It felt like i was lonely just because there was something lost, something was not on place and now it is, now I can feel freely, breathe freely and hope for the best.

Next time I opened my eyes, nothing was in view except the footprints which lead me to a new location.

Everything appeared to be like a bad dream but I refused to take it as a dream. I took it real and when I looked up there was only sun, though sunny, proved that it all was real, I defeated Vulcan and my bones were dancing in victory. I gave a triumphant smile and followed the footsteps.

Those footsteps lead me to a new ground full of different aged dogs, lying helplessly. I took a step towards them and saw a series of people appeared to be the survivors.

Like me.

I lightly carried my hand in the air and hoped some water to fall so that they could drink it and this time reality was not too bitter and it delighted me as almost all the dogs leaped over my hand to drink water.

In the period of more than a year, I felt the warmth of felicity and I hoped I can make a good use of the power I "inherited" from my beloved father, Neptune.

I thought to rip those labels off the chains of the dogs and exchange them by the key-chains, I had saved in my drawer. These people are scared but they will soon be habitual of me as I will be habitual of them, hopefully.

Way too sweet and more than it had to be, My power for others.


August 07, 2020 22:46

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Opal Knight
10:02 Apr 19, 2021

The way you link the start: "Way too sweet more than it had to be, my popsicle" and the end: "Way too sweet and more than it had to be, my power for others." really helps it to be a smooth read and neatly finished at the end!


S. Asad
10:51 Apr 19, 2021

Oh Thank you so much. That's nice of you


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S. Asad
23:01 Aug 07, 2020

I wrote this story, my first ever story, about a girl who is having no company since more than a year. She don't know about her actual personality. I tried my best to match the theme and the prompt which were given to me. Sometimes you just have to focus on the capabilities you have and face the surroundings on your own. I hope you like my story and please do not hesitate to mention polite remarks for my work.


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